• I will be starting work with the update version of Cross Chaos, Cross Chaos: Strike. And I came here today to ask you about your possible additions.

    Cross Chaos: Strike will feature 5 new characters, 3 new assists and 2 new stages. They can come from any franchise if you wan to, but it is best to consult the reference below first before proceeding:

    For reference, here is my additional characters for CC: Strike.


    Yuuno Kirisaki (Crisis Moon III EVOLVE) Rie Kugimiya - Laura Bailey

    Tsunami Hyuuga (Fight or Die 3: Fatal Vengeance) Hekiiru Shiina - ???

    Nixon (Sentoki 4) Junichi Suwabe - Keith Silverstein

    Victor Giovanni (Gunblazers: Shoot on Sight) Wataru Hatano - ???

    Shino Sato (Erase) Rina Sato - Cristina Valenzuela


    Reisuke Kamiya (Crisis Moon III) Tatsuhisa Suzuki - Todd Haberkorn

    Ashley Lynch (Urban Warriors) ??? - ???

    Milky the Cat and Cheese the Mouse (Milky n’ Cheese)

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    • Absolutely indeed. I'm going to add some playable characters, assistants, and stages from PSONIC side.

      Playable Characters

      1. Dick Anders (Gontra Warriors) Takaya Kuroda - Grant George
      2. Nash Steele (Gontra Warriors) Rei Shinkawa - Keith Silverstein
      3. Kirill Bushnov (Con-Alien) Kenta Miyake - Patrick Seitz
      4. Allen Charlee (Con-Alien) Hiroki Yasumoto - Tony Oliver
      5. Yukihito Satoyaba (older) (Monster Marauders) Yoshihisa Kawahara - Gaku Space


      1. Steel Commander Jacob (Razing Force) Satoshi Mikami - Troy Baker
      2. Paul Paxton (Space Monsters 3) Tomokazu Sugita - Brian Bloom
      3. Chieftain Paladin (Dark Extermination) - Kyle Hebert


      1. New York City (Futuristic Heroes)
      2. Alpine 999 (Razing Force)
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    • Thanks :3

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    • You forgot the Seiyuu of Chieftain paladin tho.

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    • Whoops... The Seiuu of Chieftain Paladin is Daisuke Egawa.

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    • Got it. Thanks again ;)

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