World War III is a war game created by the newest game-making company, GameCom. World War III features 100 playable countries to join the war. Also, you can battle in a sorts of cities around the world (like the unlockable Las Vegas, featuring the city of lights at night)


World War III takes place in the future, when technology advanced once again. This happened in the 1900s, which caused the first world wars. World War III is nothing like any other, as just about every country is in the war. Because it's in the future, laser weapons are used and with the time machine feature, you can get soldiers from countries' past.


A player first selects their side, battlefield, and the type of fighter they play as (infantry soldier, tank, truck, fighter jet, and battleships which are only for specific fields). You can also get a super soldier when you get a certain number of kills.

  • 5 kills= Sharpshooter- Always hit your target when you shoot
  • 7 kills= Heavy Gunner- A hit is always an instant kill.
  • 10 kills= Alien Fighter- An alien that possesses unique technology
  • 12 kills= Battle Mech- Has both skills of sharpshooter and Heavy Gunner
  • 15 kills= Kung Fu Master
  • 17 kills= Zeus
  • 20 kills= Grim Reaper
  • 22 kills= Dragon
  • 25 kills= Samus
  • 27 kills= Master Chief
  • 30 kills= Solid Snake