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Twisted Metal 5: The Dark Past (briefly titled as "The Dark Past") is a racing combat game that takes place after Black and the death of Needles Kane (according to Axel's ending in Twisted Metal: Black). Nothing else is noted.


The game mirrors Black in almost every way, but now includes the player's vehicle to use two specials and not one, which is in previous games. Even the ingame graphics are enhanced to make the graphics look like a horror film.


  • Mr. Grimm - driven by the Grim Reaper
  • Darkside - driven by Dollface
  • Roadkill - driven by John Doe
  • Minion - driven by Marcus Kane
  • Sweet Tooth - driven by Calypso
  • Outlaw - driven by Agent Stone
  • Tanker - autopilot
  • Shadow - driven by Raven
  • Spectre - driven by Ken Masters
  • Crazy 8 - driven by No-Face
  • Axel
  • Thumper - driven by Bruce Cochrane
  • Twister - driven by Miranda Watts
  • Warthog (unlockable) - driven by Cage
  • Hellcopter (unlockable) - driven by Warhawk
  • Crimson Fury (unlockable) - driven by Agent Shepard