Super Bomb Strike 2 is the second game in the Super Bomb Strike series of video games. It was developed and published by Gamesoft for the SNES in 1995. It is the only Super Bomb Strike game without a 2-player story mode, although one was about to be planned.


Five evil pilots, calling themselves the Dynamite Gang, arrive with the intent of taking over the universe. On Earth, they capture Tommy, and he is placed in a prison cell in their space station. He awakens in the dungeon of Gravity Striker and must fight his way to a final showdown with the Gravity Striker himself. As he successfully escapes the dungeon, he sees his brother Barry, as well as Natalya, Antonio, and Patrick, who they encountered in the Blitzbomber Tournament. They provide him with his new Blitzbomber, the White Gryphon. In the following four worlds, Tommy and his new friends will challenge Titan Striker, Sakura Striker, Shadow Striker, and their leader, Nitro Striker, in an effort to free the Earth from these alien invaders.


The player must use their wits and Blitzbomber to defeat all the enemies and destroy all of the capsules in the stage. This will open the exit, which the player can enter in order to advance to the next stage. There are eight areas in each world, six areas are normal areas and the final two are boss areas.


  • Tommy White – One of the heroes of the game, who was captured by the Dynamite Gang. Pilots the White Gryphon.
  • Barry Black – Tommy's brother, who was once his enemy before they teamed up in the past. Pilots the Black Phoenix.
  • Natalya Krasnayanova – One of the opponents from the Blitzbomber Tournament who arrived to help Tommy. Pilots the Crimson Avenger.
  • Antonio Azzuro – A former opponent of Tommy's, who agreed to help him escape from the Dynamite Gang. Pilots the Cobalt Launcher.
  • Patrick Gelb – One of the opponents Tommy and/or Barry fought who assisted Tommy in his escape. Pilots the Yellow Joker.
  • Gravity Striker – A vile Blitzbomber pilot that seemingly has an affinity for manipulating gravity. He is the master of Futala Co., and is the first to be defeated.
  • Titan Striker – Large and powerful, this Blitzbomber pilot increases his durability with oil. He is the master of Oil Port.
  • Sakura Striker – The sole female of the group, who resembles a certain girl Tommy remembers. She is the master of Murasaki Transit.
  • Shadow Striker – Implied to be the team's technician and all-around genius, he is the master of the cryptic Shadow Castle.
  • Nitro Striker – Suggested to be electric leader of the Dynamite Gang. He is the master of the Black Lightning Conductor.


  • Stage 1: Futala Co. Building
  • Stage 2: Oil Port
  • Stage 3: Murasaki Transit
  • Stage 4: Shadow Factory
  • Stage 5: Black Lightning Conductor
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