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The Art Of Martial 4 will focus entirely on YouTube martial artists and allow a mix between weapon based and unarmed martial arts. The game is proposed to be 3D. All characters will have multiple move sets. Must have at least one low form move set and one high form move set.

List Of Martial Arts YouTubers

Eric Jacobus
Gymnastics Joined Feb 16, 2006
Vlad Rimburg Details
Vlad Rimburg.jpg
Mixed Martial Arts Joined Feb 17, 2006
Simon Rohrich
Simon Rohrich.jpg
Historical European Martial Arts Joined Feb 23, 2006
BattleJitni Details
Fencing, Kung Fu Joined Mar 6, 2006
Aaron Toney
Aaron Toney.jpg
Ninjitsu, Tiger Style Kung Fu, Capoeira Joined Mar 9, 2006
Hapkido Joined Mar 11, 2006
Turtle Wave Details
Performance Kung Fu Joined Mar 13, 2006
Terapak Saetae Details
Terapak Saetae.jpg
Muay Thai Chaiya, Krabi Krabong Joined Apr 5, 2006
Shintaro Higashi
Shintaro Higashi.jpg
Judo, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Japanese Jujutsu, Punch-Boxing, Wrestling, SAMBO, Karate Joined Apr 5, 2006
Ramsey Dewey
Ramsey Dewey.jpg
Jiu-Jitsu, Catch Wrestling, Muay Thai, Sanda, Taijiquan Joined Apr 20, 2006
Gatka Joined May 8, 2006
Brazlilian Jiu-Jitsu, Punch-Boxing Joined May 16, 2006
Scott Adkins
Tae Kwon Do, Kick-Boxing, Ninjutsu, Krav Maga, Karate, Wushu, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Capoeira, Acrobatic Gymnastics Joined May 22, 2006
Canne De Combat Joined Jun 1, 2006
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Joined Jun 8, 2006
GoldenCardDX Details
Screen Fighting Joined Jun 15, 2006
Brendon Huor
Brendon Huor.jpg
Kung Fu Joined Jun 15, 2006
Apsis Motion Pictures Details
Apsis Motion Pictures.jpg
Screen Fighting Joined Jun 16, 2006
Core Jeet Kune Do Joined Jul 4, 2006
DennisServaes Details
Escrima, Tae Kwon Do, Modern Arnis, Kun Tao, Silat, Muay Thai, San Soo Joined Jul 21, 2006
RivenX3i Details
Choroegraphy Joined Jul 21, 2006
Fernando Chien
Fernando Chien.jpg
Mixed Martial Arts, Wushu Joined Aug 9, 2006
Action Choreography Joined Aug 10, 2006
Strike A Pose! Films
Strike a Pose! Films.jpg
Kung Fu Joined Aug 16, 2006
Wrestling With Gaming
Wrestling With Gaming.jpg
Professional Wrestling Joined Aug 19, 2006
Shaolin Kung Fu Joined Aug 21, 2006
Matt Pasquinilli
Matt Pasquinilli.jpg
Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Bully Beating, BullyProofing, Bo Staff, Kali sticks, Street Fighting for self-defense Joined Aug 25, 2006
Damien Trainor
Damien Trainor.jpg
Muay Thai Joined Aug 27, 2006
YMAA Publication Center Details
Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qi Gong Joined Sep 1, 2006
Shaolin Kung Fu Joined Sep 5, 2006
Ken Hill
Ken hill.jpg
Creative Weapons, Flow Arts Joined Sep 14, 2006
Kalaripayattu - Martial art movie
Kalaripayattu Joined Oct 2, 2006
Master Wong
Master Wong.jpg
Wing Chun Joined Oct 5, 2006
Knight Jiu-Jitsu
Knight Jiu-Jitsu Channels4 profile.jpg
Jiu-Jitsu Joined Oct 14, 2006
SayakaPereiraOfficial Details
Kung Fu, Yoga Joined Oct 23, 2006
Chloe Bruce
Chloe Bruce.jpg
Tae Kwon Do, Kick-Boxing Joined Oct 30, 2006
Stephan Kesting
Stephan Kesting.jpg
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Joined Oct 30, 2006
Sangam Institute Of Indian Martial Arts Details
Sangam Institute of Indian Martial Arts.jpg
Kalaripayattu, Kushti, Mallakhamb, Gatka, Vyayam, Tang-Ta, Lathi Khela, Silambam Joined Nov 4, 2006
GeorgianMen Details
Georgian Martial Arts Joined Nov 7, 2006
MAT K - Martial Arts
MAT K - Martial Arts.jpg
Jeet Kune Do, Krav Maga, Self Defence, Mixed Martial Arts, Extreme Martial Arts Joined Nov 13, 2006
gri34psous Details
G gri34psous.jpg
Historical European Martial Arts Joined Nov 27, 2006
Piankhi Zimmerman
Piankhi Zimmerman.jpg
Mixed Martial Arts Joined Dec 1, 2006
TamikX .jpg
Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, Wushu, Kick-Boxing and Punch-Boxing Joined Dec 2, 2006
Harmony Fist Details
Harmony Fist.jpg
Irish Stick Fighting Joined Dec 10, 2006
Master Bakari Details
Master Bakari.jpg
Northern Shaolin Chang Chuan, Tan Twii, Ba Chi Chuan. Kupigana Ngumi, Shackle Hands [Kiango Cha Mkuno] Joined Dec 21, 2006
HEMA Edmonton Details
Hema Edmonton.jpg
Irish Stick Fighting, Historical European Martial Arts Joined Dec 27, 2006
Historical European Martial Arts Joined Dec 31, 2006
Alexis Dienna Details
Alexis Dienna.jpg
Escrime Cascade Joined Jan 3, 2007
Deyin Taijiquan Institute - Tai Chi / Health Qigong
Deyin Taijiquan Institute - Tai Chi - Health Qigong.jpg
Yang Style, Sun Style Taiji, Xing Yi Quan, Taiji Kung Fu Fan Joined Jan 11, 2007
WhirlWind Action Details
Whirlwind Action .jpg
Mixed Martial Arts Joined Feb 2, 2007
Budokon Joined Feb 20, 2007
Tony Jeffries
Tony Jeffries.jpg
Punch-Boxing Joined Feb 21, 2007
Arman Alizad
Arman alizad.jpg
None Joined Mar 10, 2007
Avatar Kota
Avatar Kota icon.jpg
Kung Fu, Cirque Du Soleil Joined Mar 11, 2007
Sonny Brown
Sonny Brown.jpg
Jiu-Jitsu Joined Apr 5, 2007
Historical European Martial Arts Joined Apr 8, 2007
Practical Combat Martial Arts
Practical Combat Martial Arts .jpg
UnRestricted Karate & Kung Fu Joined Apr 9, 2007
Warrior Martial Art Supply
Warrior martial art supply.jpg
Wing Chun Joined Apr 10, 2007
Kissaki-Kai Karate-Do Belgium
Kissaki-Kai Karate-Do Belgium.jpg
Karate Joined Apr 13, 2007
Ultimate Martial Arts Academy
Ultimate Martial Arts Academy.jpg
Wing Chun Joined Apr 28, 2007
Kalaripayattu Joined May 2, 2007
Adorea Olomouc Details
Adorea Olomouc.jpg
Historical European Martial Arts, Stage Combat Joined Jun 15, 2007
Donald Mills
Donald Mills.jpg
Kick-Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, Tricking Joined Aug 23, 2007
Kupigana Joined Aug 30, 2007
Muay Thai Joined Sep 30, 2007
AdamCWM icon.jpg
Whipping Joined Oct 14, 2007
FreeStyle Nunchaku Joined Oct 16, 2007
Kung Fu, Ninjitsu Joined Nov 4, 2007
Soke Anshu Christa Jacobson
Soke Anshu Christa Jacobson.jpg
Budo Ryu Ninjutsu Joined Nov 13, 2007
Kick-Boxing, Punch-Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Joined Nov 29, 2007
Okichitaw Joined Nov 29, 2007
Kung Fu & Tai Chi Center w/ Jake Mace
Kung Fu & Tai Chi Center w- Jake Mace.jpg
Kung Fu & Tai Chi Joined Dec 4, 2007
Antal Kalik Details
Antal Kalik.jpg
Screen Fighting Joined Dec 8, 2007
ヌンチャクパフォーマー願羽マサル【NunTube】 Details
FreeStyle Nunchaku Joined Jan 15, 2008
Historical European Martial Arts Joined Jan 28, 2008
Colibri108 Details
Kalaripayattu Joined Mar 16, 2008
MG Martial Arts
MG Martial Arts Channels4 profile.jpg
Shorin Ryu Karate Joined Mar 31, 2008
Peak Performance Martial Arts
Peak Performance Martial Arts.jpg
Tang Soo Do, Jiu-Jitsu Joined Apr 18, 2008
Linh Le Details
Linh Le.jpg
Kung Fu Joined May 1, 2008
Daniel Pesina
Daniel Pesina.jpg
Wushu Joined May 2, 2008
Kalaripayattu Joined Jun 10, 2008
Whip Basics
Whipping Joined Jul 30, 2008
Pavel Avilov
Pavel Avilov.jpg
Cinematic Joined Aug 22, 2008
Олег Михайлович Details
Олег Михайлович .jpg
Combat Hopak Joined Aug 31, 2008
Bgirl Peppa
Bgirl Peppa.jpg
Kung Fu, Ninjitsu, Break Dancing Joined Sep 1, 2008
Jesse Enkamp Details
Jesse Enkamp.jpg
Karate, Kubodo Joined Sep 11, 2008
Evolve Mixed Martial Arts
Evolve Mixed Martial Arts.jpg
Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Punch-Boxing, Wrestling, No-Gi Grappling Joined Sep 25, 2008
Shane Kennedy Details
Shane Kennedy.jpg
Kung Fu Joined Oct 14, 2008
Nardz Details
Kung Fu Fandom Joined Oct 22, 2008
NorthStar Martial Arts
Northstar Martial Arts.jpg
Ju Jitsu Joined Nov 1, 2008
Punch-Boxing Joined Dec 10, 2008
Shotokan Sensei
Shotokan Sensei.jpg
Shotokan Karate Joined Dec 15, 2008
NeoNgolo Details
Neo-Ngolo Joined Feb 3, 2009
2X Entertainment
2X Entertainment.jpg
Ninjitsu Joined Feb 26, 2009
Micah Karns
Micah Karns.jpg
Tricking, Screen Fighting Joined Mar 17, 2009
Dante Basili
Dante Basili Channels4 profile.jpg
Hung Gar, Qi Gong Joined Apr 2, 2009
Brian Johns
Brian Johns Channels4 profile.jpg
Escrima Joined Apr 11, 2009
Amy Johnston Details
Amy Johnston.jpg
Mixed Martial Arts Joined May 12, 2009
Walter E Jones
Walter E Jones.jpg
Hip-Hopkido Joined May 14, 2009
Bordeaux Canne De Combat
Bordeaux Canne de Combat.jpg
Canne De Combat Joined Jun 2, 2009
Fang Shen Do
Fang Shen Do .jpg
Punch-Boxing, Kick-Boxing, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, Jiu-Jitsu Joined Jun 11, 2009
Natalie Burn
Natalie Burn.jpg
Ballet, Mixed Martial Arts Joined Jun 30, 2009
Benny Urquidez
Benny Urquidez.jpg
Kenpo-Shotokan Joined Jul 21, 2009
Alejandro Rodríguez Buenafuente
Alejandro Rodríguez Buenafuente.jpg
Juego De Palo Joined Jul 23, 2009
Kung Fu & Tai Chi Joined Oct 22, 2009
Rebecca Ahn
Rebecca Ahn profile.jpg
Punch-Boxing, Stage Combat, Parkour Joined Jul 24, 2009
North Augusta Martial Arts
North Augusta Martial Arts.jpg
TAI Karate, Kuma Jiu-Jitsu, RoufuSport Kick-Boxing Joined Nov 21, 2009
Tamerrian Martial Arts Joined Jan 7, 2010
Historical European Martial Arts Joined Feb 5, 2010
Gui DaSilva
Gui DaSilva.jpg
Tiger Style Kung Fu Joined Mar 22, 2010
Performance Kung Fu Joined Mar 22, 2010
Kung Fu Joined Apr 20, 2010
Anderson's Martial Arts Academy
Anderson's Martial Arts Academy.jpg
Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai, Eskrima Inosanto Method, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Punch-Boxing Anderson's Martial Arts Academy
Canne De Combat, Savate Joined Jun 16, 2010
Jason David Frank.jpg
Toso Kune Do Joined Jul 2, 2010
TrinityCombat Details
Street Fighting, Irish Stick Fighting Joined Jul 26, 2010
Empowerment Wing Chun - Sifu Bogdan Rosu
Empowerment Wing Chun - Sifu Bogdan Rosu.jpg
Wing Chun Joined Aug 29, 2010
LBPStuntsChicago Details
Mixed Martial Arts Joined Oct 5, 2010
BMA - Bambous Martial Arts Sports Club
Bambous Martial Arts Sports Club.jpg
Muay Thai, Savate, K1 Kick-Boxing
Caitlin Dechelle
Caitlin Dechelle.jpg
Kenpo, Goju-Ryu, Tae Kwon Do Joined Nov 14, 2010
Historical European Martial Arts, Kung Fu Joined Jan 13, 2011
Stellar Martial Arts
Stellar Martial Arts.jpg
Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido Joined Jan 25, 2011
Reality Fighter TV
Reality Fighter TV Channels4 profile.jpg
Mixed Martial Arts Joined Feb 9, 2011
Evgeny Kolot.jpg
Ukrainian Cossacks Martial Arts Joined Feb 9, 2011
Combat Con
Combat Con.jpg
Historical European Martial Arts Joined Mar 7, 2011
Afrikan Martial Arts
Afrikan Martial Arts.jpg
Traditional Indigenous Afrikan Martial Arts Joined Mar 10, 2011
Up Top Martial Arts Academy
Up Top Martial Arts Academy.jpg
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Joined Apr 8, 2011
Martin Fabian
Martin Fabian.jpg
Historical European Martial Arts Joined May 7, 2011
Martial Arts Industry Association
Martial Arts Industry Association.jpg
Karate, Tae Kwon Do Joined May 13, 2011
Mexican Martial Arts
Mexican Martial Arts.jpg
Mexican Martial Arts Joined May 13, 2011
Karate Joined May 15, 2011
EnterTheDojoShow Details
Ameri-Do-Te Joined Aug 5, 2011
David Belle
David Belle.jpg
Parkour Joined Sep 8, 2011
IRON DRAGON Martial Arts Academy And Fitness
IRON DRAGON Martial Arts Academy and Fitness.jpg
Judo, Aikibudo, Hapkido, Tang Soo Do, Doce Pares, Kali, Pentjak Silat Joined Sep 11, 2011
Yulia Terekh
Yulia Terekh.jpg
Capoeira Joined Oct 2, 2011
Muay Chaiya BaanKruPraeng
Muay Chaiya BaanKruPraeng.jpg
Muay Thai Chaiya, Krabi Krabong Joined Oct 4, 2011
KarateMart Channels4 profile.jpg
Mixed Martial Arts Joined Oct 7, 2011
Acrobatics Joined Oct 17, 2011
FreeRunning, Gymnastics, Ninjitsu Joined Oct 29, 2011
Doug Swift Loves Kung Fu
Doug Swift Loves Kung Fu.jpg
Shaolin Kung Fu Joined Nov 1, 2011
Sunil Kumar Details
Sunil Kumar.jpg
Silambam Joined Nov 14, 2011
Peaceful Warrior Martial Arts & Healing Center
Peaceful Warrior Martial Arts & Healing Center Channels4 profile.jpg
Shorin-Ryu Karate, Kobudo Joined Nov 28, 2011
TeachMeGrappling Coach Brian
TeachMeGrappling Coach Brian.jpg
Mixed Martial Arts Joined Dec 7, 2011
Performance Kung Fu Joined Dec 23, 2011
Iron Body Martial Arts
Iron Body Martial Arts .jpg
Karate, Kung Fu Joined Jan 3, 2012
PHAS3 Martial Arts
PHAS3 Martial Arts.jpg
Muay Thai, Jujitsu, Judo, Karate, Punch-Boxing, Wrestling Joined Jan 23, 2012
Kadochnikov System Russian Martial Art Academy
Kadochnikov System Russian Martial Art Academy.jpg
Kadochnikov Systema Joined Feb 5, 2012
Wushu Joined Feb 27, 2012
Kung Fu, Ninjitsu, Break Dancing Joined Mar 12, 2012
MMAFightingonSBN Channels4 profile.jpg
Mixed Martial Arts Joined Mar 28, 2012
Karate Joined May 2, 2012
Jimmy Smith
Jimmy Smith.jpg
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Joined May 8, 2012
Michael Yadvish Details
Michael Yadvish.jpg
Martial Arts Fandom Joined May 10, 2012
Kevin Gray
Kevin Gray.jpg
Nunchaku, Dire Flail Joined Jun 2, 2012
Reuben Langdon
Reuben Langdon .jpg
Performance Kung Fu Joined Jun 28, 2012
Mandinga Capoeira
Mandinga Capoeira.jpg
Capoeira Joined Jul 10, 2012
Ginger Ninja Trickster
Ginger Ninja Trickster.jpg
Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, Kenpo, Fillipino Martial Arts Joined Jul 13, 2012
El Gamer Cosplayer Details
El Gamer Cosplayer.jpg
Martial Arts Fandom Joined Sep 27, 2012
Kalari Kendram Delhi Details
Kalari Kendram Delhi.jpg
Kalaripayattu Joined Oct 7, 2012
Cynthia Rothrock
Cynthia Rothrock.jpg
Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do, Eagle Claw, Wushu, Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, Pai Lum Tao Joined Oct 9, 2012
Quentin Brasey
Quentin brasey.jpg
Canne De Combat Joined Nov 5, 2012
World Of Martial Arts Television
World of Martial Arts Television.jpg
Mixed Martial Arts Joined Nov 28, 2012
Anais Almonte
Anais Almonte.jpg
Mixed Martial Arts Joined Dec 7, 2012
Alex Wong
Alex Wong.jpg
Tae Kwon Do Joined Jan 15, 2013
The Act Man
The Act Man.jpg
Tae Kwon Do Joined Jan 21, 2013
Kung Fu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Joined Mar 17, 2013
Bianca Bree
Bianca Bree.jpg
Karate, Kick-Boxing, Punch-Boxing Joined May 9, 2013
Kung Fu Joined Jun 22, 2013
Gymnastics, Kung Fu, Wrestling, Combat Acting, Tricking Joined Jul 13, 2013
Lauren Mary Kim
Lauren Mary Kim.jpg
Kung Fu Joined Jul 18, 2013
Official RAWTRICKS.jpg
Capoeira Joined Jul 20, 2013
Donnie Yen Official Channel甄子丹
Donnie Yen Official Channel甄子丹 .jpg
Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun, Wushu, Tai Chi, Hung Gar Joined Aug 2, 2013
Shadiversity Details
Historical Knowledge Joined Aug 6, 2013
Amy Sturdivant
Amy Sturdivant .jpg
Stunt Performance Joined Aug 24, 2013
Kaitlyn Hiller
Kaitlyn Hiller.jpg
Performance Kung Fu Joined Sep 21, 2013
Tony Jaa
Tony Jaa.jpg
Muay Thai, Krabi-Krabong Joined Oct 7, 2013
Wylie’s Art and Science of Boxing
Wylie’s Art and Science of Boxing.jpg
Punch-Boxing Joined Oct 10, 2013
Katalin Rodriguez-Ogren
Katalin Rodriguez-Ogren.jpg
Tae Kwon Do, Goju Karate, Shorin Ryu Karate Joined Dec 4, 2013
Filhos De Bimba - California Bay Area School Of Capoeira
Filhos de Bimba - California Bay Area School of Capoeira.jpg
Capoeira Regional Joined Dec 30, 2013
Shotokan Karate
Shotokan Karate.jpg
Shotokan Karate Joined Jan 16, 2014
Robin C
Robin C.jpg
Kung Fu Joined Jan 21, 2014
Twins Martial Arts
Twins Martial Arts.jpg
Jiu Jitsu, Judo Joined Apr 6, 2014
Prana Master's Academy - Martial Arts & Yoga
Prana Master's Academy - Martial Arts & Yoga.jpg
Tae Kwon Do, Punch-Boxing, Kick-Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Yoga Joined Apr 8, 2014
Leduc Lethwei
Leduc Lethwei.jpg
Lethwei Joined Apr 11, 2014
Daniel O'Neill
Daniel O'Neill.jpg
Self Taught Joined May 29, 2014
Caitlin Hutson
Caitlin Hutson.jpg
Shito Ryu Karate, Balintawak Cuentada, Kick-Boxing Joined Jun 7, 2014
Kuro-Obi World
Kuro-obi world .jpg
Karate, Budo Joined Jun 16, 2014
CBCombat Details
Canne De Combat, Bâton De Combat Joined Oct 19, 2014
Academy Of Historical Fencing
Academy of Historical Fencing.jpg
European Swordsmanship Joined Oct 20, 2014
Andrew Franklin Details
Andrew Franklin.jpg
Tricking, Kung Fu Joined Oct 27, 2014
Kissaki-Kai Sweden
Kissaki-Kai Sweden.jpg
Karate Joined Nov 23, 2014
SloyerStunts Details
Mixed Martial Arts Joined Jan 13, 2015
GC Action Design
GC Action Design.jpg
Martial Arts Fandom Joined Jan 13, 2015
Cuong Nhu Martial Arts
Cuong Nhu Martial Arts Channels4 profile.jpg
Cuong Nhu Joined Jan 26, 2015
Global Martial Arts University
Global Martial Arts University.jpg
Mixed Martial Arts Joined Apr 15, 2015
Nerd Martial Arts
Nerd Martial Arts.jpg
Kenpo, Tae Kwon Do, Jeet Kune Do, Silat, Krav Maga, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kick-Boxing, Muay Thai, Punch-Boxing, Wing Chun, Ninjutsu Joined May 21, 2015
Stunt Players
Stunt Players.jpg
Screen Fighting Joined Jun 15, 2015
Mark Anastacio
Mark Anastacio.jpg
Escrima Joined Jun 23, 2015
Gilbert Burns
Gilbert Burns.jpg
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Joined Jul 3, 2015
Performance Kung Fu Joined Jul 19, 2015
Kissaki-Kai USA - Real World Kata Bunkai
Kissaki-Kai USA - real world kata bunkai.jpg
Karate Joined Aug 9, 2015
Mixed Martial Arts News
Mixed Martial Arts News.jpg
Mixed Martial Arts Joined Aug 18, 2015
Canne TV
Canne TV.jpg
Canne De Combat Joined Aug 30, 2015
Object History
Object History.jpg
Okinawan karate Joined Sep 29, 2015
Petit PatapOn Nunchaku
Petit PatapOn Nunchaku.jpg
FreeStyle Nunchaku Joined Oct 15, 2015
Team Red Pro Details
Performance Kung Fu Joined Dec 24, 2015
Top Hat Gaming Man
Top Hat Gaming Man.jpg
Wrestling Joined Jan 16, 2016
Effective Martial Arts
Effective Martial Arts.jpg
Striking, Wrestling, & Grappling Joined Jan 29, 2016
The Modern Martial Artist
The Modern Martial Artist.jpg
Kenpo, Tae Kwon Do, Gymnastics Joined Feb 1, 2016
Historical European Martial Arts Joined Feb 3, 2016
MMAShredded Jeff Chan
MMAShredded Jeff Chan.jpg
Mixed Martial Arts Joined Feb 8, 2016
Mixed Martial Arts Joined May 14, 2016
Native American Martial Arts Joined Jul 3, 2016
Official Jackie Chan Channel
Official Jackie Chan Channel.jpg
Peking Opera Joined Jul 26, 2016
Eddie Tsai
Eddie Tsai.jpg
Performance Kung Fu Joined Aug 9, 2016
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Jean-Claude Van Damme .jpg
Shotokan Karate, Kick-Boxing, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do Joined Sep 3, 2016
Budo Kai
Budo kai.jpg
Karate, Ken-Jutsu Joined Sep 15, 2016
Machida Academy
Machida Academy.jpg
Karate Joined Sep 22, 2016
Historical African Martial Arts Association
Historical African Martial Arts Association.jpg
Historical African Martial Arts Joined Oct 27, 2016
Cool Martial Vids
Cool Martial Vids.jpg
Kung Fu Joined Nov 29, 2016
T. Kent Nelson / KSK Martial Arts
T. Kent Nelson - KSK Martial Arts.jpg
Kobudo, Escrima Joined Jan 6, 2017
Live Martial Arts
Live Martial Arts by Samery Moras.jpg
Tae Kwon Do Joined Jan 8, 2017
Andrew Se Global Sports Health Fitness Martial Arts
Andrew Se Global Sports Health Fitness Martial Arts.jpg
Yoga, Mixed Martial Arts Joined Jan 24, 2017
Mark Outsider
Mark outsider.jpg
Freestyle Karate Joined Feb 1, 2017
Kalaripayattu Training Kerala
Kalaripayattu Training Kerala .jpg
Kalaripayattu Joined Aug 18, 2017
Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor.jpg
Punch-Boxing Joined Oct 11, 2017
Wushu Engineer
Wushu Engineer.jpg
Wushu Joined Nov 1, 2017
Micah Moore Details
Micah Moore.jpg
Performance Kung Fu Joined Nov 17, 2017
Samart Payakaroon
Samart Payakaroon.jpg
Muay Thai Joined Mar 2, 2018
Malay Kim
Malay Kim.jpg
Fight Choreographer Joined Mar 14, 2018
Real Michael Jai White
Real Michael Jai White.jpg
Tae Kwon Do, Kyokushin, Jujutsu, Tang Soo Do, Shotokan, Gōjū-ryū, Okinawan Kobudō Joined Mar 16, 2018
HoguCouple Details
Kendo Joined Apr 4, 2018
Performance Kung Fu Joined Mar 28, 2018
Eccaia Sampson Details
Eccaia Sampson.jpg
Karate Joined May 22, 2018
Whip Fighting Sport - WFS
Whip Fighting Sport - WFS.jpg
Whipping Joined Jul 10, 2018
Ronda Rousey
Ronda Rousey.jpg
Mixed Martial Arts Joined Aug 7, 2018
Sensei Seth
Sensei Seth.jpg
Kempo Karate Joined Aug 15, 2018
Raja Mahabali Varma
Raja Mahabali varma Channels4 profile.jpg
Kalaripayattu, Silambam, Wrestling, Karate, Kick-Boxing Joined Sep 14, 2018
Dojo Den Drijver
Dojo den Drijver.jpg
Kumdo Joined Nov 4, 2018
Stephen WonderBoy Thompson
Stephen Wonderboy Thompson.jpg
Kempo Karate, Kick-Boxing Joined Jan 18, 2019
Mixed Martial Arts Joined Feb 24, 2019
Mixed Martial Arts Joined Jun 28, 2019
Rapier Duello 레이피어 듀엘로
Rapier Duello 레이피어 듀엘로 Channels4 profile.jpg
Historical European Martial Arts Joined Oct 2, 2019
The Kyokushin Shuffle
The Kyokushin Shuffle.jpg
Kyokushin Karate Joined Nov 11, 2019
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Joined Dec 20, 2019
Striking Thoughts
Striking Thoughts.jpg
Mixed Martial Arts Joined Dec 31, 2019
Karate, Kalaripayattu, Kung Fu, Yoga Joined Jan 23, 2020
Kilindi Lyi
Kilindi Iyi.jpg
African Martial Arts Joined Apr 12, 2020
Fukuoka Shido-Kan Karate
Fukuoka Shido-Kan Karate.jpg
Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate Joined Apr 13, 2020
Vidyut Jammwal
Vidyut Jammwal.jpg
Kalaripayattu Joined May 19, 2020
Let's ask Shogo Your Japanese friend in Kyoto
Let's ask Shogo Channels4 profile.jpg
Iaido Joined Jul 8, 2020
Kung Fu girl Yanyan Details
Kung Fu girl Yanyan .jpg
Shaolin Kung Fu Joined Jul 9, 2020
Chinese KungFu Girl
Chinese Kungfu Girl.jpg
Kung Fu Joined Aug 10, 2020
Wudang Lingyun Details
Wudang Lingyun.jpg
Won Tai Chi, Xiaoyao Zhang, Wudang Danjian Joined Feb 2, 2021
Milani Fitness
Milani Fitness.jpg
Tae Kwon Do, Kobudo, Jujitsu, Jeet Kune Do, Parkour, Acrobatics, Punch-Boxing Joined Apr 7, 2021


Basic Trick Maniac
1 Basic Move Basic Move Basic Move
2 Advanced Move Advanced Move Advanced Move
3 Special Move Special Move Special Move 1
4 Riskiest Move Riskiest Move Riskiest Move
5 Guard Guard Guard
6 Throw Throw Throw
7 Change Stance Change Stance
8 Special Move 2

The Basic/Trick/Maniac system is a difficulty selection that affects both competitors. It controls what moves you have access to.

The basic move has the lowest risk.

The advanced move only has moderate risk.

Many special moves require multiple button presses to execute. They are often performed in stages. Pressing the button once gets the character into position, the button press subsequent(s) follows through.

Risky moves always require multiple stages and they leave your fighter the most vulnerable.

Guarding can be blocking, parrying, or evading. It is dependent on directional commands and position.

A throw is not necessarily a throw. It is always an unguardable move that can only be performed up close.

Changing your stance often changes your character's properties and allows different moves to be performed. It can also be used to draw/sheath weapons.


Every individual YouTuber will have to go the nearest motion capture studio to have their move sets captured. Due to the cost of motion capture work it is advisable that multiple move sets should be captured. At least 2 but as many as 10 are a good idea to work with. When put in production it is uncertain how long it will take for just 3 YouTubers to be in the game. You also want many move sets so that every character has at least one low form move set and at least one alpha weapon to fight with.

The game will likely be available in early access form with only a few characters. The game is proposed to be a platform. As more YouTubers become available their characters can be added to the game for purchase.