The Mimsey Chronicles, is a series of games that features the life of Mimsey, a spacebunny who has come to earth and also has the powers to turn himself into a full human.

Mimsey: The Game

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Mimsey: The Game, is the first installment in The Mimsey Chronicles game series. The game allows the player to enjoy the open-world atmosphere of Stratford, Connecticut by controlling a character called Mimsey. Though the default costumes are a spacebunny and human, the player does have the option to customize The Mimsey by finding new costumes. There is no true goal of the game however the player can get Mimsey a job, use him to fight crime, or even to commit crimes.

Mimsey 2: Revenge of Obama

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Mimsey 2: Revenge of Obama, is the second installment in The Mimsey Chronicles game series and is also the second game in the Mimsey Trilogy. In this game, the player once again controls The Mimsey, a spacebunny with a power to transform himself into a human. Unlike the first installment, in Mimsey 2, the player must aid Obama in ending crime in America (Referred to as 'Murica). The player can still enjoy the every day life of Stratford but can now also travel to Washington, DC, New York City, and Chicago, Illinois.


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MimsKart, is the third installment in The Mimsey Chronicles and the first installment in the Ethical Mimsey Games! series. MimsKart allows the player to race as characters that were featured in previous Mimsey Chronicles games, characters from other game series, or characters found only in this game. The game features a very similar play style to that of MarioKart.

Mimsey Goes To Quahog

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Mimsey Goes To Quahog, is the fourth installment in The Mimsey Chronicles and the second installment in the Ethical Mimsey Games! series. In this game, Mimsey travels to the city of Quahog, Rhode Island to meet a man named Quagmire. The game is very similar to the first game in The Mimsey Chronicles as there are no new gameplay elements.

Mimsey Simulator 2014

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Mimsey Simulator, is the first installment in the Mimsey Simulator Series and is the most popular game in the Mimsey Chronicles. The game takes place in the fictional world known as "Mimsey Universe" where the player controls their own Mimsey. They can travel withen the city of Los Mimsey and complete various activities such as building an army or just simply screwing with other Mimsey Folk.

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