Sonic EX: The Game, known in Japan as Sonikku-Space Wars: The Video Game (ソニックスペース戦争:ビデオゲーム Sonikkusupēsu sensō: Bideogēmu) is a race-based game based on the anime, Sonic EX, developed by Namco Bandai Games and published by SEGA.

What's Sonic EX? (The anime.)

Sonic EX is a reboot of Sonic X, but completely! It includes a new story, setting, characters and everything! Talk about it on ETG's (me) blogs.


When Sonic was starting to feel more and more lonely as time passes by, he decided to invite everyone in his clan and host a party...but no one showed up...BUT one did! His name is Boomer, but he prefers to be called Speedy. Sonic invited him in, he taked with him for some minutes now and as Sonic asked him why no one but him showed up, Speedy was about to say, but then a mysterious force appeared and sucked all of our heroes into another universe. They where immediately promoted to Soldiers and were given each a Power Ring which transformed them into their Battle Suites (power armors) and they engage into battle!


The same as the setting above.


It is similar to the game version of IGPX ("Immortal Grand Prix"), with some changes of course.

Mode Play

Title Screen

  • Start Pursuit (NA: Start Mission)
  • VS Royale

After choosing either of these modes, you get these following choices:

  • New Game
  • Load Game
  • Challenge Mode

Main Menu

  • Pursuit Mission (NA: Mission Time)
    • Area 3
    • Area 2
    • Area 1
    • Area 0 (bonus Area)

Teams (Characters)

  • Team Speed (Balanced)
    • Sonic (Main Suite (MS))
    • Tails (Speed Suite (SS))
    • Knuckles (Heavy Suite (HS))
  • Team Dark (Quick)
    • Shadow (MS)
    • Rough (SS)
    • Nitro/Turbo (HS)
  • Team Psych (Defensive)
    • Silver (MS)
    • Blaze (SS)
    • Neo Speedy (HS)
  • Team Rose (Synchful)
    • Amy (MS)
    • Cream (SS)
    • Big (HS)
  • Team Chaotix (Powerful)
    • Vector (HS)
    • Espio (MS)
    • Charmy (SS)
  • Team Might (Cooperative)
    • Mighty (MS)
    • Ray (SS)
  • Team Goons (Most Powerful)
    • Fang (MS)
    • Bean (SS)
    • Bark (HS)
  • Team Mystery (Secret Team that appears in Area 0)
    • ???-He (Manic) (MS)
    • ???-She (Sonia) (SS)


  • Namco Bandai Games
  • SEGA
  • Williams Street
  • Criware


  • PlayStation 3 (Eye & Move support)
  • Wii U
  • Xbox 360 (Kinect support)
  • Nintendo 3DS
  • PlayStation Vita


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