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How do you do, GIW community. This is PlusXtreme, a complete freak about open world, post-apocalyptic and survival horror video games. My absolute fav series are Fallout, Just Cause, Red Faction, The Elder Scrolls, Bioshock and Deus Ex.

And just call me Plus, mmkay? =P

My creations

  • 01 — The first game I have created and also the first game which is not a sequel to a preexisting game. 01's cover art was the very first cover art I have ever created for any of my video game ideas even before entering this wiki. I got the idea for 01 from Prototype, one of my most favorite open world video games.
  • Fallout: Maple Leafs - My second game, which is supposed to be released after Fallout 4, but is not supposed to be a direct sequel to it. Fallout is my absolute favorite video game series for it having enormous areas to roam freely in different games of the series.
  • Nailed - My third game, but also the second game not to be a sequel of any preexisting video game out there and also the second to have cover art created by me. I like the asylum concept of survival horror and open world games a lot, especially after having played Outlast.
  • Educracy - My fourth game! First I thought to make a simple political simulator inside a school with real life political parties, but then I considered making a (spiritual) successor for Bully but with social life and cliques replaced by political matters and parties.
  • House of Shinobe (series) - A series of role-playing games.
    • House of Shinobe (video game)
    • House of Shinobe 2: Aggression
    • House of Shinobe 3: Conclusion
    • House of Shinobe 4: Desolation
    • House of Shinobe: A Reavers Legacy
    • House of Shinobe: A Reavers Legacy 2
  • RacisTeddy - My fourth independent game and fifth overall created. The game mixes cute and cuddly figures and themes such as teddy bears and a beautiful and almost utopian city with gorgeous infrastructure and sunshine with racial discrimination, criticism of immigration, overall bigotry, bad language, other themes deemed 'adult' excluding sexual or otherwise suggestive themes and mild graphic violence with blood and gore replaced with stuffing and buttons.