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The main protaginst in the Bomberman franchise. His role in SSB4 should be entering Von Clutch's Moto World and stubles apond Team Lok. Later He should defeat Strong Bad after SB defeats Zelda. after that he can later join team Tak, after Dr. Neo Cortex or Donkey Kong pumble him to far away territor.


  • B-Bomb (whips one from sleeve)
  • B UP-Jet Pack (flys)
  • B Side-Snowboard (zooms from the side from sage)
  • B Down-Bomb Form (Turns into bomb)
  • Final Smash-Louie (assist's WB to rampage and leads bombs in sage)


Better known as Bomberman to many people The protaginst of his own gams who's masterful at Bombing.White Bomber has adventures whenever he's not arxading with other colored bombers. He was very popular in Japan than in the US. Ready for more arcading Bomberman style?


  • Bomberman
  • Bomberman Hero (N64)
  • Bomberman Jetters (NGC)
  • Bomberman Land Touch (DS)


  • Kirby Cap: White Bomber mask
  • Snake Call: Mi-ling