Valeria vs. the Six is a Digital Game based on the Pilot written in 2011-2012 from In-Verse, it features comedic sections and the characters before being presented in the first VSRFX.

The plot is non-sense to combine to the game's rhyme.


Valeria is disinterested in being evil and more in the fight, she made the six judges of the city tried to teach her the basics of being a villain, she retires to sleep and boredom due to her chaotic student problems, many stated her as one of the people more difficult to understand from.

The six judges not tolerated her stubbornness and decided to send her to a jail like school of discipline, but she yawns all the way and sleep, after they were angry and sent to a prison not knowing that she had the keys before entering, striking the guards and destroying robots.

At the end of this game Valeria and Claude go to a mansion given by the President, by only a rare chocolate Claude gave to him.



  • Valeria Lane
  • Claude Lane


  • Peter
  • Paul
  • John
  • Gabriella
  • Josephine
  • Maria
  • Cyborgs
  • Colossos
  • Cake men
  • Other Mooks.


  • The Personalities of the Protagonists were more sympathetic, goofier and more friendly-oriented than the serious and edgy ones who are in the final.
  • Valeria and Claude weren't captured and lived a normal live.
  • The Six Judges' or Bosses names were different.
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