The BFG is part of Interactive Movie Book.


An 'interactive Moviebook' for little children follows the story of a 1989 British movie of the same title.

Voice Cast:

  • Geoffrey Palmer as Narrator
  • David Jason as The BFG
  • Amanda Root as Sophie
  • Carole Boyd as Queen of England
  • Edward Kelsey as Head of the Army
  • Frank Welker as Head of the Air Force
  • Tress MacNeille as Mrs. Clonkers
  • Jim Cummings as Mr. Gromit the Teacher
  • Charlie Adler as Mr. Tibbs
  • Martin Jarvis as Sergeant
  • Miriam Margolyes as Mary
  • Tony Longo as The Bloodbottler
  • Jeremy Bulloch as The Fleshlumpeater
  • Tony Robinson as The Manhugger
  • Neil Buchanan as The Meatdripper
  • Richard Waites as The Childchewer
  • Susan Sheridan as The Butcher Boy
  • Natasha Richardson as The Maidmasher
  • John Derum as The Bonecruncher
  • Kerry Shale as The Gizzardgulper
  • Billy West as Humplecrimp