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"The ship that you were a prisoner on has crash-landed on an uncharted planet. Escaping with nothing on you but a makeshift shiv and some bandages and metal scraps, you find yourself entranced by the beauty of this new world around you. Crystal clear waters shimmer, shadows dance and shift, a gentle breeze blows the grass, and alien architecture fades into the horizon. This is Na Pali, though maybe it should be called My Paradise.
But things aren't right on Na Pali. The peaceful natives, the Nali, have been enslaved by the evil reptillian Skaarj and their endless armies of hideous mutants, who have declared war upon you for the heinous crime of not being Skaarj. Hostile animals and plants also want you dead for stepping on their territory. And not all the Nali are willing to greet you with open arms - some believe you to be a superior officer to the "sky demons" who have enslaved them. Now, as the weakest sentient lifeform on the planet, you've gotta scavenge, trade, run, jump, shoot and fight until you can figure out what's going on and how to find sanctuary. Maybe you'll even become a hero in the process. But that's up to debate.
Just remember - this isn't a game, this isn't a movie or a TV show. This isn't a shooting gallery, you're not a super-strong badass soldier. This isn't a daytrip, you can't stick around one spot for too long. This is raw survival on a hostile alien world where almost everything is out for your blood. You've got to stop playing around, and do what you must to survive. It's time to get real.
Or should we say, time to get UNreal."

- Official description

"Alter your reality ... forever."
- Release tagline

Unreal, also referred to as Unreal Reborn, is a first-person-shooter survival game concept by Red-Verse-Writer, a remake of the 1998 Epic MegaGames game Unreal. In the game, the player is placed into the role of Prisoner 849, a prisoner on the human prison ship Vortex Rikers, which is part of a fleet that is pulled into a wormhole to another galaxy. The ships crash onto the planet Na Pali, home of the primitive tribal race known as Nali, who are enslaved by the barbaric, technologically advanced reptilian Skaarj. The Skaarj start attacking the ships, killing the majority of the humans. Amongst the few survivors of the massacre is Prisoner 849, who escapes the Vortex Rikers and must fight for her survival on Na Pali.


Unreal places the player in the role of Prisoner 849, a survivor of a prison ship that has crashed on the uncharted planet Na Pali, where the primitive and pacifistic four-armed humanoid natives, the Nali, have been enslaved by the brutish yet technologically advanced reptilian humanoids known as the Skaarj. Possessing control of a massive army of lesser troops, robotic servants, genetically created beasts and hired alien mercenaries, the Skaarj have declared a planetary manhunt for Prisoner 849, forcing her to constantly travel and scavenge to survive and try to find a new home.

General Gameplay

The game is set from a first-person perspective, with a semi-open world style of gameplay inspired by Dying Light and Mirror's Edge. While the main focuses of the game are upon shooting and exploring, it also features some elements of stealth, puzzle-solving, and survival. Prisoner 849 has a limited inventory, and is in consistent requirement of food, water, temperature and mental stimulation to survive and function properly. While the game is mostly set in a semi-open world environment, it also features over 200 different story-related missions to be completed, several of which immediately follow on from each other.


Unreal features a heavy emphasis upon movement and parkour during gameplay. Momentum is a invaluable asset, with the camera paying heavy attention to character movement (for example, the rate of which the camera bobs up and down increases as the player's speed builds up while running, the camera spins during combat rolls, and the length of her steps increases with her speed). Prisoner 849's limbs and torso are often prominent during movement, and their visibility is used to help convey momentum and speed. Using a combination of speed and reactions, the player can perform free-running and heavy parkour movements such as zip-lining, limited wall running, vaulting over walls and objects, sliding along the ground, quickly jumping from surface to surface, jumping from a handspring, and swinging from poles. This momentum can also be used during melee combat, with Prisoner 849 being able to perform drop-kicks, vault over enemies and dodge their attacks.

Movement is primarily tied to a stamina gauge, which does not deplete when simply walking or dodging, but does when running, performing longer jumps, attacking with melee or performing parkour feats. Stamina, while finite, naturally regenerates by itself over time, and can be immediately restored using certain items. Prisoner 849's movement becomes slower and more limited as she takes damage, and can be stopped entirely by certain enemy attacks.

Items and Crafting


Nearly all of the game is set on the fictional planet Na Pali, where the player must survive and progress in both survival and the game's story. The planet, stated to be roughly eight times the size of Earth (with the player only venturing across a single continent and multiple islands located in the planet's north-western hemisphere), features multiple different environments, such as canyons, plains, waterfalls, volcanos, tundras, rainforests, deserts, isles, cliffs, Nali villages, Skaarj-run slave mines, ancient towers and remnants of a long-dead civilisation, underground cavern systems, temples, Skaarj camps and the remains of crashed human ships. These locations are often filled with supplies, and will require Prisoner 849 to explore them to find hidden items.

The game features a dynamic day-night system, with a single day lasting 60 real-life minutes while a night lasts for 25 minutes. There is also a dynamic weather system, featuring conditions such as a gentle breeze, fog, heavy winds, cold temperatures, rain, heatwaves and snow. During these environments, it is possible to use camouflage, such as switching between different camouflage outfits or hiding in trees, to avoid detection or perform sneak attacks on enemies. Environmental traps, such as mines and electric fields, can be also be used to kill enemies without using weapons.

Weapons and Combat

Unreal features roughly 121 different weapons available for the player to use, with a additional 64 being able to be unlocked on a second or third playthrough. These weapons are divided into seven categories - Melee Weapons (weapons used for close-range combat), Handguns (small firearms such as pistols, revolvers and submachine guns), Small Rifles (medium-sized firearms such as assault rifles and sniper rifles), Shotguns (firearms that shoot multiple shots and projectiles at once), Large Rifles (larger firearms that do not fire a physical projectile), Launchers (weapons that fire high-damage and often explosive physical projectiles), and Tools (weapons designed primarily for usage in non-combat situations, such as movement and survival).




Unreal begins aboard the USS Vortex Rikers, a prison ship with a crew of 2,000 officers and prisoners that forms part of a fleet of fifty ships, with a total of roughly 125,450 human passengers aboard the ships. Amongst the prisoners aboard the Vortex Rikers is one designated as Prisoner 849, imprisoned for an unknown crime she claims she did not commit. During the fleet's travel, the ships are pulled into a mysterious wormhole and transported to a foreign galaxy. All the ships are then shot down by alien crafts, crashing onto the gigantic terrestrial planet Na Pali. 849 is knocked unconscious when the Vortex Rikers is shot and crashes down on the lip of a canyon, and reawakens as the culprits behind the shooting of the human fleet reveal themselves - the Skaarj, a race of brutish yet technologically advanced reptillian humanoid race with a fierce hatred of all that is not of their own kind. The Skaarj send in their genetically modified fodder troops, the Brutes, to exterminate the remaining survivors of the human ships, although a few manage to survive and escape onto the planet's surface. Amongst these survivors is 849, who takes down a Brute with her self-made prison shiv and escapes the Vortex Rikers onto Na Pali.

Initially entranced by the beautiful landscape of Na Pali, 849 soon finds herself having to fight against both the hostile fauna of the planet and the remaining Brutes. Wandering through the canyon, she eventually finds a cave network which she finds leads to a mine.


Melee Weapons

  • Prisoner's Knife: An average dagger that Prisoner 849 starts with. It is the first weapon in the game, and all other melee weapons compare favourably to it.
  • Shocker:
  • Mind Claw:
  • Razik:
  • Impact Hammer:
  • Chainsaw:
  • Cryo Staff:
  • Nali Axe:
  • The Vortex:


  • Dispersion Pistol:
  • Automag:
  • Stinger:
  • Magnum:
  • Enforcer:
  • Shield Gun:
  • SMG:
  • A9 Machine Pistol:

Small Rifles

  • ASMD:
  • Flak Gun:
  • Combat Assault Rifle:
  • Shock Rifle:
  • Ion Painter:
  • 2G Phantom Rifle:
  • CFX Nailgun:


  • Quadshot:
  • Jackhammer:
  • Minigun:
  • Spider Gun:
  • Pulse Gun:
  • Ripper:
  • Plasma Pelleter:
  • GK2 Shotgun:
  • LK2 Pelletgun:
  • Riot Gun:
  • P.I.C:

Large Rifles

  • GES BioRifle:
  • Tractor Beam:
  • Link Gun:
  • Lightning Cannon:
  • AVRiL:
  • MX8 Sniper Rifle:
  • Arkadian:
  • M240A:
  • Yichus Chaingun:
  • Helios:


  • Spiker Rifle:
  • Flamethrower:
  • Redeemer:
  • Eightball Shot:
  • Razorjack:
  • Hydra Grenader:
  • UMS Rocket Launcher:
  • Takkra:
  • Flak Cannon:
  • Translocator:
  • Ball Launcher:
  • Mine Layer:
  • Mega Stinger:
  • Ripjack:
  • Mortar:
  • GLR 80:
  • Hawk:
  • Sigma7:
  • Toyomoto:
  • Crispe:
  • Tridimensional Disturber:
  • Fire Crucker:
  • Fryian Cannon:
  • Parasite Gun:
  • Pepper-Pot:


  • Flashlight:
  • Translator:
  • Laser Pointer:
  • Grappling Hook Gun:
  • Rocket Pad:
  • Acoustic Dampener:
  • Scuba Gear:
  • Jump Boots:
  • Amplifier:

Multiplayer Weapons

  • Hammer:
  • Club:
  • Crowbar:
  • Shovel:
  • Inoculator:
  • Fubar:
  • Axe:
  • Knife:
  • Wrench:
  • Submachine Gun:
  • Double-Barrel:
  • Sniper Rifle:
  • Assault Pistol:
  • Rocket Launcher:
  • Mortar:
  • Mine Shooter:
  • Super SMG:
  • Assault Cannon:
  • Flamethrower:
  • EMP Rod:
  • Tranquilizer Gun:
  • Jackhammer:



  • Flare:
  • Voicebox:


  • Bandage: Restores 10 health and cures any bleeding wounds.
  • Health Vial: Restores 25 health.
  • Nali Healing Fruit: Restores 50 health and cures any infections.
  • Medical Kit: Restores 100 health and cures any health conditions.
  • Super Healing Core: Fully restores Prisoner 849's health and cures any health conditions.
  • Shield Battery:
  • Shield Belt:
  • Wooden Armour:
  • Iron Armour:
  • Asbestos Armour:
  • Blast Armour:
  • Cellular Armour:
  • Shock Armour:
  • Acid Armour:
  • Kevlar Armour:
  • Metallic Armour:
  • Shield Ball:

Clothing and Armour

  • Prisoner's Uniform:
  • Vortex Rikkers Guard Uniform:
  • Body Armour:
  • Biosuit:


Na Pali Wildlife



  • Unlike in most video games, where the player typically begins with full health, in Unreal, Prisoner 849 begins with only 1 health and must immediately find the health kit located in her prison cell block before proceeding.
  • Unreal features a cross-promotion with Fortnite - owners of any version of Fortnite who purchase a copy of Unreal receive an exclusive Prisoner 849 skin for the game and the Shocker weapon for Fortnite and a exclusive Miner Uniform item for Unreal.