The reason why Strong Bad should be in the next Smash Brothers is because of his WiiWare game, so in the forth installment, he should lead his own team. Searching for something in the second villain's hide-out (his team) fights Zelda when looking in the lounge room.


  • B-Lapyy Laser (use Lapy for Laser action)
  • B UP-Epic Jump (dose a jump action from episode 5)
  • B Side-Snake Boxer 5 Snakes (throws 8-bit snakes)
  • B Down-Marshi Jello (similar to Game and Watche's Oil Tank)
  • Final Smash-Homestar Ruiner (Dress up as Homestar and has the player use the Wii mote to go side to side and have the sage twisted like a Spiral art drawing)


Strong Bad is a popular web antagonist. He checks E-mils daily by time by time. He had been on the WiiWare shop in 2008 and had already became a video game character. He has ruin the life of his rival (Homestar Runner), make up scenes to an action movie, and recently outside Nintendo, competes in Poker. Strong Bad has a lot to make up for his arrogance.


  • Homestar Ruiner (WiiWare)
  • Dangeresque 3 (WiiWare)
  • 8-Bit is Enough (WiiWare)
  • Poker Night at The Inventory


  • Kirby Cap: Strong Bad mask
  • Snake Call: Roy Champall