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StratosStars X-Verse Legends is a Tactical Crossover RPG by StratoStars Inc. and the first entry of X-Verse Series.

Guest characters from ACS, Burst Arts/Multisoft and In-Verse appear in this game.



The game starts in the 1980, with a battle between Lensight and Seraphax, a servant of Kuroyamino. The battle resulted with Seraphax victorius. Before of that, Lensight said that there is a prophecy which heroes from other universes will defeat Kuroyamino. After that, Seraphax throw Lensight to the magma and she died.

Had been passed 20 years after that battle. Lensight had been defeated, but all the world still normal. The camera pans to the house of the main protagonist. Hayate Kamura wakes up and goes to the school.

When is going to the school, he founded a mysterious ball. When he touched, the ball bounces to a mysterious labyrinth.



See also: StratosStars X-Verse Legends/Characterdex for more details.

Note: * marks that was rival unit

Playable Pairs

Characters Series Company
Hayate Kamura & Akira Yamamura Original StratoStars Inc.
Miyamura Motto & Sho Sakura Original
Ciel & Ayane #Ciel
Demark & Oriko #Ciel
Cyberak & Troy Falldown-Type
Kama* & Serza* Falldown-Type
Krima & Kira Mach Beast
Soire & Eve Soire
Lumen & Roro Anthem Mythicaria
X-250 & Kamani DexTrix
Rotorex & Juggernaut Rotorex
Epsilon & Guardian Epsilon
Ryuga & Kevin Rage Fighting Champions ACS
Yuko Amano & Len Stadfeld Fight or Die
Rokuro Higurashi & Chihiro Murakami Fight or Die
Kain & Faye Code Chronos
Shin Ikushima & Joanna Spencer* Sentoki
Kiyo & Twilight Crisis Moon
Abel of the Light & Kagetsu Crisis Moon
Junko Tsukasa & Reiji Ookami Arkane Arena
Thadde Torrien & Stella Andrews Arkane Arena
Jackson Blake & Davis Steele Super X Dimensions Burst Arts Inc.
Ozzy Coleman & Atsuko Hirogami Rizer
Tobias Tennant & Tyson Kogane Rizer
Robot Summoner Kite
Energized Girls
Bullet Driver
Bomb Strike Multisoft
Kelly Valentine & Drew Baker Superstar
Mac Arnold Ronee & Scraps Duster Superstar
Eternal Mythos
Shinl & Carla Gamma Wings
Elliot & Yura Combimon
Koji Nagare & Albert Stuart Delta Cross
Riley Jays & Christie Reynolds Star Maidens
The Adventures of Vanessa In-Verse
Dream Revolution
Trinity Ex Machina
Devil's Eye
Azura Banks & Dwayne Ackerman Code Cosmos

Playable Solo

Character Series Company
Lensight Original StratoStars Inc.
Kanzaki Hotaru Original
Agitha Masamune Original
Yamurokamo* Original
Rei* Original
Hatsumi Kokkoro #Ciel
Kazuma Kiruka #Ciel
Wendy Hoshima* #Ciel
Unit-120 Falldown-Type
Ling Fang-Ming Fighting Champions ACS
Mysti Fighting Champions
Farrah Rosenthal* Fighting Champions
Goro Ogami Fight or Die
Karasuyama* Fight or Die
Kazumi Fight or Die
Lakspur Belladona Fight or Die
Kagero Sentoki
Ralph Rollins Sentoki
Mira* Sentoki
Mia Code Chronos
Astrid Code Chronos
Hikari Katsuragi Combat Angels: Summons of Gods
Yukiho Kato Combat Angels: Summons of Gods
Shino and Shiho* Combat Angels: Summons of Gods
Burst Arts
Billy Scotch Superstar Multisoft
Maya Superstar
Alex Dawn* Superstar
Yoritaka Delta Cross
Mr. FRX Delta Cross
Kojiro Kojiro

Boss Units

Character Series Company
Seraphax Original StratoStars Inc.
Ramkaido Original
Zetromo Original
Karakon Original
TramZero Original
Falcon #Ciel
Takuya Sanae #Ciel
Inuchama Luke #Ciel
Ron-097 Falldown-Type
Kasumi-340 Falldown-Type
Wererabbit Mach Beast
Kaiokan Mach Beast
Dranacothos Mach Beast
Odizeus Soire
Hades Anthem Mythicaria
Phersephone Anthem Mythicaria
Yami Fighting Champions ACS
Vernon Lynch Fight or Die
Experiment 926 Fight or Die
Lucifero Fight or Die
Antares Sentoki
K-001 Sentoki
Lisa Shaddix Code Chronos
Mephistopheles Code Chronos
Remi Usui Combat Angels: Summons of Gods
Dr. Kunihiro Usui Combat Angels: Summons of Gods
Zio, Ara & Kue Super X Dimensions Burst Arts
Sera Divine X Union
Draco Superstar Multisoft
Cyril the Vision Superstar
Eternal Mythos
Stranger Gamma Wings
Madame Saurus Combimon
Andromeda Delta Cross
Frozen Mask Grand Star Crashers
Zel Star Maidens
KuroYamino (Phase 1)

Kamoru KuroYamino (Phase 2)

Original StratoStars Inc.
Okurotamino Original


Characters Series Company
Fairatta Original Stratostars Inc.