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Osnic the Hedgehog (shortly Osnic) is a Sonic character that first appeared in Sonic The Fighters 2.

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Vital statistics
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Gender Male
Race Hedgehog
Health Regular
Level Weak (Normal)

Average (Super Form)

Strong, possibly as Sonic (Neo/"True" Form)

Very Strong (Ultra Form)

Exceedingly (Final Zero Form)

Status Pre-Active
Location Born in unknown town in Kansas
Game Idea Appearance(s) Sonic the Fighters 2 (First)

Sonic 3D Riders Sonic Battle Overdrive


He seems to have darkened blue fur than Sonic's, his eyes are gray, he's missing a tooth, his hair is messy, and his shoes has a red strip and a white color, the opposite colors of Sonic's shoes (his Neo Form and above has completely identical colors this time). His back spikes and tail are identical to Sonic's too, though in his Neo Form and above, his back spikes become more spikey and long.

In his Super Form, his messy hair raises up and his fur only turns yellow which identifies that he's still weak even though his power increased.

But in his Neo Form, his hair is fixed and tighty with a piece of it hanging in front of his face, his eyes turns to the color of dark green (indicating that he has psychic energy inside his blood vains which made him this form in the first place), and he is as strong as Sonic.


He dosen't have a thought in the world, most of the time he's even lucky that he has good direction! He also cares about his friends, enough to not fight them, even by force. He's also a nice person. In his Neo Form, he gains some intelligence and still keeps the rest of these personalities.


  • Base
    • Can't run fast.
    • Very weak compared to Amy.
  • Super
    • Can fly but not that fast.
    • Can use Chaos Powers but they're weak sauce.
    • Powered up but still not that strong.
  • Neo
    • Can run fast, sometimes by floating.
    • At least as strong as Sonic.
    • Can fly but only temporary.
    • Can use unlimited Light Speed attacks.
    • Can use psychic energy to fill up on Chaos Energy.
    • Can use his original Chaos Power, Chaos Warp, the advanced version of Chaos Control, but can only use it if he either has all the Chaos Emeralds and the Flame Emerald or use the Master Emerald.
    • Can use Chaos Snap.
  • Ultra
    • Can Use Ability Than All Sonic Characters
    • Strongest Power But Not as Strongest as Devil Doom,Biolizard,Darkgiga & Perfect Chaos
  • Final Zero
    • Use Godlike Powerful for both Good & Evil Only Fusion together in his own powers
  • Ultimate Final Zero
    • More Stornger Than Everysonic Characters & All of Everthing in the Sonic The Hedgehog Series itself.



  • Super Osnic
  • Neo Osnic (True Osnic)
  • Ultra Osnic
  • Final Zero Osnic
  • Ultimate Final Zero Osnic

Playable Appearances

  • Sonic the Fighters 2
  • SEGA Millennium Fighting USA
  • SEGA Millennium Fighting USA: Tournament Edition
  • Sonic: The Flames of Disaster
  • T-Rex the Porcupine/T-Rex Begins
  • SEGA Mark of the Millennium USA
  • SEGA Ultimate Fighting USA
  • Sonic 3D Rider
  • Sonic Battle Overdrive

NPC/Cameo Appearances