"What happens if you combine two completely different things? You got this."
―Tagline of the game.

The Adventures of Vanessa X VSRFX is a project, and a first of a three-part Crossover games by In-Verse. It features the two franchises.


The game is set between the events of the games The Adventures of Vanessa: Advent and Fighter's Road - VSRFX2.

Vanessa was sent in a mission to Linoa at request of Emily Fontaine, the fact that a mysterious fighter is defeating every opponent, they say that she's unstoppable to the point of being a "monster", said "monster" is a tall young girl called Valeria, the two will encounter to fight to the death, however, a horde of clones are attacking the city, so the heroines and their allies must defeat the newly born clone menace.

The Gameplay is divided in two sections, 3D platformer for Vanessa and her team, 3D Beat'em up for Valeria and her team, the two have different mechanics, but also the other characters have their own attacks.


It will count with 24 playable characters, 12 of Blue Side (TAOV), 12 of Yellow Side (VSRFX)

  • Vanessa Luxaloss
  • Valeria Lindbergh
  • Emily Fontaine
  • Claude Lindbergh
  • Jaden Luxaloss
  • Ran Howard
  • Jenny Thorndyke
  • Elisa Delgado
  • Sylvia Thorndyke
  • Nagi Hisame
  • Sarah Nelson
  • Charlie Vernon
  • Mark O'Bryne
  • Haizea Velano
  • Elise Luxaloss
  • Dante Hamilton
  • Alaitz Friedman
  • Kira Ilias
  • Rainel Schulz
  • Zephyra Spedicato
  • Collin Hartz
  • Robert Judovits
  • Ashley Vincent
  • Soiree Valentine


  • Duke John Luxaloss
  • Queen Miranda Luxaloss
  • Allen Lindbergh
  • Meiko Yuki
  • Neyén Halley
  • Gill Aldina
  • Seth Einsteintin
  • Marcel Adler
  • Caleb "Caius" Rovere
  • Vega
  • Vitenka Itzala
  • Chiaro Argiaren
  • Ryo Hisame
  • Ash Velano


  • This game had a different plot, however, since it derived too much of the two franchises it was changed to a simple "action-adventure" game.
  • This is the first part of the "Double Trinity Impact Project", known by the letters "DTIP", the following, to be released in 2016 is Dream Revolution X The FEAST Saga Crossover Project.
  • While the Clones played a major part in the VSRFX games, in this game, they are the single major threat, while powered by magic of The Adventures of Vanessa series.
  • Kira Ilias, Zephyra Spedicato and Dante Hamilton are characters that debuted in Spin-offs, however, added by fan requests due to their importance in their plots.
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