Jacky 50A

aka The Hero of (Insert Place Here)

  • I live in Somewhere on Earth
  • My occupation is Beating bad guys and other random things
  • I am Something from Hala



I never expected this to come.

Hello folks, I am Jacky 50A and I am one of the "older" users in this wiki. I joined a few years ago (I remade this entry on the 25th of August, 2017) and tried to make some games here for fun. And of course, everything went to hell because I was pretty... stupid at the time. But now, I'm gonna set things right and I am about to make proper games with a 100% seriousness.

So... yeah. I know that some people here do hate me. But don't get me wrong, I know the reason for that. As I said, I was "stupid" when I was very active here. Not just making stupid games, but also making games without any proper plannings and such. A couple o' my games that I (one helped by two other persons) created are still on this wiki, but believe me you don't want to take a look at those games.

Anyways, stepping right into the greeting, once again I say hello and welcome to my updated profile page. And please, do not see me as a fool I was back in the day. I'm now a full-on sane and stable person, and I'm here to create games for fun and... (sigh) to be honest, some reputation fixings. 

Quick Profile

  • Name: William (ain't gonna tell the middle name and surname, that is)
  • Age: Still goin' up the middle-ages.
  • Favorite past-time: Nein. My experiences mostly consist of bad things happening.
  • Favorite video game: Battlefield 1
  • Favorite game character(s):
    • Lots of 'em, I tell ya.
  • Favorite boss(es):
    • Lots of 'em, too, I tell ya.
  • Favorite website: None. 
  • Favorite food: I just eat whatever I can find, friend.
  • Favorite desert: the Sahara Desert.
  • Favorite dessert: ice cream, some types of cakes, etc.
  • Identifying fact: I love trying to do crossovers. I think I don't need to explain anything more. Y'all know what's about to happen...
  • Interests: 
    • Marvel.
    • DC.
    • Lotsa action games.
    • Crossovers.
      • You get this.


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