The V3D-System, or the V3D for short, is a 9th generation video game console developed by the U.K.-based Holografx Gaming company and sold as their flagship product.

It is boasted by its creators as being "the future of 3D video gaming as much as VR is!"


The V3D-System is a self-contained video game console, similar in context to the older Vectrex, where the system has a built-in display system.

In the V3D's case, it features a high-resolution, 3D holographic volumetric display that is similar to that of the Voxon Photonics VX1. Its performance figures is a tad closer to a high-end gaming PC than other consoles of its generation.

It has four USB ports for controllers, one placed in each of the four cardinal directions. These ports could either accommodate wired game controllers or wireless receivers for Bluetooth-based game controllers. This set-up makes it ideal for four-sided, four-person multiplayer games. While on the topic of multiplayer games, the V3D can also be connected to the Internet for online multiplayer gaming.

The console does not rely on any form of removable physical media for its games. Instead, the games are downloaded from the Internet, either onto the system's internal memory, or onto a MicroSD card.

Every V3D console also comes included with a free USB gamepad, in addition to a download code for one free game that can be obtained off of the V3D-System Game Shoppe over the Internet.



  • Maze Madness
  • Crossfire: The Video Game (licensed by Hasbro)


  • Awesome Air Hockey





  • V3D is short for "Volumetric 3D", referring to its holographic volumetric 3D display system.
  • The "grafx" suffix in Holografx Gaming's name is a reference to the NEC TurboGrafx-16 game console.
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