The Web of Spider-Man 3 is an open-world action adventure, thrill combat video game based on the popular Marvel Comics character, Spider-Man, releasing in 2022, and is the sequel to 2017's The Web Of Spider-Man and 2020's The Web Of Spider-Man 2. Insomniac Games makes a surprise return at E3 2021 and announces they will develop the game, with 2k Games publishing the project and one more afterwards. Bryan Inthiar steps down the role as director of the franchise, with Brian Allgeier taking Inthiar's place as director. Allgeier honors the last two installments, after sales have made a reputation for themselves. Allgeier, at E3 2021, stated, "What is so unique about The Web Of Spider-Man video game franchise is that it is a coming-of-age story for Peter Parker and his identity as Spider-Man. The first game we saw him facing the Vulture and the Kingpin and trying to stop the Big Man's big crime syndicate of villains and the second game followed that up with Peter getting the infamous symbiotic suit and ending the giant story that started with the Big Man. This game starts a new storyline and we are proud to say that we have worked on new mechanics for the game. Although there are very similar mechanics, we want players to have a satisfying time playing the game, not the same game five years in a row". Although Microsoft revealed their new Xbox 720 and Sony revealed the new PlayStation 5 on May 20 of 2022 at E3 2022, this video game will be released through PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game will release on October 5, 2022 for the United Kingdom and other foreign countries, while being released on October 29, 2022 for the United States.




M (Mature) for Blood, Language, Dark Theme, Intense Violence, and Sexuality

Gameplay Dynamics

  • Although the combat system possesses the similarities of the last two installments, Insomniac has added more abilities and upgrades to add upon to that such as having the player be able to look through the eyes of Spider-Man and picking out hard enemies and getting tips on how to defeat them. The parkour and dodge system is enhanced, with the player now having the ability to interact with the environment while pummeling enemies (e.g. throwing a crane at a criminal).
  • The player (considering the hectic storyline involving Venom) has the ability to talk to random civilians in need and even after (SPOILERS) the New York symbiotic infection is over, the player can talk to random citizens and that will lead to interesting questlines.
  • Considering the storyline with Venom and the symbiote, there will be a "Survival Helper" system, where if Spider-Man continues to help victims, his reputation will go up and that will decrease the likelihood of being attacked by bandits and thugs.
  • The player has the ability to have a variety of swinging mechanics with the new wall-jumping and parkour moves added to the swinging mechanics.
  • A "Daily Objectives" tab is added the Spider-Man's cell phone, which can affect his reputation, the cost of his upgrades, and can sometimes even help continue the main storyline and its missions.
  • Much like Batman: Arkham Knight, the player can switch between Spider-Man and Daredevil or Spider-Man and Black Cat when a fight sequence with them is involved and this brings in unique combat aspects and adds a more variety of upgrades.


Playable Characters

  • Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Josh Keaton)
  • Matt Murdock/Daredevil (challenge pack DLC, story pack DLC, and playable after 100% completion of game)
  • Felicia Hardy/Black Cat (seven missions, story pack DLC, challenge pack DLC, and playable after completion of main storyline)
  • Eddie Brock/Venom (one mission and challenge pack DLC)
  • Silver Sablinova/Silver Sable (challenge pack DLC and story pack DLC)
  • Flash Thompson/Agent Venom (challenge pack DLC and story pack DLC)


  • Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Josh Keaton)
  • Matt Murdock/Daredevil (Charlie Cox)
  • Felicia Hardy/Black Cat (Tara Strong)
  • Clint Barton/Hawkeye (Troy Baker)
  • Director Nick Fury of SHIELD (Morgan Freeman)
  • Tony Stark/Iron Man (Mark Hamill)

Main Story Antagonists

  • Eddie Brock/Venom
  • Stanley Carter/Sin-Eater
  • Felicia Hardy/She-Venom
  • Martin Li/Mister Negative
  • Ari
  • Mac Gargan/Scorpion
  • Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin
  • Daniel Brito/Fancy Dan
  • Adrian Toomes/The Vulture
  • Silver Sablinova/Silver Sable
  • Cain Marko/Juggernaut
  • Frank Simpson/Nuke

Side Story Antagonists

  • Norton Fester/Looter
  • Swarm
  • Spencer Smythe
  • Frank Simpson/Nuke
  • Cain Marko/Juggernaut
  • Flint Marko/Sandman
  • Robert Farrell/Rocket Racer
  • William Turner/Mindworm
  • Johnathon Ohnn/Spot
  • Justin Hammer/Crimson Dynamo
  • Frances Barrison/Shriek
  • Thomas Firehart/Puma
  • Silver Sablinova/Silver Sable
  • Victor Von Doom/Doctor Doom
  • Spidercide
  • Marcus Lyman/Massacre
  • Buchanan Mitty/Humbug
  • Lester Poindexter/Bullseye

Supporting Characters

  • Detective Jean DeWolffe
  • Lieutenant Flash Thompson
  • Dr. Miles Warran
  • J. Jonah Jameson
  • Betty Brant
  • Ned Leeds
  • Tony Stark
  • Detective Yuri Watanabe
  • Felicia Hardy
  • Ari


Several months after the tragic death of Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker has a difficult time being motivated to continue his career as the Wall-Crawler vigilante of New York. As Peter tries to get over the death of his beloved Gwen, he encounters fellow vigilante, Daredevil, who tells Spider-Man that Chinatown cook and undercover mobster, Martin Li, is beginning to make moves around the city with the "Demons". As Spider-Man, with the returning Black Cat, try to stop Li and unfold what Li actually wants with the superhuman shipping to New York, Spider-Man finds out that a symbiotic figure has been recently spotted in New York, known as Venom. He learns the hard fact that Venom is Eddie Brock, looking to destroy everything Peter holds dear. Brock somehow manages to infect the entire population of New York and gives Peter one message; if he does not stop the virus that is spreading around New York, people will die because of him and his secret identity will be revealed. With the help of SHIELD, other fellow Avengers and helping hands from even the likes of villains like Wilson Fisk and Adrian Toomes, Spider-Man must save New York from turning into a symbiotic wasteland. Will Spider-Man have to reunite with his personal demons in order to stop Venom?

Main Missions

  • In Mourning...

Story: The game starts with a flashback of a fight between Spider-Man and Green Goblin on the George Washington Bridge, fighting over the unconscious body of Gwen Stacy. As Peter remembers that, he looks into the mirror of himself, picturing half of himself as Spider-Man. Peter dresses up in his new apartment and goes to the Trinity Cemetery to visit Gwen's grave. The player can control Peter and pay respects to Gwen's grave. The player then has the ability to swing around New York as Spider-Man and as the player gets a tutorial on the new swinging mechanics, Spider-Man stops by a new advertisement, which advertises for any individual who wants to buy Oscorp Industries, as Norman Osborn and Harry Osborn have sold the company and Norman is temporarily taking Harry to Europe to cool down from his addiction to drugs and Globulin Green.


  1. Pay your respects
  2. Perform the new swinging mechanic
  • Chinatown Riders

Story: To trigger the mission, the player will had to have completed the "Daily Objectives" tab and Spider-Man swings to Chinatown at night after his spider sense goes off. Spider-Man swings there and ominous shooting and cannot seem to find it. As he is swinging, J. Jonah Jameson calls Peter and asks, "Parker, some gangsters calling themselves the Demons are having a shootout in Chinatown. Get me some pictures or evidence of the event!" Peter agrees and Spider-Man must swing and use his spider sense to spot where the shooting actually is. When the player spots the shooting, Spider-Man must stop the Demons, who are a Chinese gang of advanced, super strength superhumans, or possibly even Chinese gang members tested on to become superhuman. Spider-Man must use the new parkour combat movement to defeat the criminals one-by-one and afterwards, Spider-Man is greeted by Detective Jean DeWolffe, who claims, "I have not seen your face in a while... Good to have you back". Spider-Man agrees and DeWolffe tells Spider-Man that the Demons have been making serious moves in Chinatown, as well as the rest of Manhattan. Spider-Man's spider sense then goes off yet again and the player needs to find the disturbance and Spider-Man eventually finds out that a Chinese restaurant is being attacked by armed Demons. Spider-Man must sabotage their shooting and fight a brute. After this, DeWolffe talks on the comms with a couple of other PD officers. An elder detective of Chinatown, Yuri Wantanbe, reports to DeWolffe that not only Chinatown is being terrorized by superhuman gangsters, but Hell's Kitchen is also being terrorized, but that someone is actually stopping the Demons, other than the PD and Spider-Man. Spider-Man jokingly thinks in his mind that Daredevil, the vigilante of Hell's Kitchen, is up to this. Spider-Man then must swing away and take pictures for the Daily Bugle and send them to J. Jonah Jameson. Jameson then sends a hilarious text telling Peter that he is fired.


  1. Go to Chinatown
  2. Find where the shooting is coming from
  3. Stop the Demons
  4. Speak to Detective DeWolffe
  5. Use spider sense to sense the disturbance
  6. Stop the shooting of the Chinese restaurant
  7. Leave the area
  8. Take pictures of the restaurant
  9. Take pictures of the shooting incident area
  • The Devil Of Hell's Kitchen

Story: To trigger the mission, the player must go the Hell's Kitchen and Spider-Man looks at Hell's Kitchen and tells himself that it is the most corrupt town in the city. Spider-Man hears a lady screaming; "Help! Some foreign guys in masks are robbing the Kitchen Bank!" Spider-Man must go over there, enter the Kitchen Bank, but gets interrupted at the door with a superhuman brute. Spider-Man must defeat the brute and actually enter the bank, sensing ten armed Demons. Spider-Man sees that the Demons are using her powers to actually break open the vaults and almost kill the innocent bystanders and bank employees. Spider-Man must wait for a moment when the Demons go inside the vault of the bank, then quietly exit all the employees and civilians. The player can now have the choice to either swing back up to a ledge to quietly take them down (which is very difficult) or face them head-to-head. After this, Spider-Man thought the fight was over, but a brute wakes up and is about to kill Spider-Man with a spear, until a flying billy club hits the brute. Spider-Man looks over and sees Hell's Kitchen's righteous vigilante, Daredevil. Spider-Man and Daredevil chat, as Spider-Man tells Daredevil, "Damn, I haven't seen you in a while, D. How long has it been? Like three years? When you were asked by Captain America to join the Avengers, you declined". Daredevil then tells Spider-Man that the Demons are a dangerous group that have arisen in the midst of New York. Daredevil observes, to Spider-Man, that he knows the Demons were a low-time group and even maybe witnessed a certain figure testing on the Demons using the superhuman shipping to the streets. Spider-Man informs Daredevil that DeWolffe, Wantanbe, and the rest of the PD are going to patrol the nights and afternoons in Chinatown to spot any more attacking Demons. Daredevil commands Spider-Man to follow him and the player must catch up with Daredevil and they both eventually go to a rooftop, where a rare Demon gangster has not been empowered with superhuman abilities. Daredevil opens the trap and interrogates the Demon, as Spider-Man watches and jokes around with how brutal Daredevil can be. Daredevil gets information and Spider-Man must pick up the Demon and hold him upside down on a building in Hell's Kitchen using the web (and a meter, so if the player kills the gangster, mission is failed). The Demon finally lets out information that the leader of the Demons is being contacted by one of the first crime bosses in the city. Spider-Man and Daredevil discuss over the fact about the crime bosses in the past years. Spider-Man tells Daredevil that the likes of Lonnie Lincoln, Silvio Manfredi, and Hammerhead have all been arrested. Daredevil says, "I fear the worst; I used to have a very brutal relationship with the Kingpin of Crime. Also known as Wilson Fisk, you may know him". Spider-Man moans in annoyance and makes a fat joke. Spider-Man and Daredevil must go the prison the Kingpin is being held at. When Spider-Man and Daredevil go there, they are forced to break in and avoid guards (or stealth take them down to increase upgrade points), Spider-Man speaks to Fisk, who intimidates Spider-Man by saying that he will crush Spider-Man. Daredevil talks to Fisk and the two argue and Daredevil says he is not afraid to imprison Fisk again if he breaks out. Fisk said he could have broke out when the Finisher broke out (from the second game). Daredevil interrogates Fisk and asks what he knows about the Demons, since the two claim that they know Fisk has something to do with the Demons and their anonymous leader. After trying to convince Fisk, he finally gives in and gives both Spider-Man and Daredevil a chip that he will interact with them. Fisk claims he hears that the Demons will be in uptown Manhattan sometime during the morning the following day. Spider-Man and Daredevil must sneak out of the prison and outside, Daredevil tells Spider-Man that he will meet Spider-Man in uptown Manhattan to find the leader. Daredevil is informed by Fisk, through the chip, that the Demons are in want of something from the old Fisk Industries. Daredevil goes away and Spider-Man sees a dark figure in the shadows stalking him. Spider-Man tells himself that "that's weird". Spider-Man ignores it and the camera zooms into the figure and reveals it to be Eddie Brock, who is unmasked with a black hoodie, hiding the venom symbiote...


  1. Go inside the Kitchen Bank
  2. Defeat the Demon brute
  3. Enter the Bank
  4. Wait for the Demons to enter the vault, then escort the bystanders (HINT: Use spider sense)
  5. Defeat the Demons (0/10) *UPDATED*
  6. Follow Daredevil
  7. Intimidate the Demon gangster by hanging him upside down (WARNING: Do not kill him)
  8. Go to Ryker's Island with Daredevil
  9. Silently enter the prison (OPTIONAL: Take down the guards)
  10. Confront Wilson Fisk
  11. Exit the prison
  • To Be Superhuman

Story: To trigger the mission, the player must have aided at least 10 civilians or police officers in defeating more Demons. When that happens, the player must go to Chinatown and unsuit to become Peter Parker, who meets up with Ned Leeds at a Chinese restaurant. Peter reveals that he has become closer friends to Ned, as they both work freelance for Jameson and the Bugle, as well as being classmates a few years ago in Midtown High School. Peter meets Ned and as they first talk about their life, Peter brings up the topic of the Demons. Ned, with his Chinese heritage, jokes that the Demons probably have something to do with his family, as Ned's family were gangsters "back in the day", when New York was run by mobsters and the mafia. Peter asks Ned more questions and their food in finally served. The server is nice, but Peer spots that the restaurant manager, under the name of Martin Li, is seeming suspicious behind the kitchen counters. Peter notices that Li's eyes are that of the Demons. Ned asks Peter what is wrong and Peter tells Ned that he saw a Demon behind the kitchen. Ned tells Peter to go, as Ned will distract the waiters by doing something "stupid". Peter must find a way to sneak into the kitchen counters and eventually, Ned's distraction is so big, that all the servers and employees go there to help him. Peter must follow Martin Li without being spotted. He is eventually led to the restaurant alleyway, where Martin Li's eyes turn even whiter than the average superhuman and Peter must sneak and eavesdrop, as well as get pictures of Jameson, as Ned sends him a text telling him that Jameson may need pictures. Martin Li sees the flash, as Li is praising all the shipments that the Demons have made. Li yells, "What the hell was that?" Peter flees and suits up. Peter sends Ned a text of the pictures and tells Ned to give them to Jameson. Spider-Man must not make any move, as Martin Li drops a pint of the superhuman antidote on the ground, empowering him and turning him stronger. Li even breaks the neck of one of his gangsters. Spider-Man then tells Daredevil, who is on the chip comms, that he now knows that Li is the leader of the Demons. Spider-Man tells Daredevil that he just assumed that Li was one of the gangsters. As Spider-Man follows the speeding van to Downtown Manhattan, Spider-Man speaks to Detective Wantanbe, who tells Spider-Man DeWolffe gave her a comms frequency to contact Spider-Man. Spider-Man, while swinging, discusses that Martin Li is the leader of the Demons. Wantanbe mentions that she used to be in a relationship with Li. Spider-Man is shocked and must go to a construction site, building a new Fisk Tower. Spider-Man is confused and speaks to Fisk on the chip and Fisk reveals he is getting bailed out of prison in two days. Spider-Man is forced to help Fisk and makes a fat joke and Fisk reveals Li was a business venture of his before Spider-Man imprisoned Fisk two years ago. Spider-Man must go to the 55th, 56th, and 57th floors of the construction site and defeat the Demons in broad daylight. Daredevil comes in and sees Li and four other Demons exiting the site with a helicopter. Daredevil and Spider-Man see that more Demons and Demon brutes are coming and Spider-Man must quickly defeat them under a time limit. After the time limit, more come and Daredevil tells Spider-Man that he will handle it and tells Spider-Man to go after Li, who calls himself Mister Negative. The helicopter is taking down parts of buildings and cranes surrounding the construction site and Spider-Man must find a way to grab unto all of them, by using his spider sense and webbing abilities/upgrades. Spider-Man then follows Mister Negative throughout the city, while having to dodge the damage of buildings and billboards. Yuri calls him and tells him that Mister Negative is empowered more by the superhuman antidotes he shipped in and tells him that he needs to be exposed to the public. The helicopter drops accidentally drops a shipment of antidotes onto a work building and Spider-Man must evade it and web it up. Spider-Man must then go on the helicopter and fight the four Demons, then Mister Negative. Spider-Man brings the helicopter down and must web it up before it hits the surface. Spider-Man must go to a building and take a picture of the helicopter wreckage in the web. Spider-Man must then check if Li is alive and Li then exclaims, "Spider-Man! There's greater things beyond you that you just do not understand!" Li somehow disappears and Spider-Man assumes this is one of the symptoms of the superhuman antidote. Li is at a building and tells Spider-Man not to even try to go after him. Li yells out, "Marko!" Spider-Man looks over and Cain Marko, also known as the mutant, Juggernaut, long time enemy of the X-Men, jumps down and Spider-Man must fight Juggernaut. The trick to defeat Juggernaut is to evade his headbutts and try to cause him to run into buildings and take that chance to pummel him. After the boss battle, Spider-Man ties up Juggernaut and tells him that he is an "idiot" for taking orders from Mister Negative. Yuri and DeWolffe arrive at the scene and tell the PD to call Damage Control to take care of the helicopter wreckage and both thank Spider-Man for taking down the Juggernaut, as he belongs in the Vault prison. Spider-Man tells the both that Li got away and Juggernaut was one of his shipments. Li interrupts the comms of Spider-Man and his chip makes an echoing sound, in which he warns Spider-Man, Fisk, and Daredevil to stay out of his business or he will destroy Hell's Kitchen with a surprise...


  1. Meet Ned Leeds at the Chinese restaurant
  2. Ask Ned about the Demons
  3. Follow Martin Li behind the kitchen counters
  4. Eavesdrop on Martin Li and the Demons
  5. Take a photo for evidence of the Demons
  6. Take a photo for evidence of the superhuman shipment
  7. Follow the Demons van to Downtown Manhattan
  8. Take down the Demons in the Fisk construction site (0/36) *UPDATED*
  9. Find Li
  10. Hold off the remaining Demons before Li gets away (2:00)
  11. Stop the cranes from falling apart (HINT: Use spider sense and webbing upgrade)
  12. Follow Mister Negative's helicopter (WARNING: Dodge the obstacles and falling objects)
  13. Web up the antidote
  14. Defeat Li's bodyguards
  15. Evade Mister Negative
  16. Prevent the helicopter from falling onto the surface
  17. Take a photo of the wreckage
  18. Send the photo to Jameson
  19. Defeat Juggernaut
  • Scandal Savages

Story: To trigger the mission, the player would have to complete the "Daily Objectives", regarding stopping crime related to the Demons, who are using her superhuman powers to set buildings on fire, as well as raid many of Fisk's old business ventures. Spider-Man must go to Eddie Brock's apartment and check on him. Peter thinks to himself where Eddie must have gone, since they have not been in contact since the Finisher case several months ago. While Spider-Man is looking unto Eddie's apartment, he gets a comms call from DeWolffe, who is choking on something. DeWolffe eerily tells Spider-Man to go to the Manhattan Police Department and Spider-Man needs to go there under a time limit before it is too late. The player can switch cameras to see what is going on in the department and it is revealed some Demon gangsters dropped a knockout gas unto the police department and gets away. When the player gets there, DeWolffe debriefs Spider-Man on what happened and Spider-Man must chase them down. The thugs are going away in a stolen car. Spider-Man must break down their car and after this, more cars come in with more Demons. Spider-Man must defeat all 16 gangsters, but in the background, is a sniper, who shoots Spider-Man with a tracker. Spider-Man does not notice and must tail a brute, who gets away with files that may prove useful. Spider-Man must tail the brute and eventually, this leads to a warehouse, where over a dozen superhuman antidote shipments have been stored. Spider-Man must stay in the warehouse and take down the Demons. After this, he needs to go destroy the antidotes, either by webbing them up and throwing them into the nearby ocean or just contentiously webbing it up. After this, Spider-Man needs to find the files that the brute was carrying and gets attacked by the brute. The brute reveals himself as Cheng Cho, one of Martin Li's most trusted bodyguards. Spider-Man must defeat Cheng Cho by using the environment to defeat Cho. After this, Spider-Man picks up the files, which reveal the fact that Wilson Fisk is getting bailed out of prison the following day, as well as a file called, "Fisk v. Li". Spider-Man tells himself, "I have a bad feeling about this". Spider-Man realizes that Fisk may have set both him and Daredevil up. Spider-Man continues to read the files and sees that the Demons shipping something else in Hell's Kitchen the day the Kingpin is released out of Ryker's...


  1. Go to Eddie Brock's apartment
  2. Go to the Manhattan Police Department before it is too late (3:00)
  3. Chase down the Demons
  4. Find a way to destroy the car engine
  5. Defeat all the Demons (0/16) *UPDATED*
  6. Tail the brute with the files
  7. Take down the Demons in the warehouse
  8. Find a way to destroy the boxes of antidotes
  9. Search the warehouse for the files
  10. Defeat Cheng Cho
  11. Take and read the files
  • Kitchen Madness

Story: To trigger the mission, Spider-Man needs to have completed 5 crimes and go on top of an apartment complex in Hell's Kitchen, which happens to be Matt Murdock's apartment and he sighs and suits up as Daredevil after hearing Spider-Man on his roof. Spider-Man must use his camera to take pictures of a small castle park in Hell's Kitchen. Daredevil and him talk about Mister Negative and the warehouse incident. Spider-Man explains it all and tells Daredevil that Fisk has set them up, as he found a file called "Fisk v. Li", which revealed that Fisk knew all along that Martin Li was the leader of the Demons and once he would bail out of prison (which is the same day), he would be planning to do something with Li. Spider-Man explains that the Demons are shipping another superhuman product to New York, specifically Hell's Kitchen. Spider-Man must take pictures of the castle park, in which he sees four cars arrive at the park; 12 Demons discussing about something. Li then arrives in his Ferrari and breaks off the car door and tells his men that Fisk just bailed out of Ryker's and his bodyguards are coming to "negotiate". Spider-Man and Daredevil, with the 20 buildings surrounding the park, see 20 snipers (one on each building) arriving out of the shadows of the night and aiming at Mister Negative. Spider-Man is confused and sees army badges on them. Daredevil has a feeling that the "army" soldiers are corrupt, so Spider-Man must silently take all of them down somehow under a time limit. After this, Fisk is escorted by five big bodyguards. The cutscene starts and shows the Kingpin and Mister Negative talking and Li threatens to behead Fisk if he does not give Li back the shipments Fisk stole from the superhuman antidote international trade. The bodyguards then shoots all 12 of the Demons and Spider-Man and Daredevil are shocked at what Fisk has done. Spider-Man and Daredevil must go down there and Spider-Man calls Kingpin a traitor. Spider-Man sees more snipers come in and the Kingpin tells the bodyguards AND the snipers to kill Daredevil. Being overwhelmed, Daredevil exclaims that he cannot die. Spider-Man must find a way to hold off both the snipers and the bodyguards to prevent Daredevil from being killed. After this long firefight, Kingpin's right-hand man shoots Mister Negative in the stomach and weakens the antidote he possessed. Spider-Man must shoot a web at the gun as fast as he can before Li dies. Spider-Man then must fight the right-hand man and the four of them hear police sirens on the way and Kingpin drives away. Yuri and other police officers point guns at Spider-Man and Daredevil, but they both (with Daredevil being exhausted and near to passing out, bleeding) explain that Fisk set them up with Li and that the Demons have been killed. An injured Li laughs as Spider-Man and Daredevil are talking to Yuri about the Kingpin setting them up. Yuri says an arrest warrant will not be needed for Fisk, but instead a confrontation at the old Fisk Tower, where Fisk is planning to operate again. Yuri is about to thank Spider-Man for somewhat bringing in Li, but they look over on the castle ground and see that he has escaped. Goosebumps go down Spider-Man's spine and Spider-Man swings away. Spider-Man must leave the crime scene and thinks to himself that Mister Negative is probably going off to try and kill the Kingpin, but Spider-Man thinks his next move should be to confront the Kingpin and ask why he set up two vigilantes and killed all the Demons to keep the superhuman antidote for himself...


  1. Take pictures of the castle park
  2. Take down the army snipers (0/20) *UPDATED* (3:00)
  3. Protect Daredevil
  4. Shoot a web at the gun to prevent Li from dying
  5. Defeat Fisk's right-hand man
  • Finest Thievery

Story: To trigger the mission, Spider-Man would need to wipe crimes involving Kingpin's bodyguards attempting to kill Demons, who have lost all their antidote and their superhuman strengths. After this, the player needs to swing to Fisk Tower, where all the lights are on, indicating that the Kingpin is now fully operating. Spider-Man looks over and must swing over and realizes that Fisk has a dozen of bodyguards and brutes guarding the balcony of Fisk Tower. Spider-Man must use spider sense to scan the total amount of criminals and access the phone mechanic and learn a way to bypass Fisk Tower. The player must go through a bunch of puzzles and afterwards, Spider-Man calls Daredevil and informs him that he is going after the Kingpin. Daredevil admits that he would join Spider-Man, but reveals that he himself is going after Li, who has escaped (from the previous mission). Daredevil gives Spider-Man leads that Mister Negative still has his superhuman abilities somehow, but the Demons do not. Spider-Man has to proceed towards Fisk Tower, but then sees that Black Cat has exited the balcony door of Fisk Tower. Spider-Man becomes extremely confused because after him and Black Cat put Hammerhead, Silvermane, and Tombstone behind bars (from the previous game), Cat told him that she would be out of town and that he would not see her in at least five years. Spider-Man, out of curiosity, must swing down to chase Black Cat, but not get seen. After about five minutes into the chase, Black Cat is shown to be eavesdropping on two homeless Demons in an alleyway, who lost their powers from the antidotes and they mention that the Kingpin has stolen their homes. Spider-Man knows now that the Kingpin is definitely up to no good, but why would he steal other individuals' homes just for a dose of superhuman strength? Black Cat attacks them and almost kills them, until Spider-Man intervenes. Black Cat asks the two Demons if they have any samples of the antidote Martin Li kept, but the two beg for their lives and swear they do not have any samples or shipments. Spider-Man begins to question Black Cat, but Black Cat strangely does not even flirt with Spider-Man. Black Cat kicks him and Spider-Man must go follow her before she escapes. At each checkpoint, she stops to fight (there are three checkpoints total). To fight her, the player must stay in the air, while avoiding her dangerous claw attacks. During the fight, Spider-Man questions Cat and even goes as far as asking if she has gone crazy. After the fight, Black Cat looks like she is beginning to cry, but she escapes and pushes Spider-Man back. After she escapes, Spider-Man must use his spider sense to find her. When he finds out that she is at the penthouse Felicia Hardy lives at (because Peter knows that Felicia is Black Cat, considering she dated Eddie back in the previous game), he gets distracted when a debris falls on an innocent civilian. He must save her, but the civilian informs Spider-Man that she saw a man who looked like the owner of the Chinese restaurant in Chinatown, Martin Li, drop the debris on her. Spider-Man calls Daredevil, but he strictly tells Spider-Man that he himself will handle Li. Daredevil encourages Spider-Man to keep chasing down Black Cat until he gets a lead on why she is associated with the Kingpin. Spider-Man goes to the balcony of Black Cat's penthouse and asks for her and joking by making a cat joke. Black Cat is there crying, but she pushes Spider-Man away when he tries to comfort her. After a pause, Spider-Man asks her why she is with Kingpin and why she is acting so "weird" towards him when she always flirted with him and was very enthusiastic (in the last game). Black Cat explains that ever since she left to take a break from crime fighting with him, she was chasing down her orphanage friend Bally (from the previous game) and learned that she was working with Kingpin and Hammerhead. Kingpin apparently contacted Hammerhead the entire time and gave his mafia free weapons in the events of the previous game. He was corrupt all along. Since Kingpin learned that Bally was good peers with Black Cat, he threatened her and she explains that Kingpin looked very worried about something. She even tried to negotiate terms with Fisk, but if she did not agree to work for and with him, he would reveal to the public that the cat burglar is indeed Felicia Hardy. She finally reveals her identity to Spider-Man and tells Spider-Man to call her Felicia from there on. She recommends to Spider-Man that they begin working together to bring down Fisk like "the old days". Spider-Man holds the thought and he thinks he needs to intervene Fisk at his mansion located in Queens the next night. Black Cat asks if he will need help and Spider-Man mentions that he has the help of Daredevil also. Black Cat sighs.


  1. Go to Fisk Tower
  2. Scan the building to find out how many brutes are present
  3. Bypass the security of Fisk Tower via Phone
  4. Follow Black Cat (without being seen)
  5. Eavesdrop on the Demons
  6. Intervene Black Cat
  7. Chase down Black Cat before she escapes
  8. Defeat Black Cat
  9. Chase down Black Cat before she escapes
  10. Defeat Black Cat
  11. Chase down Black Cat before she escapes
  12. Defeat Black Cat
  13. Use spider sense to find Black Cat's location
  14. Help the civilian in trouble
  15. Go to Black Cat's penthouse
  • Move Of The King

Story: To the trigger the mission, Spider-Man would need to complete at least one Looter side mission involving a robbery, and Spider-Man needs to swing to Queens. Before he does that, Spider-Man needs to swing to his apartment in Manhattan at night to collect a new upgrade for his suit that has the ability to drop silence in a room or area when performing stealth moves and missions (in which the player can continue to upgrade upon as the game progresses). Peter undresses his suit and looks at a picture of Gwen and smiles. Gwen talks in his head and tells Peter to move on. His memory lane moment is interrupted when Black Cat calls him through the comms and tells him that Fisk is in his backyard of his mansion in his pool and has many bodyguards that have the power to kill Spider-Man. She also tells him to not tell Daredevil or any cops (including Yuri and DeWolffe). Spider-Man gives in to Black Cat and equips the new upgrade. Spider-Man must head down to Queens to Fisk's mansion, which is on the lower side of Queens next to the nature reserve. Spider-Man asks himself why Fisk would set up his new mansion in Queens when his "base of operations" is in Manhattan. Spider-Man must take a picture of the mansion, as Jameson texts him to take a picture of Fisk's new mansion for a headline on how Fisk is back from a prison sentence. Spider-Man must sneak his way into the light-ridden mansion and take down all the bodyguards in order to reach the Kingpin. After defeating the bodyguards, Spider-Man decides to go through Fisk's mansion for any details or evidence of why he kept the superhuman antidotes for himself. Spider-Man must use his spider sense to find any evidence. Eventually, evidence is found in Fisk's office, where the files read that Fisk was working with Silvermane, Green Goblin, Hammerhead, and Tombstone all at the same time prior to the events of The Web Of Spider-Man 2. Fisk actually was the one who broke the murderer of the Parker parents, the Finisher, out of prison until he was murdered by an unknown symbiotic creature. Spider-Man is frightened, yet also confused at this, as the file states, "symbiotic" and surprised that the murderer of his parents is dead. Kingpin has a daily journal, in which he sends daily to a man known as "Fancy Dan", whom Spider-Man knows nothing of. Spider-Man reads that Fisk was terrified of the creature who killed Karl Fiers/The Finisher, as the symbiotic creature stared into his eyes. As he reads on, a man in a cap and a yellow fancy suit is using his binoculars to look into Fisk's mansion and tells himself, "You were never able to keep a damn secret, Fisk". Spider-Man's spider sense goes off and sees nothing and a smoke bomb goes off in the mansion, causing him to cough and he sees the shadow of a yellow suit escape from outside. In a cutscene, Kingpin hears something in the house and is afraid that the symbiotic creature has come into his house and orders his men to check out the front yard of his mansion. Spider-Man sees that the journal is gone and that the yellow suit must have taken it. Spider-Man must go the front yard and find a way and tactic to approach Kingpin's men. After this, Spider-Man goes to the pool in the backyard of Kingpin's house and Kingpin is not surprised that Spider-Man is in his mansion, as Spider-Man "has loligagged a lot in the past". Spider-Man decides not to mention the journal and Spider-Man demands an explanation of why Kingpin set up both him and Daredevil up and tried to kill Mister Negative and the Demons for a dose of the superhuman strength. Kingpin stutters and looks scared, but at the same time, is trying to hide it. He chuckles at the fact that Spider-Man is angry that he forced Black Cat to work for him and Kingpin says, "I knew you two were associated somehow. She never shut up about you, Wall-Crawler". Kingpin promises he will explain to Spider-Man IF they can negotiate another deal. After seconds of arguing, Spider-Man finally agrees and Fisk asks him to keep spying on Martin Li as Fisk believes Li is planning something big for the entirety of New York and in exchange, he will tell Spider-Man the truth about why he set up him and Daredevil and who the symbiotic creature is...


  1. Go to your apartment
  2. Equip the Drop Silence upgrade
  3. Go the Kingpin's mansion in Queens
  4. Take photos of the mansion
  5. Send the photos to Jameson
  6. Sneak into the mansion
  7. Take down the bodyguards without being spotted
  8. Scan the house for any evidence
  9. Read the journal
  10. Find a way to approach Fisk's men in the front yard (HINT: Use Drop Silence)
  11. Confront Fisk
  • Forceful Spy-Ship

Story: To trigger the mission, Spider-Man would have to help Kingpin's bodyguards take down a few Demons, some now superpowered and causing riot and theft in the streets of both Manhattan and Queens. Spider-Man would get a call from Daredevil, who tells him to meet with him at a building next to Kronos Corporation. Daredevil informs Spider-Man that he has many leads on Mister Negative; Li has disappeared from the Chinatown restaurant he owns and that Li also owned a homeless shelter in Queens and that homeless people from that shelter have been reportedly missing. Spider-Man (unbeknownst to Daredevil) tells Daredevil he has a friend who may have a lead on Mister Negative, which is Ned and Spider-Man tells Daredevil to give him a moment. Ned and Peter talk over the phone about the situation and Peter asks him about the time they had lunch together at the restaurant. Ned is walking to the Daily Bugle and reveals that Jameson previously told him that Li is corrupt and known to be "business on the outside, but corrupt on the inside" type of individual. He also informs Peter that the shooting at Hell's Kitchen involving Spider-Man and Daredevil led Li into escaping into an underground lair of operations for him and the Demons. Daredevil hears this over the phone and pretends not to listen (due to his ability to precisely hear the impossible). Spider-Man confirms the fact that Li is in hiding and he still has antidotes left, even after Kingpin stole so many from Mister Negative and the Demons. Spider-Man asks himself if he should reveal that this is all for a deal with Fisk. Spider-Man decides not to and Spider-Man senses and Daredevil hears that a woman on a nearby rooftop is crying for help. Spider-Man and Daredevil must go there and they both see a little more than a dozen Demons with all variety; ones with no powers, ones with superhuman strength, one brute, and the rest have shock-like powers that could tase their opponents. The player is introduced to switching between characters during combat and introduced to Daredevil's fight moves (which include of using his billy clubs and combo moves along with it). After this fight, Spider-Man unties the woman and asks if she is alright. Daredevil asks what the Demons did to her. She explains that she was walking with her boyfriend home from a date near Avengers Tower and a couple of Demons, along with more behind them, run towards her from a nearby subway station. Spider-Man asks where the subway station is located and she said in the neighborhood of Soho. Spider-Man tells Daredevil about this and they both agree that this may lead them to Li and end this all. Spider-Man must make sure the woman gets to safety and tells Daredevil to meet him at Soho, while Spider-Man must take the woman to the NYPD Precinct. When he arrives there, he explains to Yuri that him and Daredevil may have a lead on where Mister Negative is. Yuri tells him to be safe and mentions the incident that happened at Fisk's mansion at the nature reserve in Queens and asks him if he knows anything about it. He feels guilty in his mind for secretly making a deal with the Kingpin, but he decides to rub it off. Spider-Man must head to Soho and meet up with Daredevil. Spider-Man and Daredevil both must use their senses (but the player controls Spider-Man) to find any suspects or witnesses of the Demons. Spider-Man's spider sense tingles but he sees nothing. Daredevil hears the heartbeat of a nearby person who is walking down the subway and the person looks sketchy and suspicious, so Spider-Man and Daredevil must follow him. But Daredevil gets disappointed when he mentions the fact that it would look suspicious if citizens "saw two vigilantes messing around in the subway". Spider-Man and Daredevil must go through vents that the subway leads through and make sure no civilians see them or else mission failed. Spider-Man and Daredevil must go through the vents, but they see that the entire subway is secretly operated by a Demon member (because of Daredevil hearing his heartbeat). Spider-Man must take out the operative and Daredevil kills the lights to the subway, using a voice modifier in the Demon's hand to tell all the citizens to exit the subway for "construction". Spider-Man and Daredevil must go through the subway and they eventually find an end spot, in which Daredevil hears what the entire place is up to; many Demon gang members hiding out near a broken down train, then Spider-Man and Daredevil must through a bunch of Demons and fight them on a flight of stairs, as there are over 30 of them in the entire block of the subway. Daredevil hears Mister Negative's heartbeat and tells Spider-Man that Li is watching two Demons test their powers, but Daredevil hears that he already slaughtered them. Daredevil, suspiciously though, seems to hear someone else in the block with him, but not with the Demons. Spider-Man jokingly tells him to ignore it and the two go on their way to fight through the Demons, both quietly and loudly (which is up to the player, but doing it efficiently with higher combos or no one spotting Spider-Man or Daredevil results in higher XP). After all of this, a cutscene shows that Venom is watching Spider-Man in the subway and tells the symbiote that they will wait for Spider-Man to finish his business with the crime syndicate. Spider-Man and Daredevil talk to each other before they enter a door and Daredevil hears the Mister Negative is alone, so they both can take him on. Spider-Man and Daredevil knock into the room, with Spider-Man mocking Li's moves and that both Spider-Man and Daredevil could expose him to the public. Li calls them both fools and that the Demons have a reason to be in New York. Spider-Man jokingly asks him why that is and Li reveals that a certain figure has been popping out in New York and many dead bodies have appeared in Manhattan and even Queens. Spider-Man is terrified by this fact, as he thinks to himself since Kingpin revealed the same figure. Li also reveals the Demons need to protect themselves with the superhuman powers provided by the antidotes, as well as "restore" New York ever since the disappearance of Tombstone. Spider-Man and Daredevil both must fight Mister Negative, who is vulnerable to back punches and Spider-Man can use his webs to weaken the electricity coming out of Li's hands. After the boss fight, Li's powers negate and he begs for Spider-Man and Daredevil that they both do not understand what is to come. Daredevil tells Li to shut up and Spider-Man must carry Li while swinging and follow Daredevil to the NYPD for an arrest warrant on Mister Negative. When arresting him inside NYPD, Li pulls out a gun on Spider-Man, Daredevil, DeWolffe, Yuri, and other NYPD officers and warns them that they seriously do not know what is to come of New York. Daredevil notices that Li's heartbeat is beating very fast and tells all three of them. Li sounds very scared and tries to warn them, but he passes out instead and Daredevil still hears a heartbeat, so Spider-Man help Yuri and DeWolffe to lock him up and wait for him to wake up. Spider-Man thinks about this and assumes that someone is after Kingpin and Mister Negative to try to get his attention...


  1. Meet Daredevil near Kronos Corporation
  2. Go to the crying woman
  3. Along with Daredevil, defeat the Demons
  4. Free the woman
  5. Bring the woman to the Precinct
  6. Go to Soho
  7. Use spider sense to find any possible Demon suspects or witnesses
  8. Follow the man into the subway
  9. Take down the operative
  10. Follow Daredevil
  11. Plan out the attack
  12. Reach Mister Negative
  13. Defeat Mister Negative
  14. Take Li to the Precinct
  • Carried Upon

Story: To trigger the mission, Spider-Man would need to have helped Yuri and the NYPD officers take down the remaining Demons, as well as act upon 5 crime sequences. At the start of the mission, Spider-Man thinks in his head that the symbiotic creature in whom both Kingpin and Li are talking about seems to be scaring them intensely to the point where Li had to point a gun at Spider-Man and his allies. Spider-Man sits down on a gargoyle on the Empire State Building and looks as the sunsets. Spider-Man then quickly remembers that his deal with Kingpin is officially settled down and needs to head over to Fisk Tower. Spider-Man sees guards and he asks where the "fat man" is (jokingly) and they inform Spider-Man that Kingpin is inside his office. Spider-Man senses many weapons the guardsmen are equipped with and walk inside. Spider-Man must walk slow to cause no distraction to any guards or catch them off guard. Spider-Man must sense through all the rooms he is walking past, as guards escort him to Fisk's personal office. He sees masses of weapons and even a label on a container called, "SR" and the word "symbiotic", but not explaining what the "R" stands for. Spider-Man finally reaches Fisk's office and Spider-Man and Fisk, at first, have a very civil conversation and Kingpin tells Spider-Man that he heard Mister Negative and the Demons are done for. Kingpin pulls out his hand for Spider-Man to shake, but Spider-Man cracks more jokes and asks why Kingpin is acting so weird and proceeds to say, "The Kingpin I knew a while ago would organize crime and send baddies to try and kill me. Not saying that's a good thing, but it's kinda off on how you would treat me this way, Two-Chins". Kingpin sighs and complains that he never asked for any of this. Spider-Man slams the desk and tells Fisk that he knows that Fisk was secretly operating with the three crime bosses (from the previous game) and selling the mafia guns. Fisk laughs nervously and finally tells Spider-Man who the symbiotic creature is; he goes into detail that he knew Spider-Man possessed the symbiote during the events that unfolded in the previous game. Spider-Man demands Fisk not to mention the black suit as it haunts him. Kingpin taunts Spider-Man for a little and the two throw childish insults at one another, but Kingpin continues that the creature was seen killing the Finisher/Karl Fiers (the killer of Peter and Eddie's parents and one of the main antagonists of the last game) moments after a blonde man visited Finisher in his cell. The man gave Fisk a dirty look. Spider-Man looks suspiciously at Kingpin and asks more of a description on the man who visited Finisher. He mentions that he was built and he had a grudge on Fiers. Spider-Man instantly knows that this is Eddie. Spider-Man mutters Eddie Brock and Kingpin says that he remembers Eddie because Eddie was the one who failed on live television and exposed a fake Finisher instead of Karl Fiers. Kingpin mocks Eddie about this and Spider-Man holds in his anger, but keeps his witty humor. Spider-Man "schools" Kingpin by unraveling all the mysteries behind this; Kingpin set up Daredevil and Spider-Man because he wanted the antidotes in which Mister Negative and the Demons possessed because he wants to create something harmful to New York in response to the venom-like creature. Kingpin feels amused by this and tells Spider-Man he knows too much. Kingpin locks Fisk Tower down and tells Spider-Man he is going nowhere. Kingpin even tries to convince Spider-Man that he does not understand what is to come, but Spider-Man reveals he will not associate with any more villains. Spider-Man must fight two powered brutes outside of Fisk's office and find a way to escape. Eventually, the player will find out how to kill the lights and Spider-Man will have to equip his Night Vision upgrade and stealth take down all of Kingpin's men. After this and under a time limit to get out before Kingpin finds him, a cutscene starts showing Jameson and Betty at the Daily Bugle and the whole work building hears very loud noises. Jameson yells hysterically at the noise and looks at a telescope in his office and sees Spider-Man at Fisk Tower. Jameson hilariously yells "Menace!" and tells Betty to get the frontlines that Fisk, a formal criminal, and Spider-Man, a vigilante, are associated. Betty tries to convince Jameson that it is nothing, but Jameson hilariously insists. Spider-Man's spider sense tingles and multiple gunshots are shooting at Spider-Man from outside the window. Spider-Man must crouch down and dodge the bullets before they kill him. Spider-Man sees a barricaded door and must prow it open. Spider-Man must escape and sees no signs of a shooter. His spider sense tingles and sees nothing, but the cutscene starts when Spider-Man is exposed to many smoke bullets and a man wearing a yellow suit comes out and says, in a voice modifier, "You don't simply unfold the plans of the great Wilson Fisk, Wall-Crawler. We will meet again. Meet me in Tribeca and we will continue this". Spider-Man only gets a glimpse of the yellow suit's face and sees that it is the same man who he witnessed when he broke into Fisk's mansion. He sees that the yellow suit is a middle-aged man. Spider-Man webs away and tells himself that neither Fisk or Li can be trusted and all of this makes no sense. Ned is on a building next to Fisk Tower and takes a picture and the mission ends with a Daily Bugle headline, "Spider-Man & Fisk Associated; Menace In The Works?"


  1. Enter Fisk Tower
  2. Scan all evidence in all the rooms as escorted (WARNING: Do not walk fast)
  3. Talk to the Kingpin
  4. Defeat the two brutes
  5. Find a way to escape Fisk Tower
  6. Equip the Night Vision upgrade
  7. Take down all the guards (HINT: Do not alert any of Kingpin's men) (10:00)
  8. Dodge the bullets from the outside shooter (HINT: Avoid contact with the windows)
  9. Escape Fisk Tower
  • Life Of Fancy Attire

Story: To trigger the mission, Spider-Man would need to complete Daily Objectives including of Daily Bugle photos and crime activities. Spider-Man will need to swing to a building near MetLife and reads the newspaper on his cell phone and sees the Daily Bugle headline titling Spider-Man a menace. He sees the publishers and they are from Betty and Ned. Spider-Man must call Ned, but he does not answer his phone so he needs to swing to Daily Bugle and talk to Ned. Peter walks into the Daily Bugle and sees Ned; he asks him about the incident that happened at Fisk Tower and how he heard that Spider-Man was attacking Fisk, not working with him. Ned explains that Jameson may be right, however, the article was decided by Jameson, not Ned or Betty. Peter needs to talk to Jameson and turn in the pictures from the Daily Objectives tab before the mission started. Jameson talks to Peter a little calmly nowadays, as Jameson still feels sympathy for Peter because of him losing Gwen Stacy. Jameson tells Peter that Spider-Man is definitely a menace and either way, if he was associated with Fisk or even attacking him, both are illegal as Fisk was registered as a criminal and New York does not see Fisk as a "good guy" anymore. Peter is light on the outside, but is angry at the Bugle for this on the inside. Peter must exit the building and suit up. Spider-Man sees Black Cat and explains everything; from when Spider-Man confronted Fisk at the nature reserve to when the Bugle renamed Spider-Man "the menace" for being associated with the Kingpin. Black Cat and Spider-Man talk upon this and they converge over the fact that Black Cat is leaving the Kingpin and his act will get him "in trouble". Spider-Man tells Felicia to calm it down and that Fisk, even Martin Li, claimed that there is a new symbiotic figure in town that is scaring both of them. Black Cat remembers this and tells Spider-Man she spotted the symbiotic figure days ago when she was out at night "enjoying the night view". Black Cat warns Spider-Man about this and tells them that since both Mister Negative and even the tough likes of the Kingpin are afraid of this figure, Spider-Man needs to watch out. Spider-Man mentions the man in the yellow suit who tried to kill him during the Fisk Tower lockdown. Black Cat informs him that the yellow suit has been making serious moves in Manhattan and is Fisk's business partner. Spider-Man takes out the journal he collected from Fisk's mansion and says that the letter Fisk wrote about the symbiotic figure is sent to a man named Daniel Brito. Black Cat shakes up her memory and remembers that Brito was an old school gangster who ran a supervillain organization known as the Enforcers, a group that fought with the likes of New York vigilantes like Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and the Iron Fist. Spider-Man says he will need to reach to Daredevil about this matter later on, but Black Cat claims she has a lead on Brito, as he calls himself Fancy Dan; Fancy Dan is the yellow suit Spider-Man encountered. Black Cat says she stole a device from Brito's office when she was robbin a jewel store. Spider-Man teases her about this and Black Cat jokingly denies she robbed a store. Black Cat shows the device, but cannot hack into Brito's office. Spider-Man needs to hack into the device to uncover Fancy Dan's office. After hacking the device, Spider-Man needs to follow Black Cat to Fancy Dan's office. Fancy Dan is in his office and orders his fancy-dressed thugs to get Cain Marko to the streets. Juggernaut appears in Fancy Dan's office and converges with him, as Fancy Dan has apparently not paid Juggernaut for that act he pulled after Spider-Man fought the Demons at the construction site. Fancy Dan calls Fisk and the cutscene cuts between Kingpin and Fancy Dan and they both discuss how Fancy Dan has Kingpin's back and that Spider-Man will pay. Spider-Man and Black Cat encounter Juggernaut on their way to the office and Spider-Man whines, saying that he thought he defeated Juggernaut already. Spider-Man and Black Cat must team up and fight Juggernaut (using the Duel Mode to switch between characters mid-fight). Juggernaut is vulnerable to back punches and is weakened when ram into walls. After each stage of the boss fight, Fancy Dan's thugs attack Spider-Man and Black Cat and they both must overcome the thugs and Juggernaut. After the boss fight, Black Cat and Spider-Man must crash into Fancy Dan's office, but sees signs of no one in the building. Spider-Man and Black Cat must take a thug into the rooftop and the player must intimidate the thug with a meter bar, but not too much or else the thug dies and mission failed. The thug reveals that Fancy Dan protects the Kingpin's back and after the Finisher's death, Kingpin put Fancy an "on the payroll" to watch his back after the appearance of the symbiotic figure. Spider-Man must drop the thug and web him for the police. Spider-Man remembers the thug mentioning that even Fancy Dan is somewhat terrified like Mister Negative and the Kingpin and that Fancy Dan is using a sample of the antidote for unknown purposes. Spider-Man swings down and leaves Black Cat on the rooftop to tell DeWolffe, who arrives at the scene and they both converge on Kingpin, Martin Li's arrest, and the new Fancy Dan figure. Personally, DeWolffe tells the truth that she does not believe Jameson or the Bugle branding him a "menace". But asks him what he was doing at Fisk Tower the other day. Spider-Man gives her a lead that Kingpin told him that a symbiotic figure has arrived in town, similar to Spider-Man's old black suit (like Black Cat previously teased Spider-Man about). DeWolffe apparently already knows and will send officers for night patrol to find the symbiotic figure. Spider-Man is about to exit and DeWolffe says, "Spidey... it's good to finally work together again". Spider-Man then replies with, "You bet, DeWolffe". DeWolffe then gracefully replies, "Please, call me Jean". Spider-Man gets back to Black Cat and she tells Spider-Man that she read the device she stole from Brito and it says there is a meeting with him and his thugs at the Brisko Warehouse in Chelsea. Spider-Man must follow Black Cat to Brisko Warehouse and the two must enter and spy on the meeting. The meeting involves Fancy Dan and more than 10 thugs talking about the symbiote creature and a thug mocks his own boss for being so scared and trying too hard to impress Fisk. Fancy Dan laughs and shoots him in head, which shocks both Spider-Man and Black Cat. After Fancy Dan leaves in his Ferrari, Spider-Man and Black Cat must attack the group of thugs in the warehouse. After this, Black Cat tells Spider-Man that there are things read on the device that are hard to decipher. Spider-Man must use the device to track down evidence of Fancy Dan doing illegal activities. Spider-Man eventually spots a pair of vulture wings and Spider-Man says, "I have a bad feeling about this". Spider-Man and Black Cat investigate the wings and Black Cat jokes that Adrian Toomes aka the Vulture might be "back in town". Spider-Man tells Black Cat he is grateful that she helped and that he can go interrogate thugs for information on these wings himself. Black Cat flirts with Spider-Man and goes off her way. Spider-Man must ask around and eventually finds a civilian who reveals a Ferrari drove down 33th street. Spider-Man must use a meter to show how close he is to the location of the Ferrari. Spider-Man must follow Fancy Dan and he will leave his car without Spider-Man knowing. Spider-Man then must stop the Ferrari with his webs and interrogates Fancy Dan's right-hand man, who tells Spider-Man that the wings are being shipped to Kronos Corporation for Adrian Toomes. Spider-Man is puzzled by this fact, as Toomes as been arrested (ever since being the main antagonist in the very first game in the franchise). Spider-Man thanks him for that and webs him up for the cops. Spider-Man thinks in his head; the Vulture may have something to do with the Kingpin and Fancy Dan, as Brito is shipping the tech wings to Kronos, in which Toomes apparently bought following the end of his prison sentence...


  1. Go to the Daily Bugle
  2. Talk to Ned
  3. Talk to Jameson
  4. Meet with Black Cat
  5. Hack Daniel Brito's device
  6. Follow Black Cat to Fancy Dan's office
  7. Defeat Juggernaut
  8. Investigate the office
  9. Interrogate the thug for information about Fancy Dan
  10. Go to Brisko Warehouse
  11. Spy on Fancy Dan's meeting
  12. Attack the thugs
  13. Use the device to decipher any shipments from Fancy Dan
  14. Investigate
  15. Ask around for a sighting of Fancy Dan
  16. Use the meter bar to find Fancy Dan's approximate location
  17. Interrogate Fancy Dan's right-hand man
  • Return Of The Dying Light

Story: To trigger the mission, Spider-Man would need to complete at least one side quest objective and the Daily Objectives tab, as well as participate in city events such as crime. Spider-Man will swing around and the mission will start when he sees a call from Daredevil. Daredevil sounds very angry at Spider-Man and demands him to meet up with him at Hell's Kitchen. Spider-Man must swing to the designated location and Daredevil is so angry that he actually pushes Spider-Man. Spider-Man pushes him back and tells him to take it easy. Daredevil demands an explanation of why Spider-Man set up another deal with the Kingpin, especially after the one that backfired when Kingpin almost killed Mister Negative and why he was involved in that "mess" at Fisk Tower and Fancy Dan's office. Spider-Man feels guilty for this and admits he made a mistake and never should of even made a deal with the Kingpin, but Daredevil also explains that he knows of Fancy Dan because Brito was actually a part of the Enforcers, who targeted Daredevil in the past. Daredevil tells Spider-Man that what they need to do is discuss on how to get back to the Kingpin. Spider-Man suggests not to attack Kingpin, as he only got mad because Spider-Man revealed his "plan" on using the antidote to protect himself from the symbiotic creature everyone is calling "Venom". Daredevil is puzzled at the fact, even admitting himself there has been many missing persons' cases as of recent ever since Mister Negative and the Kingpin mentioned the likes of Venom. Spider-Man explains that when he went to Brisko Warehouse with Black Cat, they found out that Fancy Dan is taking part in protecting himself, via the Vulture aka Adrian Toomes, who was bailed out of prison recently. Spider-Man and Daredevil must go to Kronos Tower, where the Vulture is said to be. Spider-Man sees that Kronos is highly guarded and secured, with Fisk's brutes and Fancy Dan's thugs guarding. Spider-Man and Daredevil decide that Daredevil will go in and handle Fancy Dan's thugs. Spider-Man needs to take out all of the Kingpin's men on the outside and inside, where there are turrets, in which Spider-Man needs to find out how to overcome. After this, Spider-Man ques Daredevil to stay outside of Kronos to make sure no reinforcements are coming and to distract DeWolffe or Yuri if they do come to Kronos to try and investigate. Spider-Man needs to confront the Vulture and Spider-Man yells out in the Vulture's surprise, "Well, well, if it isn't the famous Adrian Toomes. It's been a while, old man". The Vulture seems to have wings that can glide off his back and glide back to save his life in case he falls. Spider-Man tries to convince Vulture to turn himself in, but Vulture replies that he has never seen Kingpin this scared for his life and that he knows what is coming. Spider-Man does not believe all of this and tells this may be all a set up like "last time". Vulture gets angered and fly-charges at Spider-Man outside the rooftop window. The Vulture is in the air and Spider-Man needs to throw projectiles at him to weaken him and go into the air to hit his vulnerable armor. The second stage involves Spider-Man in the air the whole time to try and tire Vulture by dodging his fly-charges then hitting his vulnerable side. During this, more and more of the Kingpin's men come and attack Daredevil. The player needs to switch between the two (deal with the Vulture as Spider-Man and handle the Kingpin henchmen as Daredevil). During the fight, Spider-Man and Vulture have a deep conversation, where Vulture predicts that Spider-Man is so stubborn about all this that Venom will get him. After this, Spider-Man kicks Vulture into a billboard and a quick time event happens and Spider-Man needs to nail Vulture to the floor and web him up. After Vulture yells at Spider-Man for being so ignorant, Spider-Man tries to inform Daredevil that Vulture is tied up. However, Spider-Man turns around and the Vulture is long gone...


  1. Go to Hell's Kitchen
  2. Escort Daredevil to Kronos Corporation
  3. Take out the Kingpin's henchmen
  4. Take out Fancy Dan's thugs
  5. Find the Vulture using spider sense
  6. Confront the Vulture
  7. Fight the Vulture
  8. Defeat the Vulture, while using Daredevil to defeat the thugs
  9. Finish the Vulture
  • Symbiote's Legacy

Story: To trigger the mission, the player would need to complete the Daily Objectives tab, as well as be introduced to Bullseye, Daredevil's nemesis and trigger the side mission on Bullseye. In the start of this mission, Spider-Man would need to head back to his apartment in Manhattan and tells himself that the day has been long and that he needs a break from the Kingpin and everything going on as of recent. Peter falls asleep and the camera switches to Eddie Brock who is driving in his motorcycle. The player gets to control Eddie as he drives and needs to drive to an alleyway in New York right near Felicia's apartment. While driving, you can hear as Eddie is thinking about Spider-Man and Peter being the same person and how him and the symbiote will get their revenge. The symbiote is talking in Eddie's head and pressuring him to kill an innocent lady to shed blood in order to get "the Wall-Crawler's attention". Eddie, even in his crazed state, thinks that the symbiote is crazy and instead goes to Felicia's apartment, where some of Kingpin's men are planning to try and kill Felicia because Felicia abandoned Fisk for Spider-Man. Eddie tells himself that even though he thinks Felicia is a "snake" for leaving him (in the previous game), he will not let the likes of the Kingpin to kill her. Eddie transforms into Venom and his voice is monstrous and sounds like a demon, as well as noting that he has became a bigger symbiote creature than when he first bonded with the symbiote, due to his usage of it. The player is introduced to using Venom, who can use black webbing to aggressively grab his victims and either kill them or strangle them to death and his fighting style is very slow and is not vulnerable to any sort of attacks, but still loses health. Venom decides to attack the Kingpin's men head on and eventually kills every single one of them. After this, the Kingpin hears the comms and realizes none of his men are responding. Kingpin sends out another wave of men, except this time; he sends over two dozens of his men. Venom has no choice, but to attack them quietly (by grabbing them from a wall or the floor and mauling them). After this, Felicia hears noise below her apartment and sees Venom and is surprisingly not terrified. She goes into her bedroom and suits up as Black Cat. Venom sees all the dead bodies and sees two Daily Bugle reporters; Wyatt Carter and Ned Leeds, Peter's best friend. Carter goes out of the van, in which Ned is driving to get a picture of the alert at the alleyway and sees dead bodies. When he is about to run away, Venom pulls him over and kills him. Ned gets terrified and drives away. Venom sees an army of super soldiers come to the alleyway to try and kill him, but then Black Cat uses her bolas to make them fall unconscious. Meanwhile, Ned is driving back to the Daily Bugle and goes to see Jameson. Jameson looks concerned when Ned is sweaty and looks terrified. Back to Black Cat, Venom threatens her and asks her who she is and she does not respond. Venom must defeat Black Cat and is vulnerable to symbiote web attacks. Black Cat tries to keep the mood light, joking that Venom is a scarier version of Spider-Man. Venom feels threatened, so he tries to kill Black Cat, but sees that her face looks like Felicia Hardy's. He says "no" and the symbiote gets off him and reveals himself as Eddie. Felicia is shocked and asks Eddie what he has done with his life. The symbiote pressures him to subdue her and flee the scene before the NYPD come. Eddie says, "I'm sorry, Felicia". He turns back into Venom and back hands her, subdueing her. In a flash, she wakes up an hour later, where she hears police sirens. She flees the scene and DeWolffe arrives at the scene, seeing the amount of dead bodies and the subdued super soldiers. DeWolffe ties up the super soldiers, but is still shocked by the dead bodies. She notices that black webs are all over and some of her fellow officers on the team assume that Spider-Man has the black suit again to cause havoc. DeWolffe then denies it and says, "I know Spider-Man... he wouldn't do this. This is the work of something different. And in this case; different ain't no good". DeWolffe and her officers look up and see nothing. Venom is watching in the dark and swings away. In the morning, Peter wakes up at 11:30AM, where he is late for class, but then gets a text from Ned that he almost died last night. Peter becomes extremely worrisome over this fact and goes on his phone and reads on the Bugle headline that there have been several dead Kingpin henchmen, as well as super soldiers in prison that are going mentally ill...


  1. Go to your apartment
  2. Sleep

(AS Venom)

  1. Drive to the alleyway near Felicia's apartment
  2. Kill the Kingpin's men
  3. Kill the second wave of Kingpin's men (0/28) (HINT: Make as little noise as possible)
  4. Kill Black Cat
  • False Monsters

Story: To trigger the mission, the player would need to have completed crime activities and the Daily Objectives tab, as well as complete a Looter conspiracy. In the start of the mission, Spider-Man would need to go change into Peter Parker right near the Daily Bugle and enter, where the workplace is all buzzed up and the place seems busy and hectic, especially ever since the discovery of the crime scene. Jameson, for a moment, seems serious and Betty goes into his door, expecting him to exclaim that Spider-Man is a menace. But Jameson, deep in his heart, knows that Spider-Man was not behind any of this. Peter visits Ned at his desk and asks Ned how he is holding up. Ned looks scared and said that the Venom creature killed Wyatt Carter, his partner. Ned begins to tear up and Peter hugs him. Jameson goes in the midst of all the Bugle chaos and all the Bugle employees, photographers, and editors, even Peter, take a moment of silence for the death of Wyatt Carter, who was brutally murdered. In the midst of the surprise, Jameson says, "I hope Spider-Man gets whoever did this... and make them pay". Peter tries his best to comfort Ned and Betty walks over to comfort Ned and tells Peter how serious Jameson is being. Peter says he has never seen Jameson so serious, calm, and collective. Betty warns the both of them that this ominous creature is dangerous and tells the both to be careful. Peter tells Ned he needs to go, but also reminds him that if he needs anything, Peter will be there. Ned and Peter hug and Ned says, "I love ya, brother". Peter exits in rage and believes that this Venom figure is doing this to try and get his attention; killing an innocent, scaring the Kingpin, Mister Negative, and Fancy Dan, and making a recent reputation for himself. Peter needs to suit up as Spider-Man and swears to himself that he will find Venom. Spider-Man gets a comms call from DeWolffe and she begins asking him, "Did you happen to hear what happened at Park Square Avenue? A bunch of bodies were reported?" Spider-Man and DeWolffe discuss it and some people at NYPD thought Spider-Man had his black suit, but Spider-Man swears he did none of it and DeWolffe believes him. DeWolffe reveals that there has been sightings of a black figure swinging across Midtown. Spider-Man must swing under there in a time limit and when he reaches, he must use his sense to find Venom. He cannot find anything and feels that Venom is watching him, but his spider sense is not tingling. Out of surprise and intense music playing, Venom punches Spider-Man from behind and Venom screams, "We finally meet, Spider-Man!". Spider-Man needs to try and attempt to fight Venom, but it is too difficult. Spider-Man is not terrified by this and warns Venom that if he does not reveal himself, he will turn Venom into NYPD or even call SHIELD to arrest him. Venom thinks Spider-Man is predictable and Spider-Man eventually finds that Venom is vulnerable to quick punch combos. During the fight, Venom begins to slow down as Spider-Man temporarily brings him down. As the boss fight goes down, Spider-Man needs to swing through several checkpoints and then continue fighting Venom from there on. After these checkpoints, Venom sounds evil and tells Spider-Man, "I will tear your life apart... like you tore up mine". Spider-Man gets chills run down his spine and flees, as Venom is nowhere to be seen...


  1. Take off the suit
  2. Go to the Daily Bugle
  3. Suit up
  4. Swing to Midtown (2:00)
  5. Find the location of Venom
  6. Hold off the Venom
  7. Find the Venom's weak spot
  8. Defeat Venom
  • Amidst Transition

Story: Before the mission, the Kingpin gives Spider-Man a call through the comms, in which surprises Spider-Man. The Kingpin calmly explains that their "little feud needs to be put to rest" as the Kingpin has lost many of his men that other night near "that big penthouse" (referring to Felicia's penthouse) and that him and Spider-Man need to talk. Spider-Man neglects at first and tells Fisk that he is the least of his problems, but Fisk somehow convinces Spider-Man and they both must converge at the Fisk Tower balcony. When Spider-Man gets there, the Kingpin explains that after the alleyway incident that "Venom" caused, his super soldiers have been acting mentally ill. So ill, that the NYPD had to call up SHIELD and Director Nick Fury. Spider-Man argues with the Kingpin on why they brought SHIELD onto this (as Spider-Man sees a SHIELD hellicarrier flying above New York) and finds out that the Kingpin used those superhuman antidotes he stole from Mister Negative to create super soldiers of his own. The Kingpin then says, "Listen... I know the two of us have had a history in the past. We've had our differences and I will continue what I do and you can continue whatever the hell you want to do". Spider-Man trusts Kingpin and first asks where the Vulture and Fancy Dan have gone and Kingpin claims those two are not going to be problems. Kingpin tells Spider-Man that he needs to go to the NYPD and confirm that Kingpin's super soldiers are going mentally ill. Spider-Man must go to the NYPD and anonymously check up on the super soldiers. Spider-Man goes in and meets DeWolffe and Yuri, who are making a bunch of reports on the alleyway incident. Spider-Man must follow DeWolffe to the cells and they talk about how; "All this could go from the usual hunting down criminals and crime bosses to a city-wide panic and a monstrous figure scaring everyone". Spider-Man sees Mister Negative, as his normal Martin Li self is sitting in the cell and claiming that he was right and that "New York will not be the same" after this. Spider-Man and DeWolffe both ignore Li, as he then screams like a maniac. Spider-Man then sees the super soldiers who have been freaking out and having mental breakdowns. One of the soldiers' eyes look crazed and are turning black. DeWolffe informs Spider-Man that Director of SHIELD, Nick Fury is coming to the NYPD to inspect the super soldiers and maybe even bring them into the SHIELD prisons in order to restrain them properly and keep them from harming innocents. DeWolffe then claims, "Fisk will pay for this crap". Spider-Man and DeWolffe see as the director of SHIELD, Nick Fury, barges into the Precinct and Spider-Man and him reunite. Fury introduces himself to the other officers and seems respectful, but teases Spider-Man, "Spider-Man? I haven't seen you ever since you helped the Avengers with that mess with Ultron". Spider-Man and Fury shake hands and Spider-Man jokes to him about his eye-patch and his moody behavior. Fury then proceeds to go over to the super soldiers to take an inspection on the super soldiers. Fury, Spider-Man, DeWolffe, and Yuri all discuss the possibility these soldiers probably came in contact with this Venom creature. Spider-Man reveals Venom overcame him and Fury says that SHIELD agents, including the likes of Maria Hill and the help of assassin, Hawkeye, are patrolling New York over the skies for any strange activities. Fury and Spider-Man are shocked to see all the super soldiers wake up, all with pure black eyes, and one with black veins. Fury uses a taser and Spider-Man must overcome them with quick combo moves and web attacks. After defeating them all outside the Precinct, Spider-Man must help Fury bring all 10 super soldiers to a SHIELD ship that arrives down New York by picking them up. After escorting them all, Fury claims that working with Spider-Man is a "good thing". Spider-Man receives Fury's phone number (Fury knows Peter is Spider-Man) and tells Spider-Man to call him if any signs of Venom or any strange activities show up. Spider-Man gets a call from Daredevil that he heard that Spider-Man fought Venom. Daredevil says, "Listen, I know this is a god-awful time to call about this. But I'm going to need your help with something; Fancy Dan and his goons were spotted with over a dozen super soldiers and they seem to be going crazy, like the ones you saw at the Precinct". Spider-Man must meet up with Daredevil and they both must go to Fancy Dan's location. Spider-Man must use his instincts (if the player upgraded the Spider Sense, then this would be much easier) to find the location of Fancy Dan. Spider-Man then sees that Fancy Dan is struggling holding back from the super soldiers, who seem to be going crazy. Spider-Man convinces Daredevil to go down there and help him and the two are forced to work with Fancy Dan. Fancy Dan obliges to it and Spider-Man and Daredevil both must hold off the super soldiers. Spider-Man jokes, "Where's Captain America when you need him?" Spider-Man and Daredevil, after the fight and Spider-Man leaving a courtesy for SHIELD agents to come and pick up the super soldiers, argue with Fancy Dan about how he let out the Vulture and Fancy Dan explains that "For what's to come; we may be forced to work together, boys". Daredevil and Fancy Dan have a moment of hatred, as the two have a corrupt history. Spider-Man and Daredevil discuss this over and Daredevil said he fears that Venom is doing something to these people. Not just super soldiers, but innocent people may be next...


  1. Rendezvous with Fisk at the balcony
  2. Head to the Precinct
  3. Follow DeWolffe to the super soldiers
  4. Help Nick Fury hold off the super soldiers (0/10) *UPDATED*
  5. Bring all 10 super soldiers onto the SHIELD airship
  6. Meet up with Daredevil
  7. Go to Fancy Dan's approximate location
  8. Locate Fancy Dan
  9. Hold off the super soldiers
  10. Talk to Fancy Dan
  • Nuke The Payroll

Story: To trigger this mission, the player would need to complete the Daily Objectives tab, as well as hunt down anymore superhuman soldiers who are losing their minds. Spider-Man would realize that he has not seen Black Cat in a while and becomes worried. Spider-Man must go to Felicia's penthouse and when he gets there, Felicia is nowhere to be seen. Spider-Man walks into her penthouse since the door is wide open and sees no sign of her, except a trail of blood and her burglary suit on her couch. Spider-Man knows that Felicia must have been hurt and he must go around her penthouse and search for any clues that may be useful for her current location. Eventually, the player will find that Felicia scheduled a surgery appointment for yesterday and she will arrive back at her penthouse the following day (which is today). Spider-Man, to his contrary, decides to explore around her penthouse and he must go to her bathroom. He sees an excessive amount of blood and he begins to get worried. Spider-Man's spider sense tingles and Venom is in the distance. Venom unfolds his face and goes back to his Eddie Brock form, where he is about to swing to Felicia's apartment and kill Peter/Spider-Man. The symbiote talks to him and gives him a vision of what they could do if they continue on with "their plan". The symbiote says that killing Peter Parker can come later. Spider-Man does not see anything and Felicia coincidentally comes up to her apartment and sees Spider-Man there. Felicia, surprisingly, is not angry and asks in a soft, but painful manner; "What are you doing here?" Spider-Man explains he has not seen her in days to come and Felicia reveals that she is fine. She takes a seat in her kitchen table and tells Spider-Man to sit down. Felicia and him talk a little bit about what has happened so far in her life with her father in prison and her "deal" with Kingpin going south. She reveals that she encountered the monstrous figure known as Venom. She explains that during the night Kingpin sent his men to attempt to murder her (in Spider-Man's surprise; Kingpin has lied to him yet again) for the deal, Venom showed up and killed every single one of his men. She tried to stop Venom, but Venom revealed himself to be one of her old lovers, which she does not share with Spider-Man (although Spider-Man speculates). Spider-Man comforts Felicia and tells her to rest, while he tries to find out who Venom is, for any strange disturbances, and confront the Kingpin, as he has lied to Spider-Man about trying to kill Black Cat. Spider-Man must swing to Fisk's mansion (Fisk Tower is closed down due to the "infected" super soldiers). When Spider-Man is about to enter Queens, a giant explosion ceases Manhattan quiet and Spider-Man sees 3 cars flying in the air, each with innocent civilians in them. The explosion seems to be between the Harlem and Hell's Kitchen area. Spider-Man must save the innocent civilians by struggling to hold each vehicle to let them out. After this, Spider-Man needs to swing to the explosion. The explosion becomes louder and he hears the shriek of screaming civilians. Spider-Man sees the terror of the moment and sees Daredevil lying on the streets, weak. Spider-Man helps Daredevil up and Daredevil faintly explains that Frank Simpson, former NYPD officer, has revealed to went rogue and worked for Fisk and the super soldier association in which he gained superhuman strength from. Spider-Man sees Simpson, who is tearing down Harlem and Hell's Kitchen. Simpson has a tag under his neck, calling himself "Nuke". Spider-Man tells Daredevil that he will make Fisk pay for all he has done. Daredevil even admits that he does not think Fisk is behind this, considering Nuke's eyes look crazed and are pure black. Spider-Man fears the worse, as he remembers when he helped Nick Fury escort the infected super soldiers to the SHIELD airship. Spider-Man and Daredevil must intervene with Nuke, who is too powerful for even both of them to confront hand-to-hand. All the civilians have flee and a dozen super soldiers are guarding each corners. The player must use Daredevil to use the fear takedown (an upgrade for Daredevil) to take them all down and stealth take them down as Spider-Man behind Nuke. After taking down all the super soldiers and seeing the crazed Nuke about to kill an innocent woman, Spider-Man must web down the sentry guns and Spider-Man and Daredevil must make a "Duo Takedown", where Daredevil attacks from behind and Spider-Man in front. Spider-Man and Daredevil must contentiously punch Nuke and perform many stages without being spotted to execute the duo takedown properly. After defeating Nuke and making him pass out, Daredevil excessively punches Nuke in the face and says, "No one messes with my neighborhood". Spider-Man stops Daredevil and Daredevil apologizes, as he is frustrated with all the attacks Hell's Kitchen has been undergoing. Spider-Man gives Daredevil a communications card, in which Daredevil must use to call in SHIELD and Nick Fury to pick up Nuke. Daredevil warns Spider-Man that his relationship with SHIELD is "not too good", as Daredevil rejected joining the Avengers and Heroes For Hire (with Luke Cage and Iron Fist). Spider-Man jokes that Daredevil needs new friends and Spider-Man must go to the Kingpin's mansion in Queens to confront him about why Nuke and the other super soldiers attacks Harlem and Hell's Kitchen. When Spider-Man gets there, he sees that the house is undergoing the moving process, as Fisk wants to move out the city. Spider-Man sees Fisk in his backyard and webs him there and punches him in the face, holding him tight and asking him why he tried to kill Black Cat and why he sent Nuke to Hell's Kitchen. Kingpin is confused by this, as he admits to his mistake of sending his men to kill Black Cat/Felicia Hardy because of the deal with her that went south during his convergence with the Demons and Mister Negative, but Kingpin says he heard on the news that his super soldier, Nuke, attacked Hell's Kitchen. After not believing what Fisk is saying, Spider-Man begins to believe him, as Nuke's eyes were purebred black. Spider-Man convinces Fisk that Venom is behind this chaos and that he probably did something with Nuke's head and mentality. Kingpin once again tries to convince Spider-Man to work with him, but Spider-Man says, "We may share a common enemy, but you and I are no equals. I'll have you rotting in jail once more for what you tried to do to Felicia".


  1. Go to Felicia's penthouse
  2. Find Felicia
  3. Search the house for any evidence of her disappearance
  4. Confront the Kingpin at his mansion
  5. Help the civilians under the near-exploding vehicles (0/3) *UPDATED*
  6. Investigate the explosion in Harlem
  7. Help Daredevil back up his feet
  8. Switch between Spider-Man and Daredevil to take down Nuke's super soldiers
  9. Defeat Nuke
  10. Confront the Kingpin at his mansion
  11. Find the Kingpin
  • No More Moves For The King

Story: To trigger the mission, the player would need to have helped SHIELD defeat a certain number of super soldiers around the street, as the Harlem-Hell's Kitchen area is slowly becoming a war-like zone. Spider-Man would need to go swing around and have the option to start this mission. After swinging around, Spider-Man would get a phone call from Nick Fury and Fury tells Peter that he looked into the SHIELD databases after Nuke attacked Hell's Kitchen and the numerous super soldiers under Fisk's name going crazy and killing innocent people. Fury believes that Fisk was behind Nuke attacking Hell's Kitchen, maybe even Venom, but Fury says they cannot take any risks at the moment. Fury tells Spider-Man to rendezvous with him near Fisk Tower. When Spider-Man gets there, Fury tells Spider-Man that SHIELD is going to make an arrest on Wilson Fisk. Spider-Man agrees with Fury and Fury says, "Good to have you back, kid. Like the old New Avengers days". Fury tells Spider-Man to climb on Fisk Tower and use his spider sense to see if anyone is working at the building, including Fisk. Spider-Man must scan Fisk Tower with his spider sense and eventually finds two normal henchmen discussing over Fisk. Spider-Man eavesdrops and hears that Fisk is trying to lay low in Queens. Spider-Man must break into Fisk Tower and take down the two men. Spider-Man must swing to Fury and tell him that Fisk is at his mansion. Fury uses his airship to go to Queens and Spider-Man jokes, "How dramatic of you". Spider-Man must go to Queens and meet with Fury. Fury brings along his SHIELD agents and Spider-Man must follow them into Fisk's mansion, where they all see Fisk in the chair. Fury points a gun at the Kingpin and tells him to get on his knees. Spider-Man makes a fat joke and Spider-Man and Fury hold Fisk down, as he surrenders. Fisk explains that Fury and Spider-Man do not know what they are doing and what is to come. Spider-Man zips Fisk's mouth with a web and Fury says, "We're taking you some place where you can never break out or be bailed out, scumbag". Spider-Man must help Fury escort Fisk to the SHIELD ship. Fury tells Spider-Man he can handle Fisk from there. Fury orders Spider-Man to go help the SHIELD agents in the city defeat every single super soldier left in the city. Spider-Man must meet with Agent Stephen Hill at a SHIELD vehicle near Central Park. Spider-Man must follow the car to a total of 12 locations, where various super soldiers have been spotted, both in Manhattan and Queens. After this long journey, Hill thanks Spider-Man for his service and Spider-Man thinks in his head that all he needs to worry about now is finding Venom.


  1. Rendezvous with Nick Fury near Fisk Tower
  2. Check Fisk Tower for any activity
  3. Eavesdrop on the henchmen
  4. Attack the henchmen
  5. Go to Nick Fury
  6. Meet up with Nick Fury at Wilson Fisk's mansion
  7. Follow Fury and the SHIELD agents
  8. Escort the Kingpin to the SHIELD airship
  9. Meet with Agent Stephen Hill
  10. Help Hill take down all the super soldiers around the city (0/12) *UPDATED*
  • No More Angels

Story: The player will not need to unlock this mission through anything, as it unlocks right away after the completion of No More Moves For The King, indicating this mission is very crucial to the story... In the start of the mission, Spider-Man swings around and gets an eerie feeling because there are not many citizens walking the streets of Manhattan and the city is quieter than usual. Spider-Man says to himself, "The city seems a little quiet. God... something is wrong. I better keep a lookout". In the moment of silence, Spider-Man sees more than three ambulance vehicles rushing down the streets of Chelsea to the NYPD. Spider-Man must follow the ambulance to see what is up and goes to the NYPD. DeWolffe and Yuri seem to be in a rush. DeWolffe is shaking her head and throws a glass of water at the interrogation room window out of anger. Spider-Man must go in and DeWolffe angrily explains that a civilian is being taken in for questioning. Spider-Man, DeWolffe, and Yuri (with Spider-Man discussing things with Yuri) pass by Martin Li, who is asleep in his cell, and the three go into the interrogation room. The civilian, known as Andre Fiefer, is laughing manically and hysterically yells, "Get the goo out of me, my all-black master!" DeWolffe is angered at the man and tries to calmly ask him to tell Spider-Man and Yuri what he did. Fiefer, who is going even crazier than the super soldiers before, has his eyes turn black and reveals he slaughtered a family of four. Spider-Man's heart sicks because of this. Fiefer breaks out of his chains and attacks DeWolffe. Spider-Man must struggle to hold Fiefer back to save DeWolffe from her demise. When Fiefer feels defeated, Fiefer's eyes turn all black again and black veins are running through his arms. He has super strength and begins to fight Spider-Man, who tells DeWolffe, Yuri, and the other detectives to flee the building. Spider-Man must defeat Fiefer, who is just a regular boss fight. After defeating Fiefer, Spider-Man makes Fiefer fall unconscious and calls Fury to pick him up at NYPD. Spider-Man is in shock when DeWolffe claims there have been sightings of random civilians on a rooftop near the old Oscorp Tower performing upon strange activities. Spider-Man must head there, but before he does, Martin Li laughs at Spider-Man, telling him that arresting Li was a bad idea and that Spider-Man will see what he "meant before". Ignoring him, the player must go to the rooftop DeWolffe talked about and sees that a bunch of civilians are crawling the buildings out of Spider-Man's surprise. They all look crazy and Spider-Man is confused. Spider-Man even jokes that somebody must be pulling a prank on him. Spider-Man must defeat the civilians, who are invulnerable to web grabs. In the middle of the fight, one of the "civilians" jumps on Spider-Man and makes Spider-Man land on his back on another rooftop. Nick Fury, over two dozens of SHIELD agents, and Yuri arrive on the rooftop. Spider-Man must hold off the growing numbers of "civilians". After this long fight, Spider-Man converges with Fury, who is also shocked and confused. Fury tells Spider-Man that Fisk is already in a cell in the SHIELD hellicarrier and that the origins of these crazed civilians does not add up to anything. Fury says he knew who Andre Fiefer was and says that he was a good kid, who would never even think of murdering a family. While Fury and Yuri try to piece all the puzzle parts together, Spider-Man gets an eerie feeling of something watching him...


  1. Follow the ambulance
  2. Follow the detectives to the interrogation room
  3. Defeat Andre Fiefer
  4. Investigate the rooftop scene
  5. Defeat the civilians (0/24) *UPDATED*
  6. Help Fury and Yuri hold off the "civilians"
  • Begin The Infected

Story: To trigger the mission, Spider-Man would need to do a "Side Help" mission with the likes of Daredevil, Nick Fury, DeWolffe, and Yuri to take down the civilians, who seem to be going crazy. In the start of the mission, Spider-Man needs to go to his apartment and a cutscene starts where Peter is in his kitchen and gets a drink of water. He turns on the television and sees reporters of the Bugle AND the Daily Globe, Betty, Whitney Chang (from the Globe), and Ned all warning all the citizens of New York to stay in their homes, as "crazy civilians" have been spotted around the city, following the strange occurrences involving Wilson Fisk's super soldiers including former NYPD officer, Frank Simpson, who nearly destroyed Harlem. Peter is shaking his head and pulls out a paper Fisk gave him during one of their previous deals. Peter realized he never read what the paper said, which stated, "This venom-like creature; he was hunting down Karl Fiers, alias the Finisher, after Fiers broke out of Ryker's following his prison sentence while working for Tombstone (from the previous game), and killed him. When I got there, Fiers was already lying in a pool of blood, trying to grasp to me the idea that this creature has defeated him and left him broke. Fiers's blood then bursts out a black-goo like substance and his eyes turn pure black... Fiers then stands up and turns into the venom creature himself, except a little smaller and not as giant". Peter is stoked by these words written by Fisk and Peter quickly goes on his computer to look up "Karl Fiers murder", in which he finds that Fiers turned into a black monster before Fisk shot him and killed him out of terror. Peter gets a call from Fury and in a static call, Fury makes a distress call to Peter and Peter puts out what he said, "Peter--- come down to uptown Manhatt--- the Scorpion--- is attacking innocent----s". Peter remembers Scorpion; Mac Gargan (from the very first game in the franchise), who used to work at the Bugle and tried to kill Jameson. Peter predicts Scorpion must have broken out of Ryker's at the time when Hammerhead broke out the Finisher (in the Black Cat DLC from the second game). Peter must suit up and go out as Spider-Man under a time limit. The player must use the comms Fury gave Spider-Man to track down where Fury is. Somehow, the tracking device leads Spider-Man to Fancy Dan's thugs, who are making warning shots to innocent civilians to stay back from something going on. Spider-Man pieces together that since Fancy Dan tried to use the Vulture as a weapon against Venom (from Return Of The Dying Light mission), he is also maybe even using Scorpion. Spider-Man must take down Fancy Dan's thugs in the streets, as Fancy Dan is using Fury's distraction with Scorpion to rob the New York Stock Exchange. Spider-Man must stop the stock robbery, where the meter shows how much money Brito and his thugs have stolen and Spider-Man needs to stop all of them, as more thugs enter the exchange and with brutes and guns and stun grenades, before the meter goes all the way up. After doing this, Spider-Man must save Fancy Dan for last and web takedown him. Spider-Man webs him up and zips up his mouth to stop him from talking, in which Fancy Dan does, trying to tell Spider-Man something. Spider-Man must proceed to where Fury is. Spider-Man sees as Fury is struggling to hold off Scorpion, who is poisoning SHIELD agents with his tail and Spider-Man must fight him. Scorpion runs away, as he exclaims, "Spider-Man! Not you! No, not this time! You will not foil my plans once more!" Spider-Man must chase down Scorpion and fight him on the way until his health bar is lower. Scorpion is weak to kicks (making him just a normal boss fight) and during the boss fight and chase, Spider-Man tries to ask him why he is back in New York and Scorpion says that "SHIELD must save my sister or she'll die!" Spider-Man begins getting worried. After the boss fight and chase, a quick time event appears and Scorpion goes on time of a crane in a construction site and drops the crane on Spider-Man, who must evade the crane and punch Scorpion in the face. Scorpion grabs chokes Spider-Man with his tail, but Spider-Man must use the quick time event to struggle against Scorpion then kick him down. Spider-Man must swing to Scorpion's location and quickly tells Fury to meet him up at 7th Ave to "teach Mac Gargan a lesson". When they get there, Fury yells that Mac Gargan is one of SHIELD's most wanted. Gargan begins to weep and says, "All I want is my sister". Fury tells Gargan to shut up, but Spider-Man actually listens to what Gargan has to say. He says that the NYPD and SHIELD is taking his sister. Fury claims that Gargan is trying to trick us and that he has no sister. Then, a woman goes out of the SHIELD airship and says, "Mac, Mac! I missed you!" Scorpion sees his sister and a sign of relief comes along. Fury then realizes that the woman is "infected" and was supposed to be kept under SHIELD containment. Fury runs to the airship, to see a cell of blood in which the woman slaughtered two SHIELD guards. Fury and Spider-Man stop the woman, who turns into a black monster and tries to kill Scorpion. Scorpion is frightened that his sister is now "one of them" (referring to the infected civilians). Spider-Man must defeat the infected woman, who is invulnerable to web attacks and web grabs and will attack Spider-Man if he performs a web attack. When the woman is defeated, Spider-Man punches the symbiote and six SHIELD agents with shock staffs circle around the woman to contain her and put her in a high-containment SHIELD block. Spider-Man helps Scorpion up and Scorpion tells him that even with this, they are "still not even". Spider-Man jokes that he has heard that multiple times. Spider-Man looks away and tries to convince Fury to arrest Gargan. Fury and Spider-Man turn around and Gargan is long gone. Spider-Man is worried by this, but Fury says that they have bigger problems; the crazy super soldiers and civilians with black eyes and now a woman actually turning into a black monster. Fury reminds him that uptown Manhattan is now under inspection and that SHIELD will remind the entire city to stay in their homes...


  1. Go to your apartment
  2. Decipher what Nick Fury said over the call
  3. Suit up
  4. Use the tracking device to find the location of Fury's distress call (5:00)
  5. Prevent Fancy Dan's thugs from shooting any more warning shots
  6. Apprehend the thugs at the New York Stock Exchange
  7. Stop the Stock Robbery before it is too late
  8. Stop Fancy Dan
  9. Go to Nick Fury
  10. Defeat Scorpion
  11. Defeat the infected woman
  • A Woman's Own Time

Story: The player automatically switches to Black Cat after the completion of Begin The Infected and has the choice to either explore the city and complete Black Cat side missions (Bally, Hammerhead, Silvermane, Shocker, etc.) or start a mission at Felicia's apartment. Before the mission, Felicia seems to have healed after Venom brutally attacked her in the alleyway the other night. In the start of the mission, it takes place when Spider-Man and Nick Fury are trying to apprehend Mac Gargan aka Scorpion. Felicia unsuits herself as Black Cat and she pops open a soda pop. She sits down and immediately takes notice of Spider-Man when she sees Betty Brant reporting on Scorpion on live television. She sees a woman (Mac Gargan's sister) turn into a venom-like monster just like Venom and she is shocked by this. She thinks in her head that all of this is "some game". From the footage shown in the CCTV of the Daily Globe's camera from the helicopter above Scorpion, Felicia watches in horror as she notices the woman turning into the a monster resembling Venom. While thinking with the city in panic mode, her mind tells her to rob a jewelry store or steal a valuable item from Fisk for a revenge quest or go on patrol. Felicia puts on her Black Cat suit, in which the player gets introduced to a new suit; sharper claws which can penetrate enemies quicker and her appearance is different; cleavage of her breasts are shown and her hair is no longer tied back. Then, Felicia decides to check on her former orphanage, in which Bally (her main antagonist from the previous game in the franchise) killed some of the kids to the mafia. Black Cat must go to the St. Joseph's Orphanage and sees a couple of orphanage kids defending their selves, even with guns and pocket knives. Black Cat must approach Ari, a woman who oversees the orphanage and was a very good childhood friend of Felicia and is aware of her identity as Black Cat. Their relationship seems to be love-hate, but Black Cat asks Ari what is going on. Ari explains that with the city on high alert with the infected and some super soldiers still out on the loose, the orphanage must defend itself. Ari reveals to disregard Felicia's crime life, but Felicia even admits she is becoming more of a crime-fighter due to her very strong relationship with Spider-Man. Black Cat asks Ari if there is anything she can aid the orphanage in as she says that, "I will never leave my old home in wreckage". Ari asks Black Cat for a favor to find three missing orphanage kids; Robert, Christopher, and Bethany, who went missing after the three split up to find their missing parents. Black Cat must go out to the city and go to the approximate locations where each of the three were last seen. Black Cat is revealed to have received a "Bad Luck" sense from being injected by the Kingpin, which grants her the ability to give her enemies bad luck. Black Cat finds Christopher in an apartment, where a group of Fancy Dan's thugs and a wrecked-looking Adrian Toomes is interrogating and beating up Christopher. Angered, Black Cat must defeat the thugs and pummel Adrian Toomes. Black Cat must untie Christopher and tells him to wait on the apartment complex rooftop. Cat gives Toomes bad luck and interrogates him on why he was beating up Christopher. Toomes laughs and mocks Cat for turning into a good guy. Cat threatens to claw Toomes's eyes out and kill him, but Toomes reveals that after his fight with Spider-Man at Kronos, he took the serum and decided to go after Venom. A flackback sequence shows that the Vulture went to fight Venom, who easily overpowered Toomes and broke his suit and made him look like an old man once more. Toomes is about to explain why he went after Christopher, but is shot in the leg by a green-masked and purple suit man outside. This man seems to be Sin-Eater, a ruthless killer (from the Venom story pack DLC from the previous game) who killed Shocker and has a history with SHIELD. Toomes tries to talk, but is screaming in agony and tells Black Cat to leave the apartment. Black Cat looks at Sin-Eater, who glares at Black Cat. Black Cat must take Christopher back to the orphanage. Black Cat explains to Ari what went down with Sin-Eater shooting Toomes in the leg. Ari is glad Christopher is safe and Black Cat must go out to save Robert and Bethany. When Black Cat spots Bethany, she seems to be chained to a wall in an old mall (in which Hammerhead blew up from the previous game). Black Cat sees Bethany in a video game store, where she is screaming with monstrous screams in the dark. Black Cat must unchain Bethany and use her Bad Luck to attract the infected, in which 36 of them appear out of the dark and try to infect Felicia. The infected are quicker and more agile to attack, making fighting and countering them more difficult. After defeating the infected, Black Cat asks Bethany what she remembers and she says that she was kidnapped by Adrian Toomes, who sent his men out to go "teach her a lesson", but the men later get killed by the infected. Black Cat asks what Bethany did to anger Toomes and she stutters, making Black Cat suspicious. Black Cat wipes it off as Toomes being crazy and must take Bethany back to the orphanage. Ari thanks Black Cat and she goes off to save the last victim. When Black Cat finds Robert, she finds his dead body on the rooftop. Black Cat is disgusted and walks away in shame, but hears in horror as the body rises from the dead and turns into a symbiote. Black Cat must defeat the infected Robert and Black Cat claws out the infected, but accidentally kills Robert, who dies in symbiote form. Black Cat must go back to the orphanage and report to Ari, who is in disbelief when Felicia tells her that Robert died from the symbiote. Black Cat explains what happened with Mac Gargan's sister turning into a black monster similar to Robert and Venom himself. She warns Ari to keep the orphanage kids from going out to the city to prevent any of this to happen. Ari then warns Felicia to watch herself and to keep an eye out...


  1. Go to St. Joseph's Orphanage
  2. Talk to Ari
  3. Search for Christopher
  4. Rescue Christopher
  5. Defeat Toomes and his men
  6. Return Christopher to the orphanage
  7. Go to the abandoned mall
  8. Go to the video game store
  9. Untie Bethany
  10. Handle the wave of infected (0/36) *UPDATED*
  11. Talk to Bethany
  12. Take Bethany back to the orphanage
  13. Search for Robert
  14. Inspect the dead body
  15. Defeat the infected
  16. Report back to Ari
  • Manhattan's First Darkest Hour

Story: The player unlocks this mission after completing A Woman's Time, as well as completing the Daily Objectives tab and doing at least one side mission event. To trigger the mission, Spider-Man needs to go to a suburban neighborhood in Queens, after he eavesdrops on Fury and finds out that reports have come in of large black figures roaming the neighborhood. When arriving there, Spider-Man meets Hawkeye, the most dangerous marksman of SHIELD, who carries a bow and arrows as his primary weapon. Hawkeye's personality is revealed as dark and watchful, but greets Spider-Man and mentions how he has not seen Peter since the New Avengers fought the Mandarin. Spider-Man and Hawkeye talk about the danger in the neighborhood, where Hawkeye has seen residents walking around outside of their homes and never being seen again. Hawkeye also mentions that he has seen a couple of black-looking monsters resembling Venom, except skinnier. Spider-Man must use his spider sense and hear closely for any footsteps or danger around. Spider-Man eventually spots screaming from a house, where Spider-Man must intervene, along with Hawkeye. Spider-Man must break the barriers surrounding the house, where he and Hawkeye find black goo leading to the second floor of the house. Spider-Man must follow the goo and is horrified when he finds a pact of symbiotes gathering in a circle, while growing a young teenager into a symbiote. Spider-Man and Hawkeye must fight them and the player must act quick, as the symbiotes hit a lot quicker than before. After fighting the lot of symbiotes and pummeling all of them, Hawkeye calls for Fury to come to their location to inspect the symbiotes. Spider-Man picks up a symbiote, who is slowly transforming back to a purebred black eyed individual. Spider-Man hallucinates and sees Peter Parker as the individual with black eyes. The symbiote then screams at Peter's dead body, "TRAITOR!" Spider-Man gets violent flashbacks of the symbiote, seeing Gwen dying on the George Washington Bridge and how the symbiote pushed him to kill somebody (in the last game, he almost killed Silvermane). Gwen's dead body appears in front of him and symbiote comes out of her eyes. Hawkeye breaks Spider-Man out of his hallucination and Hawkeye asks if he is fine. Spider-Man lies that he is. Hawkeye reports in to Fury, who claims to see black symbiote goo around the Soho and Chelsea areas. Spider-Man must swing there, with Hawkeye telling him that he will meet Spider-Man there. Spider-Man then looks back at the house to see Peter Parker's dead imaginative dead body turning into the black suit Spider-Man. Spider-Man must go to Soho, where he is extremely disturbed; he sees symbiotic eggs "eating" innocent people and transforming them into symbiotes. Spider-Man must fight off the symbiotes, but destroy the eggs before they reproduce even more symbiotes. Spider-Man feels his body getting sick. Hawkeye yells that he will deal with the symbiotes with Fury. Spider-Man, after the long fight, becomes worried and decides to go check on the Daily Bugle to make sure Jameson and Betty are safe. Peter goes inside the Bugle to find mess inside, with Jameson receiving calls about reporting on the recent happenings. Jameson looks out the window and is calm this time. Jameson tells Peter that Manhattan and Queens are not safe. Jameson tells Peter to take him and his Aunt May to leave the city. Peter declines the polite request. Peter and Jameson both hear loud bumps from the Bugle's rooftop. Peter goes to investigate only to see more than four dozens of symbiotes. Peter tells Jameson and Betty to protect everyone and tell them to hide under their tables. Jameson get his gun out, while Peter secretly suits up to deal with horde. Struggling, Hawkeye comes in and shoots some of the infected. While fighting, Spider-Man yells at Hawkeye that these are only innocent people behind the symbiote hosts, but Hawkeye tells him that he is using non-lethal taser arrows. Spider-Man must continue taking them down with the help of Hawkeye. Spider-Man then sees Venom, who was leading the horde. Venom goes over to choke Spider-Man, with Hawkeye aiming his arrow only to be bombarded with sharp symbiotic objects, causing Hawkeye to bleed. Spider-Man and Venom, in a cutscene, talk about how Venom will slowly destroy Spider-Man's life and how New York will be a symbiotic wasteland when he is done. Spider-Man must struggle with Venom, while Venom continues to say that Spider-Man will not win the fight. After struggling, Venom is about to reveal himself, but bolas smacks him in the face, causing him to scream, in which Black Cat comes in. Spider-Man thanks her and tells Hawkeye to stand down, as Black Cat is an ally. Black Cat becomes concerned, as she mentions how Venom talks like he knows who Spider-Man is. Spider-Man is silent and tells Cat to go check around Manhattan for any other dangers. Black Cat tries to help, but Spider-Man refuses her offer. Spider-Man sees an explosion on an apartment complex and infected crawling out. Fury asks Spider-Man to come down to Times Square. Spider-Man looks down and sees the once beautiful New York now with fire smokes around and black goo covering some buildings. Spider-Man clenches his fists and the mission ends there...


  1. Go to the neighborhood
  2. Intervene the household
  3. Aid Hawkeye in defeating the symbiotes
  4. Go to Soho
  5. Defeat the symbiotes
  6. Defeat the symbiotes while destroying the eggs
  7. Go to the Daily Bugle
  8. Defend the Bugle from the symbiotes (0/52) *UPDATED*
  9. Struggle Venom's hold

The page is getting long and continuing to lag, so I'll describe in short detail what happens in the rest of the game.

  1. Spider-Man goes to question Fancy Dan, as his friendship with the Vulture grows and the Vulture had something to do with Venom.
  2. Spider-Man must find all the symbiotic pods in which are reproducing more symbiotes and infecting innocent civilians
  3. Spider-Man becomes a wanted fugitive of SHIELD because of Venom sending SHIELD a fake video of  him killing an innocent/non-infected individual
  4. Spider-Man and Black Cat decide to go to Ryker's Island to break out Dr. Miles Warren, a misunderstood scientist who may prove useful in finding an antidote for the infected
  5. Daredevil, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, DeWolffe, and Yuri all question Spider-Man for his “stunt” at Ryker's Island
  6. Manhattan and Queens are evacuated out of the city and most of the population are now infected and Venom sends out a message, saying that Spider-Man must reveal his identity, as well as stop the infection if he wants to save New York from becoming a permanent wasteland.
  7. Spider-Man and Daredevil must find the origins of where the symbiotic pods are coming from
  8. Spider-Man must work with Nick Fury, SHIELD, and Hawkeye to use the abandoned Fisk Tower as a safehouse/defense plaza from the symbiotes
  9. Spider-Man and Fury take Fisk out of custody and the Kingpin comes to aid Spider-Man and SHIELD
  10. Spider-Man finally founds out that the pods are coming from underground/Spider-Man, Daredevil, and Hawkeye must go underground to destroy the pods’ symbiotic roots
  11. Spider-Man encounters Sin-Eater, who is actually killing the symbiotes and therefore their innocent hosts
  12. Spider-Man finds Adrian Toomes and Fancy Dan, taking them both under his wing and deciding they could be valuable allies in this war
  13. Black Cat swears revenge on the Kingpin by hacking into the Tower's mainframe without telling Spider-Man, Daredevil, Hawkeye, or Nick Fury
  14. Spider-Man and Dr. Warren relocate to Stark Tower, where Tony Stark contacts Spider-Man
  15. Spider-Man must build a defense system at Stark Tower for the tower to be a second safehouse for the heroes to stop Venom and the infection
  16. Fancy Dan convinces Spider-Man to let his gang help him and SHIELD build more defense systems
  17. Spider-Man, Fancy Dan, Fancy Dan's gang, DeWolffe, Yuri, Iron Man, and the Vulture must work to find survivors in the Times Square area after hearing multiple distress calls to SHIELD
  18. Spider-Man encounters Scorpion, who kills multiple SHIELD agents after his sister is killed by the symbiote
  19. Spider-Man's focus turns to finding the Scorpion, who seems to be hiding underground where the pods originated from/Spider-Man finds Scorpion, who has purebred black eyes and brings him into SHIELD custody
  20. Black Cat decides to steal from Tony Stark, but gets caught and Stark threatens to sue Felicia Hardy, but negotiates and Black Cat must help Iron Man in getting the survivors/non-infected civilians over to Stark Tower
  21. Spider-Man takes Dr. Warren to the SHIELD helicarrier to produce more antidotes
  22. A symbiotic explosion takes place in Manhattan, which poisons most of the survivors (with only a few left) and forces Spider-Man, along with Iron Man, the Vulture, Kingpin, Dr. Warren, Daredevil, Hawkeye, and Black Cat to relocate to the helicarrier as a base of operations for a temporary time
  23. Spider-Man horrifyingly finds out that none of the NYPD officers, including DeWolffe and Yuri, have been in contact in the last 24 hours
  24. Spider-Man and Daredevil must go find the missing NYPD officers/finds them infected underground, except for Yuri and DeWolffe
  25. The whole city is now covered with symbiote and Spider-Man is the only one immune to it. Dr. Warren gives Spider-Man a device to wipe out the symbiotic materials and Spider-Man must go around the city to wipe out the symbiotic materials
  26. Spider-Man, Daredevil, Black Cat, the Kingpin, the Vulture, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Fury, and Dr. Warren all go back to Stark Tower and must defeat the symbiotes trying to tear the tower apart
  27. The United States military, including Peter's old high school friend, Flash Thompson, intervenes with Manhattan. Now a Lieutenant, Thompson works with SHIELD and Spider-Man to destroy the singular symbiotes, who have no hosts, but are creatures spawned from Venom himself
  28. Mercenaries known as the Wild Pack enter New York and try to take down the helicarrier/Spider-Man meets their leader known as Silver Sable/finds out Silver Sable is Silvermane's daughter/fights Sable and the mercenaries
  29. Spider-Man convinces Silver Sable to join Spider-Man's alliance with SHIELD
  30. Spider-Man finds out that Mister Negative broke out of prison in spite of all the events
  31. Spider-Man works with Daredevil and Black Cat in finding where Mister Negative has gone/finds out that Mister Negative is rebuilding the Demons to take control of the city
  32. Spider-Man must work with the Kingpin and his sane super soldier force, as well as the Wild Pack and Silver Sable to find Mister Negative. Li goes missing after the Demons are pummeled by Spider-Man, the Kingpin, and Sable
  33. Spider-Man and SHIELD find out that many of their allies/known associates have gone missing; Fancy Dan, Mister Negative, and the Vulture
  34. Ari offers Spider-Man and SHIELD a home at St. Joseph's Orphanage, then Spider-Man becomes suspicious of her manneristic nature. Yuri reports to Spider-Man of children from the orphanage turning into symbiotes
  35. Spider-Man tries to apprehend Sin-Eater, who is killing the infected children and eventually does. Spider-Man fights Sin-Eater and his group of mercenaries in which he stole from Silver Sable and the Wild Pack
  36. Black Cat, like Spider-Man, grows suspicious of Ari. Black Cat must spy on Ari and finds out she is actually holding a big hospital in Queens, where she has symbiotes under her command. Black Cat becomes sickened and leaves the hospital, while Ari tries to kill her
  37. Spider-Man finds out about Black Cat's near demise and the pair must go and question Ari. Spider-Man and Black Cat both get interrupted when Sin-Eater kills more of the infected children. Spider-Man and Black Cat must chase down Sin-Eater, as well as take down more of the children
  38. Spider-Man and Black Cat must go and find out who Sin-Eater is. Spider-Man and Black Cat use the NYPD Precinct, who has established an underground base of devices to locate certain individuals. Spider-Man and Black Cat deduce Sin-Eater's identity as Stanley Carter, a former NYPD officer and the one who Eddie Brock thought was the Finisher (in the last game)
  39. Spider-Man goes to hunt down Stanley Carter and apprehend his house, causing Sin-Eater to majorly injure DeWolffe and cuts off her hand. Sin-Eater gets away, so Spider-Man decides to round up Daredevil and Hawkeye to help him find all of Sin-Eater's mercenaries and take them into SHIELD custody
  40. Spider-Man finds Sin-Eater tracking down Venom and a fight between Venom and Sin-Eater occurs, with Sin-Eater surprisingly having the upper hand. Venom knocks Sin-Eater unconscious and Spider-Man must prevent Venom from killing Sin-Eater. Venom reveals himself as Eddie, surprising Spider-Man and haunting his inner demons. Venom confronts Sin-Eater for trying to kill his “children” (referring to Ari's infected children) and kills him. Venom confronts Spider-Man and tells Peter how he ruined Eddie's life. An emotional moment happens and Venom and Spider-Man part ways, with Peter trying to snap Eddie out of his insanity
  41. Spider-Man must aid Flash, his military unit, Silver Sable, and the Wild Pack in going to Empire State Building, where multiple pods have grown due to the symbiote that has slowly grown there
  42. Dr. Warren finishes the antidote at Stark Tower, where Spider-Man and Iron Man was both go out to the city and inject 5 dozens of infected at Hell's Kitchen
  43. Spider-Man finds out that not only Mister Negative, the Vulture, and Fancy Dan are missing, but Black Cat is too. Spider-Man becomes worried for Black Cat and finds out that a venomized Mister Negative and venomized Fancy Dan have sent messages throughout Manhattan that Spider-Man must give himself in. Spider-Man is suspicious Venom and Ari are behind infecting Li and Brito. Spider-Man goes after an infected Fancy Dan at the Central Park Plaza, where Fancy Dan is summoning Ari's infected children. Spider-Man, the Kingpin, and Dr. Warren all go to Fancy Dan to inject him with the serum, which cures him
  44. Spider-Man fights infected Mister Negative, with the help of Warren, the Kingpin, and Hawkeye
  45. Black Cat spies on Silver Sable, finding out that she and the Wild Pack have different plans that contradict the Kingpin, SHIELD, and Spider-Man; to use the infected as test subjects for a possible world war. Black Cat apprehends Silver Sable. Silver Sable kidnaps Black Cat after their fight, which explains why Black Cat was missing after she helped Spider-Man deduce that Sin-Eater was Stanley Carter.
  46. Spider-Man gets a message from Black Cat at Kronos, where Sable and the Wild Pack are operating and admits to Spider-Man that she has a different plan from Spider-Man; she does not desire to help the infected civilians or even New York itself. Spider-Man insults her, saying she is just like Silvermane. Spider-Man must go save Black Cat, who is long gone when he fights through the Wild Pack at Kronos. Spider-Man finds out that Sable is attacking the SHIELD helicarrier, in which Spider-Man rounds up Daredevil, Nick Fury, Hawkeye, and Iron Man to apprehend the Wild Pack. Spider-Man finds infected Wild Pack soldiers, as well as Flash Thompson, who is trapped from Sable. Sable is looking to break out Mac Gargan and Gargan horrifyingly turns into a symbiote Scorpion and escapes. Spider-Man must inject the antidotes and serums on the infected Wild Pack and Silver Sable, who becomes infected. Fury takes Sable into custody and Spider-Man must find where Gargan and Black Cat are now.
  47. Spider-Man, Yuri, and Daredevil trace Black Cat's disappearance back to either Venom or Ari and the Orphanage. Spider-Man and Daredevil must go to Oscorp Tower, where Peter's father first worked on the symbiote. Spider-Man finds infected children there and that Ari is also infected. Spider-Man finds out that Ari made a deal with Eddie to infect the Orphanage in order for the symbiote to “rejuvenate” their minds, which sickens Spider-Man.
  48. Spider-Man must go inject Ari and the rest of the Orphanage kids at St. Joseph's Orphanage. Ari is brutally murdered by Venom.
  49. Spider-Man is blackmailed by a symbiote Scorpion, who tells him to meet Scorpion at the Bugle rooftop. Spider-Man and symbiote Scorpion fight there; his boss fight is very hard, with quick attacks and poisons. Spider-Man saves Gargan from the symbiote, in which Gargan apologizes to Spider-Man. Spider-Man apologizes to Gargan and they are about to come to a truce and Gargan even is about to tell Spider-Man where the Vulture has gone, but is impaled by a symbiote under Venom's command. Angered, Spider-Man goes after Venom and fails.
  50. Spider-Man meets with Fury, Daredevil, Hawkeye, Fancy Dan, Mister Negative, Stark, Dr. Warren, and the Kingpin at Fisk Tower, where Fisk and Warren reveal an antidote machine that can release to the skies to destroy the symbiotes without killing their hosts. Spider-Man has to escort the Kingpin and his super soldiers to the limo, but symbiotic vultures attack the Kingpin. Spider-Man, the Demons, Fancy Dan, Mister Negative, and Fancy Dan's crew must find the Kingpin throughout the city and inject the symbiotic vultures. After this, Spider-Man eerily realizes that the Vulture has become infected.
  51. Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Hawkeye must go to Empire State Building and place the antidote equipment there since it is the highest building in Manhattan. Spider-Man, along with the other two Avengers, must defend the equipment from symbiotes crawling up the building
  52. Spider-Man finds out that Black Cat has turned into a symbiote known as She-Venom. She-Venom and Venom form an alliance and fall in love. Fury calls them crazy and Spider-Man must go free Felicia from the symbiote. Meeting at a helicopter checkpoint in Manhattan, Spider-Man fights She-Venom, who is manipulating Felicia's mind. Flash helps Spider-Man in fighting She-Venom, but She-Venom cuts off his legs, forcing Flash down and in agony, but the military takes him in to treat his wounds. Spider-Man eventually uses lethal force on She-Venom because of what she did to Flash, almost killing Felicia. The symbiote contacts his mind and tries to manipulate him to kill She-Venom, like he took Gwen's life. Spider-Man saves Felicia, in which she is badly injured and taken to SHIELD quarantine for treatment. Spider-Man kisses her and she tells him to stop Eddie, finding out that Peter is Spider-Man.
  53. Spider-Man decides to meet with Dr. Warren, Fury, Mister Negative, Daredevil, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Fancy Dan, the Kingpin, a temporarily injured DeWolffe, and Yuri at Fisk Tower where they are about to commence the equipment to save all of New York. When Dr. Warren is about to hit the switch, when the Vulture shoves a dead body into the Fisk Tower windows. The infected Vulture tells Spider-Man to turn himself in and reveal his identity, under the name of Eddie Brock/Venom. Spider-Man must go sky high, with Nick Fury using a SHIELD airship to tase the symbiotes and their hosts, while the super soldiers catch the hosts. Spider-Man must get to infected Vulture and defeat him. Toomes is manipulated by the symbiote and tries to kill Spider-Man, but Spider-Man punches him really hard to the point where it puts Toomes in a coma and this results in Toomes being taken into custody by SHIELD. Spider-Man activates the equipment at Empire State and this mutates all the symbiotes back into normal civilians and even gets rid of all the symbiotic material around the city. The city goes back to normal, while Daredevil, Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Fury all thank Spider-Man for saving the city.
  54. However, Spider-Man sees that Venom told him to confront Venom at the SHIELD helicarrier. Venom is going after Felicia, who is seriously injured. Venom is trying to attack Spider-Man's “heart” by killing Felicia. Spider-Man unites Daredevil, SHIELD, Fury, Hawkeye, Iron Man, DeWolffe, Yuri, the NYPD, Fancy Dan, the Kingpin, Fancy Dan's crew, Mister Negative, the Demons, and the super soldiers all to go to the helicarrier to hold off the infected SHIELD agents from activating the SHIELD helicarrier button that will trigger a symbiotic explosion to cause another symbiotic outrage to the citizens below in Manhattan and Queens. Of course, the player can only control Spider-Man and Daredevil to deactivate the SHIELD buttons and use Warren's new device to mutate the infected agents, as Warren talks to both Spider-Man and Daredevil to aid them in fighting the infected agents. Spider-Man encounters Venom and tells Iron Man and the rest of his allies to leave below for Manhattan and Queens to secure the city and make sure the civilians are safe. The final battle occurs between Peter and Eddie, in which Spider-Man surrenders to Venom and the symbiote. Spider-Man and the symbiote play mind games and the player goes through memory lane, where Spider-Man faces his inner demons such as the murder of both Gwen and Uncle Ben. Spider-Man faces his demons and has control of the symbiote, gaining the player the ability to control the black suit like in the last game. Spider-Man must defeat Venom with the black suit and the black suit comes off. Spider-Man offers Venom the chance for redemption, but Venom tells Peter that demons are for the worst. Venom mutates back to Eddie and Eddie jumps off the helicarrier, killing himself. Felicia watches and cries, revealing that her relationship with Spider-Man is closer now that she knows he is Peter Parker. Peter declines Felicia's relationship request and says he is not ready to move on from Gwen's death just yet. Felicia does not get mad and the two look out to New York, where they look at the city they saved from turning into a venomized wasteland. Meanwhile, Tony is rebuilding Stark Tower, DeWolffe and Yuri thank Kingpin, Fancy Dan, and Mister Negative for their services in helping the heroes, but arrest them due to Mister Negative's intentions with ruling New York with the Demons, Kingpin's past superhuman shipments, and Fancy Dan's ties to the Vulture. Daredevil goes back to protecting Hell's Kitchen and SHIELD and Hawkeye say farewell to Spider-Man and thank him for his service.

After Credits Cutscenes

Scene 1:

Flash Thompson and his military unit leave New York, with Flash in trauma of what She-Venom did to him. Flash arrives back at his base in New Jersey, where the Kingpin has handed a vile of symbiote to the military, as Kingpin was revealed to have found out how to have the host control the symbiote. Flash looks at the symbiote when all the soldiers leave to treat the other wounded soldiers and Flash touches the symbiote. The screen pulls away from Flash for a little bit and Flash turns into Agent Venom and can control the symbiote, unlike Eddie Brock...

Scene 2:

Dr. Miles Warren leaves Fisk Tower and packs his things. Warren hears through DeWolffe's comms that Warren cannot be seen throughout the city and that the NYPD still need to bring him back to Ryker's Island. Warren disguises himself as a normal civilian and goes to the helicopter checkpoint where She-Venom and Spider-Man fought. Warren takes a sample of Spider-Man's blood and chuckles...

Scene 3:

Wilson Fisk, along with Matt Murdock, his lawyer (and the secret identity of Daredevil) and Karen Page, defend Fisk in his actions of saving New York from Venom. Fisk is released out of prison and Fisk thanks Murdock and Page for his help. Murdock even admits he used to think Fisk was corrupt, but now he has proved himself. Fisk goes to his mansion to pack his things to leave for San Francisco to start another business venture. Before he goes, however, he is visited by Sergei Kravinoff, the world's greatest hunter. Kravinoff wants to put a price on Spider-Man's head, after his actions with the infection, as well as taking down the Big Man (in the last game) and even stopping Mister Negative and the Demons. Kravinoff offers the Kingpin into the "crime game" again, but Fisk chuckles and leaves in his car to New Jersey, telling Kravinoff, "Do whatever you want with him, Kraven. I'm out of this city". Kraven smiles and throws his knife at the wall, praising Spider-Man's success. Kraven says, "Spider-Man... you will fall". The screen cuts to black...

Downloadable Content (DLC)

  • Black-Suited Spider-Man

Details: Makes the player stronger

  • Spider-Man PS4 Alternate Suit

Details: From 2017's Spider-Man video game taking place outside the universe of The Web Of Spider-Man, gives player an enhanced spider vision, as well as special webbing moves

  • MCU Spider-Man Alternate Suit

Details: From Spider-Man's suit in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it gives him more agile fighting moves.

Suit Pack Price:


Each suit Individually: $1.99

Challenge Pack DLC

  • Fighting Arenas

Details: The player now has a variety of challenge pack maps and stealth maps (but the stealth maps are only for Spider-Man, Daredevil, Venom, and Black Cat). The maps include of Oscorp Tower, Fisk Tower, Stark Tower, Ryker's Island, SHIELD helicarrier, NYPD Precinct, Daily Bugle rooftop, Manhattan Stock Exchange, Mall of Manhattan, and Central Park Castles.

Fighting Arena DLC Pack Price: $7.99

Story Pack DLCs

  • "The Man Without Fear" Story Pack

The player controls Daredevil, right after the events of The Web Of Spider-Man 3, and finds out that Mister Negative and Fancy Dan have broken out of prison. Daredevil must go to Hell's Kitchen, where Fancy Dan and Li are, as Fancy Dan rounded up the Enforcers and Bullseye to dodge Daredevil. The player has the ability to roam the Hell's Kitchen area only and must stop Fancy Dan and his schemes...

Villains (Boss fights): Daniel Brito/Fancy Dan, Martin Li/Mister Negative, and Lester Pointdexter/Bullseye

Time to complete: 40 minutes

Price: $2.99

  • "It Runs In The Silver Family" Story Pack

The player controls Silver Sable, about two months after the events of The Web Of Spider-Man 3, who must break out of SHIELD custody and kill the SHIELD agents holding her back. As the player must find a way to escape the helicarrier, they must also leave New York with the Wild Pack and never come back...

Villains (Boss fights): Agent Maria Hill and Director Nick Fury

Time to complete: 20 minutes

Price: $1.50

  • "Hardy-Clear From The Past" Story Pack

The player controls Black Cat, about five months after the events of The Web Of Spider-Man 3, who has now fully recuperated from her injuries from the symbiote, but is still haunted by what she has done to Spider-Man. Black Cat, at first, must clear all of the evidence of St. Joseph's Orphanage due to their ties with Venom and the symbiotic children and clear her name. However, Black Cat is blackmailed by Arcade, a madman who fought with the X-Men and Avengers in the past. Arcade threatens her by telling her to give her files from the Orphanage over to the public for everyone to know her corrupt past with her burglar father and her name as Felicia Hardy. Black Cat must hunt down Arcade, as he plays mind games with her and reveals her past mistakes. Will she redeem herself? The player has the ability to roam the entire Manhattan area (not Queens).

Villains (Boss fights): Arcade and Angelo Fortunato

Time to complete: 1 hour

Price: $5.99

  • "Birth Of Agent Venom" Story Pack

The player controls Agent Venom, directly after the events of The Web Of Spider-Man 3, who, after bonding with the symbiote, has full control of the symbiote. Flash gains super strength, endurance, and the symbiote gives him legs once more. Flash must put the symbiote to the test when the New Jersey base is attacked by HYDRA and world's most talented assassin, Taskmaster. The base goes all on full lockdown, giving the player access to the military base in Jersey (which is equivalent to Hell's Kitchen and Harlem combined) and Agent Venom, wielding his guns and controlling the symbiote, must defeat Taskmaster, who proves to be a valuable adversary for Flash.

Villains (Boss fights): Taskmaster and Brock Rumlow/Crossbones

Time to complete: 30 minutes

Price: $2.50

Season Pass Price: (includes the Challenge Pack DLCs and Story Pack DLCs)