The Adventures of Vanessa 2: The Newcomers is the sequel of The Adventures of Vanessa. It follows the same platformer as the previous game.

This is the canon game that the Team known as "Team Heroes" is founded.

It is rated E for Everyone. (Fantasy Violence only).


2007 A.D. Now in their second year in the Academy, New Princess Vanessa and the others are about to do their first challenge, in which involves defeating a former sorceress then witch Gill "Disselle" Aldina, however, in the road also they must train other three novice sorcerers, Jaden, Rainel Schulz and Alaitz Friedman. And also joining now there are: Elise, the queen who uses water powers and Hellene Glacius, an Ice Maiden.

While the game has prominent female cast, in here one of the protagonists is Jaden, a small young boy whose wind powers are woken up in an early age.


  • Vanessa Luxaloss: The Princess of Aslada that uses dark powers. The female protagonist.
  • Jaden Luxaloss: A mysterious young boy who has wind based powers. The male protagonist.
  • Jenny Thorndyke: The brains of the team, she's a erudite despite her age. Uses lightning powers.
  • Sylvia Thorndyke: The brawns of the team, she's the oldest of the team. Uses earth powers.
  • Emily Fontaine: Vanessa's best friend since childhood and one of the oldest members. Uses Light.
  • Sarah Nelson: Sarah is a young woman who has a unique power. She uses telekinesis and ESP.
  • Elise Luxaloss: Elise is the current queen of Aslada, she's amiable. Uses water based powers.
  • Alaitz Friedman: She's one of Jaden's Friends. Uses Fire based powers.
  • Rainel Schulz: He's one of Jaden's friends. Uses lightning based powers.
  • Hellene Glacius: She's an ice maiden and uses Ice based powers.
  • Lucinda Sheppard: A senior alongside Sylvia, she uses metal based powers.
  • Gill "Disselle" Aldina: She's a witch who uses a professional summon list to defeat the heroes, she's the main antagonist.


  • It is not revealed until the end of the game that Jaden is Elise and Vanessa's younger brother.
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