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Shonen Jump vs. Capcom: Heroes United is a 2.5D crossover fighting game bringing together Shueisha's classic characters from Weekly Shonen Jump together with classic Capcom characters to face one another. This Vs. game follows the premise more so of Marvel Vs. Capcom and Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom, with each player picking teams of two characters with big over-the-top action, special moves, and Hyper Combos while fighting to win the match!


When Jedah Dohma and Dio Brando form an alliance, two worlds face great peril! The two villains meet when the very fabric of their individual universes weakens, allowing them to seek to conquer both with the aid of allies from both worlds. However, what they did not know is that they had awakened Fortinbras, the Genma God of Light from his slumber.

Now, they and their allies act as Fortinbras's heralds, as he seeks to consume both worlds in darkness. However, what he and his heralds do not know is that they have also gained enemies from the heroes of these two universes.

With both worlds hanging in the balance, heroes from two worlds must unite in order to fight back the forces of evil and to save the Capcom and Jump worlds from the grip of the Genma God of Light!

Shonen Jump vs. Capcom: Heroes United
Developer(s) Capcom, Namco Bandai Games
Publisher(s) Capcom
Platform(s) Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Genre Fighting

ESRB: Teen


Shonen Jump vs. Capcom: Heroes United is similar to other games in the Capcom Vs. Series, making use of a game system with accessibility akin to Marvel vs. Capcom and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, with teams of two characters from either company as well as a support character coming together to fight another team of two and a support. However, the control scheme for the game is more like X-Men vs. Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, and Marvel vs. Capcom by making use of a six-button control scheme, but with the fluidity of Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom to create a new experience. Each player has a large health meter as well as the Hyper Meter, which builds up as your character takes damage or inflicts it as well as performing special moves. This is used for Snap Backs, Hyper Combos, Crossover Counters, and Crossover Combinations.


Light Punch (LP) - Square (PlayStation 4), X (XBOX One), or Y (Switch)

Heavy Punch (HP) - Triangle (PlayStation 4), Y (XBOX One), or X (Switch)

Light Kick (LK) - X (PlayStation 4), A (XBOX One), or B (Switch)

Heavy Kick (HK) - Circle (PlayStation 4), B (XBOX One), or A (Switch)

Tag (Ta)/Active Switch - L1 (PlayStation 4), Left Bumper (XBOX One), or L (Switch)

Support (S) - R1 (PlayStation 4), Right Bumper (XBOX One), or R (Switch)

Taunt - Touch Pad (PlayStation 4), View (XBOX One), or ZL or ZR (Switch)


Crossover Combination - QCF + Ta (uses 2 Levels of Hyper Meter)

Delayed Hyper Combo - Input Hyper Combo motion for your 2nd character while your current character is executing a Hyper Combo (uses 1 Level of Hyper Meter)

Advancing Guard - LP + HP while blocking an attack

Crossover Counter - F + Ta while blocking an attack (uses 1/2 Level of Hyper Meter)

Movement -  B or F

Dash - F, F

Back Dash - B, B

Super Jump - D, UB, U or UF

Air Dash - F, F or B, B in air

Throw - B or F + HP or HK close to opponent (Air OK)

Snap Back - QCF + S (uses 1 Level of Hyper Meter)

Burst Mode - LP + HP + LK + HK (minimum 1 Level of Hyper Meter. Converts Hyper Meter into a timer that allows you to convert red vitality into extra damage as well as faster inputs for combos as well as allowing you infinite Hyper Combos until the timer runs out, dropping your Hyper Meter to Level 0)

Mega Crash - LP + HP + LK + HK while being attacked by any attack, except a Hyper Combo, and not blocking (uses 1 Level of Hyper Meter)

Roll - LP + HP + LK + HK while blocking an attack (uses 1 Level of Hyper Meter)

Tech Hit - B or F + HP or HK when thrown

Crossover Air Combo - Ta while performing an Air Combo (uses 1 Level of Hyper Meter)

Counter Switch - Ta when your opponent is hitting your point character (uses 1 Level of Hyper Meter)

Game Modes

Story Mode - Go through the story of how two worlds collide and what the heroes must do to stop a dark god from conquering both their worlds.

Arcade Mode - Pick a team of two, go up against 8 teams, then face off with Fortinbras and earn Player Points and a character ending!

Versus Mode - Face off with friends or with the CPU for some fun mayhem!

Training Mode - Go up against a dummy or a standstill opponent and practice tactics, combos and more.

Mission Mode - Take on tutorials and character-specific goals and earn Player Points for finishing them!

Online - Take on the world by going up against opponents online and show what you got against them.

Gallery - View character art, movies, the sound gallery or more.

Auto's Shop - Purchase downloadable content items via XBOX Live, PlayStation Network, or Nintendo Online to enhance your game! You also can use Player Points acquired to unlock new character colors as well as unlockable characters.

Options - Adjust your game settings, your controller, and other options to fit your style.

Characters: Capcom


Debut: Street Fighter (1987)

A skilled martial artist adopted by Gouken, a master of Ansatsuken, Ryu gained fame when he had defeated Sagat, the King of Muay Thai in a fight. However, fame and glory are not what Ryu seeks. Instead, what he seeks is what it means to be a true warrior, to honor the lessons his sensei passed onto him. In his journeys, Ryu has battled many opponents, making both friends and enemies along the way.

Command Moves

Collarbone Breaker - F + LP

Solar Plexus Strike - F + HP

Axe Kick - B + HK

Roundhouse Kick - F + HK

Sukui Tsuki - F + LP in air

Hiza Geri - D + LK in air

Mawashi Geri - F + HK in air

Special Moves

Hadoken - QCF + P (Air OK)

Shoryuken - DP + P

Tatsumaki Senpukyaku - QCB + K (Air OK)

Jodan Sokuto Geri - QCF + K

Hyper Combos

Shinku Hadoken - QCF + LP + HP, U or D to move beam, hold U before startup ends to aim upward, hold D before startup in air ends to aim downward, B or F to move upward or downward beam (Air OK, Crossover Combination)

Shinku Tatsumaki Senpukyaku - QCB + LK + HK (Air OK)

Hado Kakusei - D, D + LK + HK

Shin Shoryuken [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - DP + LP + HP


Debut: Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (1991)

A top agent at Interpol and skilled in kung fu, Chun-Li works hard to be able to bring down evil no matter where it is. The biggest target of Chun-Li's work is Shadaloo and its leader, M. Bison, who Chun-Li feels is responsible for the disappearance of her father Dorai. While having a strong sense of duty and obligation, Chun-Li also longs to live the life of an ordinary woman, while teaching a new generation the art of kung fu.

Command Moves

Yosokyaku - D + LK in air, up to 3 times

Wall Jump - UF jumping near wall

Double Jump, UB, U, or UF while jumping

Triple Jump - UB, U, or UF while double jumping

Hakkei - B + HP

Senjoshu - F + LK

Yokusenkyaku - F + HK

Sorensho - B + LP

Tsuitotsuken - F + LP

Kakukyakuraku - DF + HK

Tenkukyaku - B + HK

Suitotsuda - D + HP in air

Special Moves

Hyakuretsukyaku - QCF + K, hold K to repeat (Air OK)

Sotengeki - QCF + K, HK

Rechisu - QCF + K in air, HK

Spinning Bird Kick - Hold D, U + K (Air OK)

Hajinkyaku - Hold D, U + K, HK

Kikoken - QCF + P

Tenshokyaku - DP + K (Air OK)

Hazanshu - QCB + K (Air OK)

Kikoanken - Hold B, F + P

Hyper Combos

Kikosho - QCF + LP + HP (Crossover Combination)

Hoyokusen - QCF + LK + HK

Tensei Ranka - QCB + LK + HK (Air OK)

Shichisei Senkukyaku [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - QCF + LK + HK in air

Mega Man (Rockman in Japan)

Debut: Mega Man (1987)

Created by Dr. Thomas Light, Rock was a helper robot with his sister robot Roll in Dr. Light's lab. However, when Dr. Albert Wily had taken six of Dr. Light's other creations, Rock had asked to be upgraded into a fighting robot to be able to stop Dr. Wily's ambitions. Thus Rock became Mega Man, and with his strong sense of right and wrong as well as his Variable Weapon System and many friends, Mega Man fights to make a world where robots and humans can live in harmony.

Command Moves

Rush Jet - F, F in air / B, B in air (Air Dash)

Rush Coil - D, UB, U, or UF (Super Jump)

Wall Jump - UF while jumping near wall

Point Blank Buster - D + HP in air

Power Knuckle - F + HP

Jet Tackle - F + HK (Air OK)

Special Moves

Mega Buster - Hold P or K, release (Air OK)

Mega Upper - DP + P

Tornado Hold - DP + K

Leaf Shield - QCB + K, QCB + K to fire

Blazing Torch - Hold D, U + P

Rolling Cutter - QCB + P

Chill Spike - QCF + K

Charge Kick - D, D + K

Thunder Bolt - QCF + P

Drill Bomb - Hold B, F + P

Laser Trident - Hold B, F + K

Silver Tomahawk - D, D + P

Top Spin - Hold D, U + K

Hyper Combos

Double Mega Buster - QCF + LP + HP (Air OK, Crossover Combination)

Special Weapon Rush - QCF + LK + HK

Double Gear - QCB + LK + HK

Mega Legends [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - QCB + LP + HP

Morrigan Aensland

Debut: Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors (1994)

A succubus known for her voluptuous figure and titillating clothes, Morrigan is the current head of the Aensland family in the Demon World. However, Morrigan seeks fun in her life, finding her duties dull, which leads her to look for excitement not just in the Demon World but the human world too. With her immense power, she not only can seduce souls, but also use her power to conjure her little sister, Lilith, who represents half of her full power.

Command Moves

Splash Libido - F + HP

Deep Crescendo - F + HK

Shell Kick - D + HK in air

Heart Piercing - F + LP

Necro Desire - F + LK

Mystery Arc - DF + HP

Special Moves

Soul Fist - QCF + P (Air OK)

Shadow Blade - DP + P (Air OK)

Vector Drain - HCB + P

Harmonious Spear - QCF + K, hold K to charge (Air OK)

Parasite Roll - QCB + K

Flight - QCB + LK + HK (Air OK)

Valkyrie Turn - DP + K, K to attack

Hyper Combos

Finishing Shower - QCF + LP + HP (Air OK, Crossover Combination)

Shadow Servant - DP + LP + HP

Astral Vision - D, D + LK + HK

Darkness Illusion [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - QCF + LK + HK (Air OK)

Kaijin no Soki (aka Hideyasu Yuki, the Black Oni)

Debut: Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams (2006)

The illegitimate son of Hideyoshi Toyotomi, Hideyasu witnessed as his father had fallen to the dark curse of the Genma, just as his master Nobunaga Oda had before. Refusing to side with him, Hideyasu took on the name Soki, fighting against the Genma with the powers of the Oni and his twin swords, Lamentation and the Sword of Purification. Joined by many allies new and old, Soki seeks to combat the evils of the Genma before they can overrun Japan and change the course of history...

Command Moves

Double Jump - UB, U, or UF while jumping

Heavy Thrust - F + HP

Blade Jab - F + HP, LP rapidly

Heavy Slash - F + HP, HP

Finisher - D, D + HP

Heavy Kick - F + HK

Lift - B + HP

Special Moves

Head Splitter - QCF + P

Launcher - QCF + P, P

Slam - QCF + K / QCF + P, K

Deflect - QCB + K

Chain - QCB + K, P or K if Deflect blocks an attack

Phoenix - DP + P

Whirlwind - QCB + P

Hyper Combos

Sword of Purification - QCF + LP + HP (Crossover Combination)

Oni Tactics - QCF + LK + HK, hold LK + HK for up to 3 different levels of charge

Onimusha Awakening - D, D + LK + HK, B + LK + HK to absorb souls

Oni Cutter [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - DP + LP + HP during Onimusha Awakening with a full Red Soul Gauge


Debut: Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors (1994)

A catwoman Darkstalker raised by a kindly nun named Rose, Felicia never understood why people were afraid of her. In spite of it all, she has always been very kind and cheerful. Determined to show people that not all Darkstalkers are bad, Felicia has worked with other catwomen Darkstalkers and has made it to become a popular musical star, as well as working as the head nun at the Felicity House orphanage, helping children who shared her circumstances.

Command Moves

Toy Touch - DF + LP

Kitty Slash - B + HK

Wall Cling - Hold UB while jumping near wall, F to wall jump, hold DB to slide down wall

EX Charge - D, D + LK + HK, hold LK + HK to charge Hyper Meter

Cat & Mouse - D, D + LP + HP

Special Moves

Sand Splash - QCF + K

Rolling Buckler - QCF + P

Neko Punch - QCF + P, LP

Rolling Uppercut - QCF + P, HP

Rolling Slide - QCF + P, K

Rolling Scratch - QCB + P (Air OK)

Delta Kick - DP + K (Air OK)

Hell Cat - HCB + K

Cat Spike - DP + P

Hyper Combos

Hyper Sand Splash - QCF + LK + HK (Crossover Combination)

Dancing Flash - QCF + LP + HP

Kitty's Helper - QCB + LP + HP (Alto will attack when you press P or K until the timer for Kitty's Helper runs out)

Please Help Me! [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - HCB + LK + HK


Debut: Devil May Cry (2001)

One of the twin sons of the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda and his human wife Eva, Dante has inherited his father's great power with his mother's heart. When he was young, Dante witnessed his mom die at the hands of demons who sought revenge against Sparda. As he grew up, Dante sought to hunt down those responsible, opening up his jack of all trades shop, "Devil May Cry", taking on cases often involving demons, using his sword Rebellion and his twin pistols Ebony and Ivory as well as a wide variety of Devil Arms in his job as a Devil Hunter. Dante is always ready to rock, no matter the situation!

Note: Dante fights using his techniques and Devil Arms from Devil May Cry 4.

Command Moves

Air Hike - UB, U, or UF while jumping (Double Jump)

Helm Breaker - D + HP in air

Rain Storm - D + HK in air

Prop - F + LP

Shredder - F + LP, LP rapidly

Stinger - F + HP

Million Stab - F + HP, hold HP

Clay Pigeon - F + LK

Gun Stinger - F + HK

Fireworks - B + HP

Draw - B + HK

Straight - B + HK, P

Flush - U + P or K while jumping or during Air Hike

Bold Move - LK + HK

Full House - D + LK in air

Special Moves

Scatter Shot - QCF + LP, LP rapidly to continue firing, B or F to move

Drive - QCF + HP

Over Drive - QCF + HP, HP twice after first shockwave

Shock! - QCB + LP, hold LP to charge

Shocking! - QCB + LP in air

Real Impact - QCB + HP

Beast Uppercut - DP + LP

Rising Dragon - DP + HP

Divine Dragon - DP + HP, hold HP up to second shine

Kick 13 - K rapidly

Ecstasy - QCF + LK

Climax - QCF + LK, LK

Pin-Up - QCF + HK

Bondage - QCF + HK, HK

PF013: Epidemic - QCB + LK

PF124: Hatred - QCB + HK

PF422: Grief - DP + LK

PF398: Revenge - DP + HK

PF262: Jealousy - QCB + LK in air, LK rapidly

PF594: Argument - QCB + HK in air

Thunder Bolt - QCF + LK in air during Devil Trigger

Vortex - QCF + HK in air during Devil Trigger

Air Raid - QCB + LK + HK during Devil Trigger (Air OK, Flight)

Hyper Combos

Million Dollars - QCF + LP + HP, P rapidly (Crossover Combination)

Devil Trigger - D, D + LK + HK

PF666: Omen - QCB + LP + HP

Devil Must Die [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - QCF + LK + HK

Viewtiful Joe

Debut: Viewtiful Joe (2003)

An ordinary kind of high school student, Joe loved Captain Blue movies and spending time with his girlfriend Silvia. When Silvia was taken by the organization Jaddow into the movie world, Joe met Captain Blue and was given the VFX Watch. With the battle cry of "Henshin-A-Go-Go, Baby!", Joe transforms into Viewtiful Joe, able to use the VFX Watch to use powers similar to camera effects, fighting Jaddow and all evil in his own unique style!

Command Moves

Double Jump - UB, U, or UF while jumping

Triple Jump - UB, U, or UF while double jumping

Excellent Knuckle Punch - F + LP

Fire Punch - F + HP

Flame Smash - D + HP in air

Crescent Burn - D + HK in air

V-Dodge - D, D + LK + HK

Special Moves

Voomerang - QCF + P, hold P to charge (Air OK)

Shocking Pink - QCB + P, hold P to charge

Red Hot Kick - QCF + K (Air OK)

Groovy Uppercut - DP + P

Double Groovy Uppercut - DP + P, P

Air Joe - K rapidly in air

Roundhouse Blaze - QCB + K

Blaze Hurricane - DP + K

Red Hot One Hundred - P rapidly

Hyper Combos

Desperado - QCF + LP + HP (Air OK, Crossover Combination)

Mach Speed - QCF + LK + HK

Viewtiful God Hand - QCB + LP + HP

Slow & Zoom [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - QCB + LK + HK


Debut: Street Fighter III: New Generation (1997)

A young kunoichi from the Glade of Ninjas, Ibuki is talented at her work as a ninja, but she finds it tedious work, since she is still a teenager at heart. But she will do whatever job she can, and with impressive skill. Everywhere Ibuki goes, she is interested in a lot of things that most girls her age would enjoy. And she also is usually accompanied by her pet raccoon dog, Don-chan.

Command Moves

Double Jump - UB, U, or UF while jumping

Triple Jump - UB, U, or UF while double jumping

Quadruple Jump - UB, U, or UF while triple jumping

Wall Jump - UF while jumping near wall

Agemen - B + LP

Kobekudaki - F + LK

Sazan - DF + LK

Bonshogeri - F + HK

Oiuraken - B + HP

Yomen - F + LP

Special Moves

Kunai - QCF + P (Air OK)

Raida - HCB + P

Hien - RDP + K (Air OK)

Tsumuji - QCB + K

Kasumigake - QCF + K

Tsuijigoe - DP + P (Air OK)

Kagenui - RDP + P

Hyper Combos

Fuma Shuriken - QCF + LP + HP (Crossover Combination)

Kasumi Suzaku - QCF + LP + HP in air

Hashinsho - QCF + LK + HK

Yami Shigure - QCB + LK + HK

Yoroitoshi [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - HCB + LP + HP

Batsi Ichimonji

Debut: Rival Schools: United By Fate (1997)

Most people immediately misunderstand Batsu when meeting him, thanks in part to his foul-mouthed, belligerent and impulsive attitude. Not the most studious student at Taiyo High School, Batsu has a strong sense of justice and a kind heart, though due to his personality, most don't get to know the real him. When he begins a search for his mom, he ends up involved in something involving a lot of students all across Japan.

Command Moves

Haymaker - F + HP

Elbow Bash - B + HP

Roundhouse Kick - F + HK

Sweep Kick - B + HK

Special Moves

Kiaidan - QCF + P (Air OK)

Guts Upper - DP + P

Mikazuki Kick - QCB + K

Ryusei Kick - QCF + K in air

Burning Elbow - QCB + P (Air OK)

Hyper Combos

Zenkai Kiaidan - QCF + LP + HP (Air OK, Crossover Combination)

Zenkai Guts Upper - DP + LP + HP

Zenkai Ryusei Kick - QCF + LK + HK in air

Final Symphony [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - QCF + LK + HK

M. Bison (Vega in Japan)

Debut: Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (1991)

The leader of the criminal organization Shadaloo and the master of the mysterious Psycho Power, Bison lives for one thing and one thing only--- conquest of the world. It matters not what he does to the people of Earth, or who he has to manipulate or kill to achieve his goal, he will do it. Bison's cruelty knows no bounds, and this has led him to make many enemies, all of whom he aims to crush with his own hands.

Command Moves

Hell Attack - F + LP, LP in air

Psycho Axe - DF + HK

Deadly Middle Kick - DF + LK

Psycho Break - DF + HP

Special Moves

Psycho Crusher - Hold B, F + P (Air OK)

Double Knee Press - Hold B, F + K (Air OK)

Head Press - Hold D, U + K

Somersault Skull Diver - Hold D, U + K, P

Devil Reverse - Hold D, U + P

Psycho Blast - QCF + P

Bison Warp - DP + LP + HP or LK + HK / RDP + LP + HP or LK + HK

Psycho Inferno - QCB + P

Psycho Sever - QCF + K

Psycho Charge - HCB + K

Psycho Judgment - HCB + K, P or K after Psycho Charge hits

Flight - QCB + LK + HK (Air OK)

Hyper Combos

Knee Press Nightmare - Hold B, F + LK + HK (Air OK, Crossover Combination)

Psycho Explosion - QCF + LP + HP

Psycho Power - D, D + LK + HK

Ultimate Psycho Crusher [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - Hold B, F + LP + HP (Air OK)


Debut: Mega Man X (1993)

A Reploid, a human-like robot able to think for himself, built by Dr. Cain in the year 21XX, Sigma was once the leader of the Maverick Hunters, a unit hunting Reploids who would go Maverick. However, a chance encounter with Zero, the last creation of Dr. Wily's, would infect Sigma with the earliest phase of the Maverick Virus. Due to how advanced his systems and body were, the Virus evolved to fit Sigma, being reborn as the Sigma Virus. Over time, Sigma has waged war against humanity, seeking to replace them with Reploids under his watch, always returning because of his true form now being that of the Sigma Virus, only to be opposed by Mega Man X and Zero.

Command Moves

Overload Laser - F + HP

Air Overload Laser - D + HP in air

Anti-Air Overload Laser - B + HP

Special Moves

High Arc Divide - QCF + P

Low Arc Divide - QCF + K

Second Divide - QCF + P or K, P or K

Mirage Claw - D, D + P

Counter Teleport - D, D + K

Straight Divide - QCB + P (Air OK)

Reflector Magnum - QCB + K

Divide Scythe - DP + P

Sigma Drive - DP + K

Hyper Combos

Doom Buster - QCF + LP + HP (Air OK, Crossover Combination)

Blazing Line - QCF + LK + HK

Rave Divide - QCB + LP + HP

Final Sigma [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - QCB + LK + HK

Albert Wesker

Debut: Resident Evil (1996)

An experiment to make the strongest lifeform by Oswald E. Spencer, CEO of Umbrella Pharmaceuticals, Albert Wesker rose in the ranks of the organization, unaware of his origins for years. Brilliant and dangerous, Wesker has betrayed Umbrella many times to serve his own goals. A foe to the BSAA, Wesker's ultimate goal now is to infect the world with his newly perfect virus, Uroboros, to create a new world order where the "chosen" such as himself will rise while the others become monstrosities. He is determined to make his goal a reality no matter what.

Command Moves

Samurai Edge - F + HP

Samurai Edge Lower Shot - DF + HP

Anti-Surface Samurai Edge - D + HP in air

Special Moves

Cobra Strike - QCF + LP

Ghost Butterfly - QCF + HP

Phantom Move - DP + P or K (Air OK) / QCF + LP, K / QCF + HP, K

Jaguar Dash - QCF + K

Jaguar Kick - QCF + K, K

Mustang Kick - HCB + K

Tiger Uppercut - RDP + P or RDP + LP + HP

Hyper Combos

Phantom Dance - QCF + LK + HK (Air OK, Crossover Combination)

Rhino Charge - QCB + LP + HP

Lost in Nightmares - QCB + LK + HK

Uroboros [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - QCF + LP + HP


Debut: Okami (2006)

100 years ago, the sun god, Amaterasu Okami, clashed against the threat of the demon Orochi, but due to injuries sustained in the battle, she had lost her physical form, with her spirit contained within a statue. Eventually reincarnated, Amaterasu was without her fabled Celestial Brush powers, leading her to partner with the tiny Poncle, Issun, on a quest to regain her powers and to restore beauty to Nippon. Even if she comes off as a wolf, Amaterasu (Ammy to her friends) is very intelligent, and protective of nature itself.

Command Moves

Vine Dash - F, F in air / F, F, UF in air / F, F, DF in air (3-way Air Dash)

Reflector Chain Combo - F + HP up to 5 times w/ Solar Flare equipped

Glaive Chain Combo - F + HP up to 4 times w/ Thunder Edge equipped, hold HP to charge on the second, third, and fourth blows

Thunder Edge Stab - DF + HK in air

Rosary Chain Combo - F + HP up to 5 times w/ Devout Beads equipped

Special Moves

Weapon Change - D, D + LP (Solar Flare), D, D + HP (Thunder Edge), D, D + LP + HP (Devout Beads)

Head Charge - QCB + K (Air OK)

Power Slash - QCB + P

Ink Bullet - QCF + P (Air OK)

Fireworks - DP + LP w/ Solar Flare equipped

Solar Flare - DP + HP w/ Solar Flare equipped

Thunder Edge - QCF + K, hold K to charge w/ Thunder Edge equipped

Glaive Chop - QCF + K in air w/ Thunder Edge equipped

Cold Star - QCF + K w/ Devout Beads equipped (Air OK)

Hyper Combos

Okami Shuffle - QCF + LP + HP (Air OK, Crossover Combination)

Veil of Mist - QCB + LP + HP

Divine Instruments [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - QCF + LK + HK


Debut: God Hand (2006)

A wandering dusty rambler of a martial artist, Gene's life took an interesting turn when he had ran into a helpless girl being picked on by thugs. Trying to help the girl, Gene lost his right arm and found out they actually were demons. But the girl, Olivia, was touched by Gene's bravery and replaced his right arm with the legendary God Hand, guarded by the God Hand clan she was a part of. Now, Gene travels with Olivia to face the Four Devas, who seek to revive the ancient evil Angra from his imprisonment.

Command Moves

One-Inch Punch - F + LP

Pimp Smack - B + LP

Fist of Justice - F + HP, hold HP to charge

Palm Smash - B + HP

Knee Strike - F + LK

Right High Knee - B + LK

Reverse Hell Kick - F + HK

Reverse Sweep - B + HK

Special Moves

Shockwave - QCF + LP

Shaolin Blast - QCF + HP

Home Run God - DP + LP

La Bomba - DP + HP

Discombobulator - QCF + LK, LK rapidly

God Stomp - QCF + HK, HK rapidly

Divine Smash - DP + LK

Dragon Kick - DP+ HK

Daisy Cutter - QCB + LP

Chain Yanker - QCB + HP

Typhoon Kick - QCB + LK

Crescent Kick - QCB + HK

Hyper Combos

Wild Pitch - QCF + LP + HP (Crossover Combination)

Kung Fu Samba - QCF + LK + HK

God Charge - D, D + LP + HP

Enlightenment - D, D + LK + HK

God Hand Beatdown [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - QCB + LP + HP

Tron Bonne

Debut: Mega Man Legends (1997)

The only daughter of the Bonne family of air pirates, Tron is a very intelligent young lady, but she's extremely prideful and stubborn, on top of being a sore loser. However, she can be charmingly awkward around someone she has a crush on, and even for her actions, she values her big brother Teisel and little brother Bon greatly. Fighting in her custom-made Gustaff battle armor and joined by her Servbots, Tron works hard traveling the world to get rich quick, but her misadventures usually end up only adding to her debt in the end...

Command Moves

Gustaff Fire - F + HP

Bandit Boulder - F + HK

Special Moves

Bonne Strike - QCF + K, K rapidly (Air OK)

Beacon Bomb - QCF + P

Servbot Launcher - DP + P

Bonne Mixer - HCB + K

Hyper Combos

Lunch Rush - QCF + LP + HP

King Servbot - QCB + LP + HP, P rapidly (Crossover Combination)

Shakedown Mixer [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - HCB + LK + HK


Debut: Asura's Wrath (2012)

As a member of the Eight Guardian Generals, Asura had fought against the Gohma horde for a long time in the defense of Gaea. His main purpose for combat was to protect his wife Durga and daughter Mithra. Though stubborn and hot-headed due to his mantra of Wrath, Asura has a strong moral code and values the lives of the innocent, and doesn't believe in sacrificing the innocent for any reason. When his wife was killed and his daughter taken for the plans of Deus to end the Gohma threat, "The Great Rebirth", and being framed for killing Emperor Strada, Asura raises from Naraka in order to save his daughter, and exact his revenge on the people he once called allies.

Special Moves

Mantra Burst - QCF + P (Air OK)

Angry Smash - QCF + K

Explosive Geyser - DP + P

Violent Hurricane - QCB + P

Machine Gun Punch - P rapidly

Drop Kick - DP + K (Air OK)

One-Two Axe - QCB + K

Hyper Combos

Full Charge Mantra Burst - QCF + LP + HP (Air OK, Crossover Combination)

Burst Mode - QCF + LK + HK

Unlimited Mode - D, D + LK + HK

Asura's Wrath [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - QCB + LP + HP

Masamune Date

Debut: Sengoku BASARA (2005, Devil Kings outside of Japan)

A legendary warrior known as the One-Eyed Dragon, Masamune Date leads the Date clan, and is known for his cocky ambitious attitude. He often also will pepper his speech with English. Typically fighting with a single katana, Masamune is also able to fight with six at once, usually keeping the scabbards at his side. With a strong loyalty to his men, Masamune is out to prove his might and to take down other clans, including the Devil King, Nobunaga Oda.

Special Moves

Jet-X - QCF + P (Air OK)

Death Fang - DP + P (Air OK)

Magnum Step - QCB + P

Magnum Dunk - QCB + P, P

War Dance - QCF + K

Deadly Cross - DP + K

Kill Shake - QCB + K

Re-Bite - RDP + P

Ground Dragon - RDP + K

Hyper Combos

Hell Dragon - QCF + LP + HP (Crossover Combination)

Hell End Dragon - QCF + LP + HP, hold LP + HP to charge

Phantom Dive - QCF + LK + HK

Jumping Jack Breaker [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - QCB + LP + HP

Characters: Shonen Jump


Debut: Dragon Ball (1984)

Born as Kakarot of the planet Vegeta, Goku was sent to Earth as an infant to destroy the planet. However, a bump on his head left him with amnesia and a kinder personality. Raised by his grandfather Gohan, Goku eventually set out into the world, searching for the mythical Dragon Balls, as well as growing to become a great fighter and protector of peace. Always enjoying a good fight, Goku is driven to become stronger to protect those he loves and the Earth.

Command Moves

Ki Blast - F + LP, LP rapidly

Pressure Burst - F + HP

Heavy Elbow - B + HP (Air OK)

Snap Roundhouse - F + HK

Step Knee - F + LK

Dragon Flash Kick - D + HK in air

Ki Charge - D, D + LK + HK, hold LK + HK to increase Hyper Meter

Special Moves

Kamehameha - QCF + P, hold P to charge (Air OK)

Jet Upper - DP + P

Rapid Kick Flurry - QCB + K

Dragon Flash Fist - QCB + P (Air OK)

Instant Transmission - DP + K / RDP + K (Air OK)

Dragon Rush - QCF + K (Air OK)

Flight - QCB + LK + HK (Air OK)

Hyper Combos

Super Kamehameha - QCF + LP + HP (Air OK, Crossover Combination)

Spirit Bomb - QCB + LP + HP, hold LP + HP to charge (Air OK)

Instant Transmission Kamehameha - QCB + LP + HP while in Super Saiyan 1, 2, or 3 (Air OK)

Super Saiyan - D, D + LP

Super Saiyan 2 - D, D + HP

Super Saiyan 3 - D, D + LP + HP

Super Saiyan Blue Meteor Smash [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - QCF + LK + HK (Air OK)

Izuku Midoriya (aka Deku)

Debut: My Hero Academia (2014)

Voices: Justin Briner (English), Daiki Yamashita (Japanese)

Born without a Quirk or superpowers in a world where the majority of people had them, Izuku Midoriya (nicknamed Deku for seeming "useless" and "defenseless") dreamed of becoming a hero like his idol All Might, even if the odds were stacked against him. One day however, his bravery showed that he had what it takes to be a hero, thus he became the 9th successor of the legendary Quirk, One For All. Now a student at U.A. Academy, Izuku works hard to become the kind of hero he has only dreamed of until now.

Command Moves

Double Jump - UB, U, or UF while jumping

Triple Jump - UB, U, or UF while jumping

Wall Jump - UF while jumping near wall

Full Cowl Dash - F + LK + HK / B + LK + HK (Air OK)

Special Moves

Detroit Smash - QCB + P (Air OK)

Delaware Smash - QCF + P (Air OK)

Manchester Smash - QCF + K (Air OK)

St. Louis Smash - QCB + K (Air OK)

Detroit Smash Upper - DP + P (Air OK)

Manchester Smash Flip - DP + K (Air OK)

Hyper Combos

Delaware Smash Air Force - QCF + LP + HP (Air OK, Crossover Combination)

One For All: Full Cowl Shoot Style - QCF + LK + HK

1,000,000% Delaware Detroit Smash [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - QCB + LP + HP

Kenshin Himura

Debut: Rurouni Kenshin (1994)

Once known as Battousai the Manslayer, a fateful day led Kenshin Himura to renounce killing, taking up a reverse-blade katana as he wandered, seeking atonement. In his travels, Kenshin would come to Tokyo, which would lead him on a journey to find the peace he sought, as well as to face his past and others tied to it who seek to draw him back to the bloody fate he wishes to escape...

Command Moves

Double Jump - UB, U, or UF while jumping

Triple Jump - UB, U, or UF while double jumping

Wall Jump - UF while jumping near wall

Quickdraw Slash - F + HP

Overhead Slash - F + HK

Ankle Slash - F + LK

Neck Slash - F + LP

Special Moves

Ryutsuisen - QCF + P in air

Ryutsuisen: Zan - QCF + K in air

Ryukansen - QCF + K

Ryukansen: Tsumuji - QCF + K, P

Ryukansen: Kogarashi - QCF + K, LK

Ryukansen: Arashi - QCF + K, HK

Ryushosen - DP + P (Air OK)

Ryusosen - P rapidly

Doryusen - QCF + P

Soryusen - QCB + K

Ryumeisen - QCB + P

Hyper Combos

Hiten Gorengeki - QCF + LK + HK (Crossover Combination)

Kuzuryusen - QCB + LP + HP

Hiten no Yomi - QCB + LK + HK

Amakakeru Ryu no Hirameki [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - QCF + LP + HP

Monkey D. Luffy

Debut: One Piece (1997)

Dreaming to find freedom as a pirate, Monkey D. Luffy ended up eating the Gum-Gum Fruit, one of the mythical Devil Fruits, which gave him incredible elasticity but making him lose the ability to swim. Following in the footsteps of his idol, "Red-Haired" Shanks, Luffy dreams to become King of the Pirates and to find the freedom he has sought for, with his crew and his famed straw hat as well!

Command Moves

Gum-Gum Rocket - F, F, F / F, F, UF / F, F, DF / F, F D / F, F, DB / F, F, B / F, F, UB / F, F, U in air (multi-direction Air Dash)

Gum-Gum Balloon - D + LK + HK in air, hold LK + HK to remain in balloon form

Gum-Gum Whip - F + HK

Gum-Gum Rifle - F + HP

Gum-Gum Spear - D + HK in air

Special Moves

Gum-Gum Pistol - QCF + P (Air OK)

Gum-Gum Bazooka - DP + P

Gum-Gum Gatling - P rapidly

Gum-Gum UFO - K rapidly (Air OK)

Gum-Gum Bell - HCB + P

Gum-Gum Battle Axe - QCF + K

Gum-Gum Stamp - QCB + K

Gum-Gum Volcano - DP + K

Hyper Combos

Gum-Gum Fire Hawk - QCF + LP + HP (Crossover Combination)

Gum-Gum Jet Stamp Gatling - QCF + LK + HK

Gum-Gum Giant Pistol - QCB + LP + HP

Gum-Gum Giant Whip - QCB + LK + HK

Gear Four: Bounce Man [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - D, D + LP + HP (changes Luffy's Hyper Combos and special moves)

Naruto Uzumaki

Debut: Naruto (1999)

Born in the Hidden Leaf Village, Naruto grew up aiming to be Hokage, so he could show everyone he wasn't worthless. However, he would learn the reason the villagers had ostracized him and saw him as a monster is because he was a Jinchuriki, wielding the Nine-Tailed Fox Kurama in his body like his mother before him. Even with that, Naruto was motivated to become Hokage, driving to become the kind of ninja he wishes to be!

Command Moves

Double Jump - UB, U, or UF while jumping

Triple Jump - UB, U, or UF while double jumping

Wall Jump - UF while jumping near wall

Wall Cling - UB while jumping near wall, F to leap to other wall, D to drop down, P or K to attack

Kunai Throw - F + HP

Kunai Slash - B + HP

Chakra Charge - D, D + LK + HK, hold LK + HK to charge Hyper Meter

Special Moves

Rasengan - QCF + P, hold P to charge (Air OK)

Shadow Clone Jutsu - QCF + K

One Shoot Kick - QCB + K

Kurama Chakra Arm - DP + P

Kurama Chakra Slash - DP + K

Clone Spinning Axe Kick - QCF + K in air

Demon Wind Bomb - QCB + P

Substitution Jutsu - RDP + P or K

Hyper Combos

Wind Style: Rasenshuriken - QCF + LP + HP, LP + HP up to 4 times for more Rasenshuriken shots (Crossover Combination)

Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu - QCF + LK + HK

Naruto Uzumaki Region Barrage - QCB + LK + HK

Kurama Chakra Six Paths Sage Mode - D, D + LP + HP

Biju Ball [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - QCB + LP + HP during Kurama Chakra Six Paths Sage Mode


Debut: Black Clover (2015)

Even if he was born without magic, Asta strove to become the Wizard King, using hard work and determination to make the most of his physical strength and learning to wield a sword. Awakening a five-leaf clover grimoire that allows him to use Anti-Magic, Asta continues to work hard with his Magic Knights squad, the Black Bulls, in order to make his dream of becoming the Wizard King a reality.

Command Moves

Double Jump - UB, U, or UF while jumping

Triple Jump - UB, U, or UF while double jumping

Quadruple Jump - UB, U, or UF while triple jumping

Wall Jump - UF while jumping near wall

Wall Run - B, B / F, F towards wall, hold B or F to run up wall

High Slash - F + HP

Low Slash - F + LP

Special Moves

Bull Thrust - DP + P

One-Horn Bull Thrust - DP + K

Magic Absorption - QCF + P (copies special move of an opponent, can only copy 1 special move at a time)

Evil Spell - QCF + P after Magic Absorption (uses copied special move from Magic Absorption)

Spinning Slash - QCB + P, P rapidly

Rolling Slash - QCB + K

Overhead Slash - QCF + K

Flight - QCB + LK + HK during Black Asta (Air OK)

Hyper Combos

Black Hurricane - QCF + LP + HP (Crossover Combination)

Black Meteorite - QCF + LK + HK (Air OK)

Black Asta - D, D + LK + HK

Black Bull Rush [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - QCB + LP + HP

Ichigo Kurosaki

Debut: Bleach (2001)

Born with the ability to see ghosts and spirits from his parents, Ichigo strove to protect those who couldn't protect themselves. When he lost his mother, that motivation drove him more. A fateful night meeting Rukia Kuchiki, a Soul Reaper, led Ichigo to gain the power of a Soul Reaper himself, gaining it from his father's blood. Now, with his destiny more clear to him, Ichigo is driven to fight evil and protect the people around him and his hometown.

Command Moves

Double Jump - UB, U, or UF while jumping

Shunpo - F + LK + HK / B + LK + HK (Air OK)

Gazan - D + HP in air

Dropping Slash - D + HK in air

High Issenzan - F + HP

Low Issenzan - F + HK

Special Moves

Getsuga Tensho - QCF + P, hold P to charge (Air OK)

Rengoku Getsuga Tensho - QCF + P, P rapidly (Air OK)

Kogetsuzan - DP + P (Air OK)

Engetsuzan - QCF + K

Retsuga - QCB + P

Kongenzan - QCB + K

Hyper Combos

Getsuga Jujisho - QCF + LP + HP (Air OK, Crossover Combination)

Tensho Ranbu - QCF + LK + HK

Bankai: Tensa Zangetsu - D, D + LK + HK

Mugetsu [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - QCB + LP + HP

Arale Norimaki

Debut: Dr. Slump (1980)

The creation of Senbei Norimaki, Arale is a robot who is built like a little girl, often said to be Senbei's little sister or daughter (depending on who he's talking to). Though Arale is a brilliant creation, she is near-sighted as well as being known for her sweet, cheerful, and naive personality. Life is always an adventure in Penguin Village, especially when Arale gets involved!

Note: Arale is joined by Gatchan in battle.

Command Moves

Headbutt - F + HP (Air OK)

Boulder Toss - F + HK

Headshot - B + HP

Poop Toss - B + HK

Special Moves

Pumpkin Cannon - QCF + LP

Watermelon Cannon - QCF + HP

Kiiin! - QCF + K

Arale Kick - DP + K

Home Run - DP + P

Gatchan Electricity - QCB + P

Gatchan Telekinesis - QCB + K

Hyper Combos

N'Cha Cannon! - QCF + LP + HP (Crossover Combination)

Mach Move - QCF + LK + HK

Earth Splitter [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - QCB + LP + HP


Debut: Fist of the North Star (1983)

The 64th successor of Hokuto Shinken, Kenshiro is a kind person, in spite of how his stoic expression portrays him, who has little intolerance for those who prey on others weaker than themselves. Traveling his barren Earth, scorched by nuclear war, Kenshiro seeks his fiancee Yuria, who had been taken from him. Along his journey, Kenshiro faces many other obstacles, standing against evil and facing powerful rivals.

Special Moves

Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken - P rapidly

Touki Shinken - QCF + P

Hokuto Ujo Mosho Ha - DP + P

Ganzan Ryozan Ha - QCB + P

Ryusei Gokin Bundan Kyaku - QCF + K

Hokuto Hiei Ken - DP + K

Ryusei Hagan Kyaku - QCB + K

Hokuto Shichishi Kihei Zan- QCF + P in air

Tenha no Kamae - D, D + P

Hyper Combos

Tenha Kassatsu - QCF + LP + HP (Crossover Combination)

Hokuto Shichishi Seiten - QCF + LK + HK

Muso Tensei - D, D + LK + HK

Hokuto Sengoku Rakki Ken [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - QCB + LP + HP

Yusuke Urameshi

Debut: Yu Yu Hakusho (1990)

A rough edged middle school student, Yusuke was living what he perceived was a rotten life. But when he died saving a child, since it wasn't his time, he was able to be given a chance to be brought back to life by Koenma, ruler of the Spirit World. When he was brought back to life, Yusuke awoke his spiritual abilities and was chosen to be a Spirit Detective, facing all kinds of threats to the Human World and the Spirit World.

Command Moves

Headbutt - F + HP

Teeth Breaker - F + HK

Charge Up - B + LP + HP

Special Moves

Spirit Gun - QCF + P, hold P to charge (Air OK)

Shotgun - QCB + P

Cyclone Kick - QCB + K

Spirit Buster - DP + P

Flying Kick - DP + K

Tornado Sweep - QCF + K

Hyper Combos

Giant Spirit Gun - QCF + LP + HP (Air OK, Crossover Combination)

Spirit Wave - QCF + LK + HK

Demon Form - D, D + LK + HK

Demon Gun [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - QCB + LP + HP in Demon Form (Air OK)


Debut: Dragon Ball Z (1989, anime)

The leader of the deadly Frieza Force, Frieza rules over a good deal of the universe, as well as possessing incredible power of his own. Fearing the uprising of the Saiyan race as well as the prophecy of the Super Saiyan, Frieza wiped out their home world of Vegeta, sparing only a few. But what Frieza didn't realize is one other Saiyan still lived, and thus would be his downfall. Though he has died and returned many times, Frieza still lives for conquest, and to crush Goku, the Saiyan who has defeated him!

Command Moves

Tail Strike - F + HK

Tail Smash - D + HP in air

Eye Laser - F + HP

Ki Charge - D, D + LK + HK, hold LK + HK to charge Hyper Meter

Special Moves

Death Beam - QCF + P (Air OK)

Rapid-Fire Death Beam - QCF + P, P rapidly

Death Saucer - QCB + P

Frieza Force - QCF + K

Death Slash - DP + P

Death Strangle - HCB + K

Death Raid - DP + K (Air OK)

Flight - QCB + LK + HK (Air OK)

Hyper Combos

Death Cannon - QCF + LP + HP (Air OK, Crossover Combination)

Death Ball - QCB + LP + HP (Air OK)

Golden Frieza - D, D + LP + HP

Nova Strike - QCF + LK + HK in air

Frieza Legion [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - QCF + LK + HK

Toguro (Younger)

Debut: Yu Yu Hakusho (1990)

Once a human, Toguro had watched a demon named Kairin kill his students before his eyes. He and his lover Genkai would enter the Dark Tournament in order to face Kairin, but once winning, Toguro wished to become a demon, to never lose his power or his youth. With this sacrifice, Toguro waited for 50 years to find someone worthy to use 100% of his full power against.

Special Moves

Deadly Arm Sweep - QCF + P

Bomber - DP + P

Wheel Kick - QCF + K (Air OK)

Shoulder Tackle - DP + K

"You're Helpless!" - QCB + P or K

Hyper Combos

Deadly Arm Bomber - QCF + LP + HP (Crossover Combination)

Violent Barrage - QCB + LP + HP

100% Full Power [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - QCF + LK + HK

Light Yagami

Debut: Death Note (2003)

Once an ordinary high school student, Light Yagami's world changed when he had found the Death Note, a notebook allowing him to write in a person's name and cause their death. With a brilliant mind, Light had felt that only he could save the world as a new god, using the Death Note and loyal servants, all who knew him as Kira. Although his intentions are true, Light's ego prevents him from seeing the evil in his actions, only caring that he "cleanses" the world.

Note: Light fights with a scythe as a weapon, and at times will have Ryuk appear in his moves.

Command Moves

Scythe Slam - F + HP

Rolling Slash - B + HP

Intellect of Kira - D, D + LP + HP (can stack up to 3 times)

Special Moves

Dead Spike - QCF + P

Hell's Fang - DP + P

Purgatory Reaper - QCB + P

Hades Divide - QCF + K

Carnage Scissors - DP + K

Blackout - QCB + K

Hyper Combos

Grim Reaper - QCF + LK + HK (Crossover Combination)

Bloody Reign - QCB + LP + HP (Air OK)

Death Note [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - QCF + LP + HP


Debut: Assassination Classroom (2012)

Formerly a human assassin known as the God of Death due to his natural skills in killing and lack of empathy, Koro-sensei (as named by his students) was betrayed by his apprentice, and taken to a special project that implanted anti-matter into his body, which transformed it over time. While in the facility, he met Aguri Yukimura, an intern who observed him, and taught him compassion and empathy. Eventually, a series of events led to Aguri's death, with Koro-sensei offering the world's governments time to find a way to kill him, before the anti-matter in his body destroys the planet. However, all he asks is that he is allowed to teach Class 3-E at Kunugigaoka Junior High, with a time limit set to the end of the school year.

Command Moves

Tentacle Slap - F + LP, LP rapidly

Tentacle Strike - F + HP

High-Speed Dive - D + HK in air

Special Moves

Energy Laser - QCF + P

Tornado Slapping - QCB + P

High Speed Dash - QCF + K in air

Liquefaction - QCF + K

Mucus Adhesive - DP + P

Wrecking Ball - DP + K

Hyper Combos

Hyper Energy Laser - QCF + LP + HP (Crossover Combination)

Hyper Wrecking Ball - DP + LK + HK

Hyper Tornado - QCB + LP + HP

True Speed [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - QCF + LK + HK

Lenalee Lee

Debut: D.Gray-man (2004)

A member of the Order, a group of Exorcists, Lenalee was forcibly taken from her brother Komui after her parents were killed by an Akuma. While training under the Order, Lenalee hated her time there due to what had happened to her, being separated from her only family. Eventually, when Komui had joined the Order, Lenalee began to change for the better, seeing the Order as her family. She has worked side by side particularly with her brother as well as Allen Walker and many others.

Note: Lenalee is joined by Allen in many of her special moves and Hyper Combos.

Command Moves

Double Jump - UB, U, or UF while jumping

Triple Jump - UB, U, or UF while double jumping

Quadruple Jump - UB, U, or UF while triple jumping

Wall Jump - UF while jumping near wall

Lenalee Punch - F + HP, hold HP to charge

Special Moves

Waltz: Mist Wind - QCF + K (Air OK)

Dark Boots Gale Force - DP + K

Burden, Acoustic Technique: Sound Shackles - D, D + P or K

Falling Technique: Iron Shackles - QCB +K in air

Crown Edge - QCF + P

Clown Belt - HCB + P

Edge End - DP + P

Hyper Combos

Waltz: Mist Cyclone - QCF + LK + HK (Air OK, Crossover Combination)

Sword of Exorcism - QCF + LP + HP

Teamwork [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - QCB + LP + HP / QCB + LK + HK

Medaka Kurokami

Debut: Medaka Box (2012)

Beautiful and skilled, Medaka excels in academics, sports, and just about anything she tries. However, that ability, thanks to her unusual abnormality known as "The End", left her feeling lonesome until she had met Zenkichi Hitoyoshi, who with his genuine happiness and amazement at her skills made her realize her purpose in life is to make others happy. Now in high school, she and Zenkichi would lead their high school's student council, facing all kinds of challenges along the way.

Note: Zenkichi appears in Medaka's Level 3 Hyper Combo.

Special Moves

Kurokami Open Blow - QCF + P

Kurokami Hip Attack - QCF + K (Air OK)

Kurokami Reflect - QCB + P

Kurokami Lariat - DP + P

Kurokami Rolling Savate - DP + K

Kurokami Climb - HCB + K

Hyper Combos

Kurokami Phantom - QCF + LP + HP (Crossover Combination)

War God Mode - D, D + LK + HK

Kurokami Phantom: Proper Version - QCF + LP + HP during War God Mode (Crossover Combination)

Weighted Words - QCB + LP + HP

Kurokami Final + Shutouryu [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - QCF + LK + HK

Pegasus Seiya

Debut: Saint Seiya (1986)

Orphaned and taken to Sanctuary to become a Saint to fight for the Greek deity Athena, Seiya fought and trained in order to return home to Japan and find his missing sister Seika. However, as he enters battles because of his duty and fighting with other Saints, Seiya shifts his motivations to protect Saori Kido, the reincarnation of Athena. With a strong sense of justice and a selfless heart, even for being brash and impulsive, Seiya has incredible determination, and never gives up no matter the circumstances.

Special Moves

Pegasus Meteor Fist - QCB + P

Pegasus Comet Fist - QCF + P (Air OK)

Pegasus Rolling Crush - HCB + K (Air OK)

Rising Star - DP + K

Rising Comet Fist - DP + P

Shooting Star Kick - QCF + K

Hyper Combos

Sagittarius Arrow - QCF + LP + HP (Air OK, Crossover Combination)

True Pegasus Meteor-Comet Fist - QCB + LP + HP

Balmung Sword [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - QCF + LK + HK

Lala Satalin Deviluke

Debut: To Love-Ru (2006)

The first princess of Deviluke and whose family rules the Galaxy, Lala had initially ran away from home to avoid marriage to any of her suitors, and ended up on Earth, meeting Rito Yuki. Lala at first faked being in love with Rito, but she eventually genuinely fell in love with him and stays with him out of that love. A brilliant genius with a childish nature, Lala's inventions usually make life more interesting... if not risque!

Command Moves

Spinny-Spunny Rope - F + HP

Wind-Wind Rope 2 - B + HP

Double Jump - UB, U, or UF while jumping

Gliding - F, F, UF / F, F, DB / F, F, UB / F, F, DF in air (multi-direction air dash)

Special Moves

Sticky-Gooey Launcher - QCF + P (Air OK)

Almighty Tool Sword - DP + P (Air OK)

Flight - QCB + LK + HK (Air OK)

Grabby-Grabby Hand - QCB + P

Almighty Tool Lighter - DP + K

Skip-Skip Warp - D, D + P or K

Hyper Combos

Kon-Kon Snow - QCF + LP + HP (Crossover Combination)

Go-Go Vacuum - QCB + LP + HP

Chompy-Munchy Eater - QCF + LK + HK

Slapping Fireworks [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - DP + LP + HP / DP + LK + HK

Hidden Characters: Capcom

Jedah Dohma

Debut: Darkstalkers 3 (1997)

Unlock method: Purchase with 50,000 Player Points or complete Story Mode.

One of the strongest Darkstalkers, Jedah is the youngest leader of the three Houses of the Demon World, but his drive and motivation are what make him one of the most dangerous. Seeing the results of what happened to the Demon World after his first death and resurrection, Jedah seeks to bring his own belief of salvation to all worlds by infusing all souls in existence into himself! And if chaos ensues, he doesn't mind either, as long as he brings about his idea of salvation.

Command Moves

Dita del Lamento - F + LP

Falce Mortale - DF + LP

Dita della Pieta - DF + LK

Colpo dell'Oscurita - DF + HP

Dita della Calma - F + LP in air

Special Moves

Dio Sega - QCF + P, hold P to charge (Air OK)

Spreggio - DP + P

Ira Piano - QCF + K in air

Nero Fatica - QCB + P

Sangue Scarificio - QCB + P in air

Ira Piano - QCB + K in air

Falce Inizio - QCF + K

San Passare - HCB + K

Flight - QCB + LK + HK (Air OK)

Hyper Combos

Sangue Dio Sega - QCF + LP + HP (Air OK, Crossover Combination)

Finale Rosso - D, D + LP + HP

Spirale del Diavolo - QCF + LK + HK in air

Prova di Servo [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - QCF + LK + HK

Akuma (Gouki in Japan)

Debut: Super Street Fighter II Turbo (1994)

Unlock method: Purchase with 20,000 Player Points or complete Story Mode.

The brother of Gouken, Akuma also studied under Goutetsu in Ansatsuken, but while Gouken wished to take the form into a more peaceful path, Akuma had become obsessed with using the power of the Satsui no Hado, the dark force of energy that manifested from the desire of power and violence above all else, and tapped into it, killing Goutetsu and setting out to master the power, unaware and uncaring that the effects consume him, as he seeks to face off with his brother's pupil, Ryu, having tried to sway him to use the Satsui no Hado to no avail, motivated more after Ryu had been able to awaken Mu no Ken, or the Power of Nothingness, and to prove the Satsui no Hado, and thus himself and his teachings, are superior.

Command Moves

Zugaihasatsu - F + LP

Tenha - B + HP

Sekiseiken - F + HP

Tenmakujinkyaku - D + HK in air

Special Moves

Gohadoken - QCF + P

Sekia Goshoha - HCB + P

Zanku Hadoken - QCF + P in air

Goshoryuken - DP + P

Tatsumaki Zankukyaku - QCB + K (Air OK)

Ashura Senku - DP + LK + HK or RDP + LK + HK

Hyakkishu - QCF + K

Hyakki Gozan - QCF + K, no input

Hyakki Gosho - QCF + K, P

Hyakki Gojin - QCF + K, K

Hyper Combos

Messatsu Gohado - QCF + LP + HP (Crossover Combination)

Messatsu Goshoryu - DP + LP + HP

Tenma Gozanku - QCF + LP + HP, P rapidly in air

Messatsu Gorasen - QCB + LK + HK

Shun Goku Satsu [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - LP, LP, F, LK, HP

Monster Hunter

Debut: Monster Hunter (2004, title), Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite (2017, specific version)

Unlock method: Purchase with 15,000 Player Points or complete Story Mode.

Known simply as her title as a Monster Hunter, this female Monster Hunter travels the world taking on all kinds of missions and seeking adventure. She often gains missions from the Monster Hunter guild in Val Habar, and she is an expert tracker using her deadly weapons forged from monster scales and claws, as well as her amazing skills as a marksman with a bow and arrows to hunt her prey.

Command Moves

Dodge - LK + HK

Demon Dodge - LK + HK in Demon Mode

Circle Slash - F + LP

Overhead Slash - F + LK

Lunging Strike - F + HK

Jumping Shot - D + HK in air

Dodge - LK + HK (can be used during special moves and normal moves)

Demon Dodge - LK + HK in Demon Mode (can be used during special moves and normal moves)

Special Moves

Draw Slash - QCF + P (HP version can be charged)

2nd Draw Slash - QCF + P, P

Arrow Strike - QCF + LK, hold LK to charge

Arc Shot - QCF + HK, hold HK to charge

Demon Flurry - QCB + P (Air OK)

Demon Dance - QCB + P in Demon Mode (Air OK)

Hyper Combos

Tartarus Stampede - QCF + LP + HP

Meteor Fall - QCF + LK + HK (Crossover Combination)

Demolisher Demon Dance - QCB + LP + HP (Air OK, activates Demon Mode)

Demon Mode - D, D + LP + HP

Hunter's Pride [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - QCB + LK + HK

Hsien-Ko (Lei Lei in Japan)

Debut: Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge (1995)

Unlock method: Purchase with 10,000 Player Points or complete Story Mode.

Born to Senjutsushi, Hsien-Ko and her twin sister Mei-Ling had been trained in the arts of Senjutsu, until the day their village was attacked by Darkstalkers. Their mother sacrificed herself to protect the twins, but her soul was trapped in darkness due to this. In order to save their mother, Hsien-Ko used the Igyo Tenshin no Jutsu to make herself a jiang-shi while Mei-Ling became a talisman to keep Hsien-Ko from losing control. Now as demon hunters, the twins fight to save their mother's soul, with Hsien-Ko using all kinds of hidden weapons in her arsenal.

Command Moves

Rantetsu - F + HP

Edoga - F + HK

Special Moves

Anki Hou - QCF + P

Henkyou Ki - QCB + P (Air OK)

Senpu Bu - DP + P (Air OK)

Houten Geki - HCB + K

Hyper Combos

Chireitou - QCF + LK + HK (Crossover Combination)

Tenrai Ha - QCB + LP + HP

Rimoukon - D, D + LK + HK [Mei-Ling hops off Hsien-Ko's face and provides her with Super Armor until the timer runs out]

Chuukadan [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - QCF + LP + HP

Hidden Characters: Shonen Jump

Dio Brando aka DIO

Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (1987)

Unlock method: Purchase with 50,000 Player Points or complete Story Mode.

Evil, ambitious, and determined, Dio Brando came into the home of the Joestar family in the hopes to break Jonathan Joestar and to take his father George's fortune for himself. However, Dio's ambitions would be halted by Jonathan to the point he would use a stone mask to make himself into a vampire. Even when supposedly dead, Dio would later take Jonathan's deceased body as his own and gain more power in his quest to stand atop the world as its ruler.

Command Moves

Rib Breaker - F + HK

Knife Cut - F + LP

Knife Slash - B + HP

Hard Kick - D + K in air

Conqueror's Palm - F + HP

Special Moves

Space Ripper Stingy Eyes - QCF + P, hold P to charge (Air OK)

Blood Drain - HCB + K

Eye-Crushing Kick - QCF + K

Blazing Strikes - QCB + P, hold P to continue, B or F to move

Over Here - D, D + P or K / QCF + K, P or K

Death Drive - DP + P or K

Hyper Combos

Checkmate - QCB + LP + HP (Crossover Combination)

Blazing Space Ripper Stingy Eyes - QCF + LP + HP

The World - Time Stop - QCF + LK + HK

The World - Road Roller [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - DP + LP + HP or DP + LK + HK


Debut: Fist of the North Star (1983)

From the land of Shura, Raoh had been taken in by Ryuken, master of Hokuto Shinken, along with his little brother Toki and a young infant named Kenshiro. Driven to be the strongest, Raoh trained hard, frightening Ryuken to where Kenshiro would become the 64th successor of Hokuto Shinken. In this act, Raoh killed his master and left the temple, aiming to form an army to conquer the wastelands of a nuclear war-destroyed Earth, taking the title of Ken-Oh. With his army, Raoh aims to create the perfect martial arts style, and to become the Conqueror of Century's End.

Unlock method: Purchase with 25,000 Player Points or complete Story Mode.

Command Moves

Palm Breaker - F + HP

Axe Kick - F + HK

Shoulder Smash - B + HP

Emperor's Strike - B + HK

Special Moves

Hokuto Goshoha - QCF + P (Air OK)

Hokuto Raretsu Ken - DP + P

Hokuto Tensho Raigeki - QCB + P

Sai - QCB + K

Muso Insatsu - QCF + K

Hiko Shinketsushu - RDP + P or K

Hyper Combos

Tensho Honretsu - QCF + LP + HP (Crossover Combination)

Hokuto Shinten Rai - QCF + LK + HK

Muso Tensei - D, D + LK + HK

Hokuto Mettei Ha [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - QCB + LP + HP


Debut: Toriko (2008)

A Gourmet Hunter who searches the world for the most precious foods so he can make the ultimate full-course meal, Toriko has incredible strength and knowledge of the animal kingdom, along with other inhuman abilities in this pursuit, often joined by the timid chef Komatsu, Toriko and his friends often face the Gourmet Corps, who seek to control their world's food supply while Toriko searches for GOD, the legendary ingredient.

Unlock method: Purchase with 15,000 Player Points or complete Story Mode.

Command Moves

Double Jump - UB, U, or UF while jumping

Leg Fork - F + HK

Knife - F + HP

Special Moves

Fork Nail Punch - QCF + P (Air OK)

Flying Leg Knife - QCF + K

#-Fold Spiked Punch - QCB + P

Ice Pick - DP + P

Leg Nail Kick - QCB + K

Hyper Combos

Jet Nail Gun - QCF + LP + HP (Crossover Combination)

Jet Leg Knife - QCF + LK + HK

Jet Knife - DP + LP + HP

Fork Armor - D, D + LK + HK [provides Toriko with Super Armor]

Conduct of the King: Ultimate Routine [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - QCB + LP + HP or QCB + LK + HK

Train Heartnet

Debut: Black Cat (2000)

Once an Eraser for the organization Chronos with the number XIII, Train joined the organization when he had been found as a child by Karl Walken, who held a management position, after Train had lost his parents to Zagine Axelox, a skilled assassin who had also trained Train before he was found by Karl.

Known for 100% accuracy in his assassinations, Train was bleak and never smiled until the day he left Chronos, where his life would take another turn, when he met the Sweeper (licensed bounty hunter) Saya Minatsuki, who looked out for Train until she was killed by Train's old associate Creed Diskenth. Her death shook Train, changing him to follow a similar lifestyle to Saya, becoming a Sweeper as well.

With his partner Sven Vollfied, Train goes on many bounties, but soon is wrapped up in a war with Creed and his new organization the Apostles of the Stars and Chronos, while trying to remain on the side of angels and to follow the path of life he believes in.

Special Moves

Burst Bullet - QCF + P (Air OK)

Black Claw - QCF + K

Flash Bomb - QCB + P

Rising Black Claw - QCB + K

Static Shock - DP + P

Slash Kick - DP + K (Air OK)

Hyper Combos

Railgun (Crossover Combination) - QCF + LP + HP

Black Cross - QCF + LK + HK

Burst Railgun [Level 3 Hyper Combo] - QCB + LP + HP

Downloadable Characters

Over time, DLC characters will be made available to purchase via Player Points once the appropriate updates are made. You can also at this time use cash to purchase colors and/or alternate costumes for the DLC characters as well as getting a Season Pass to unlock them immediately when they launch.

Support Characters

With the Support button, you can call on a character to offer assistance to your team in different ways, similar to Marvel vs. Capcom and Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax with assist characters. However, each Support character has a cooldown timer once you trigger them, but it's about using them in conjunction with your point characters and Active Switches to make the most of combos you can.


Ken (Street Fighter) - Ken performs a Shoryuken, which hits five times, providing solid anti-air defense.

Arthur (Ghosts 'n Goblins) - Arthur leaps onto the screen, throwing 3 lances at the opponent. If he is hit while this is done, his armor shatters and he is left in just his boxers.

SonSon III (SonSon, Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes) - SonSon appears, giving a peach to your team to be able to heal.

[Shonen Jump]

Final Boss


Series Debut: Onimusha: Warlords (2001)


After beating 8 teams of 2 in Arcade Mode including the team of Jedah and Dio at Stage 8, you will face Fortinbras. The battle takes place in three stages, each representing his varied forms from the Onimusha games he has been in. His first form will be his form that Samanosuke faced in the end of Onimusha: Warlords. In this form, Fortinbras strikes with his claws, his tail, flame breath, and dark lightning, though he will not move much. When you defeat him, the battle isn't over by a long shot...

In Phase 2, Fortinbras absorbs the power of the Omen Star in his background and becomes his first form from Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams. In this form, he fights as he had before, but is more mobile and can move around the background too, shooting laser blasts of dark energy at you. Though in this state, he is very suspectible to Air Combos as well as the right use of Crossover Combinations and Crossover Air Combos. Once defeated here, the final battle begins...

In the Final Phase, Fortinbras becomes the Man in White, his true and ultimate form as the Genma God of Light. Just because he is about the same size as most of the cast now doesn't take away from the fact he is still as powerful as he was in Phase 1 and 2, if not more so. In this form, Fortinbras levitates around the stage as well as walking on air, usually his arms behind his back before he makes an attack. When he attacks, he will summon various Genma to his aid as well as shooting fireballs and using the power of his pressure itself to immobilize your characters in addition to creating geysers of fire in addition to using his dark energies as he had before. In this state, Fortinbras does not stagger as he takes hits, so you need to be able to hit him hard and fast to take him down. Once beaten, you've cleared Arcade Mode and unlocked the ending for the character that defeated Fortinbras!

Cast: English

Ryu: Kyle Hebert

Chun-Li: Laura Bailey

Mega Man: Ben Diskin

Morrigan: Siobhan Flynn

Kaijin no Soki: David Beron

Felicia: G.K. Bowes

Dante: Reuben Langdon

Viewtiful Joe: Darrel Guilbeau

Ibuki: Kat Steel

Batsu: Bryce Papenbrook

M. Bison: Gerald C. Rivers

Sigma: Chris Tergliafera

Wesker: DC Douglas

Amaterasu: N/A

Gene: Beng Spies

Tron: Tara Platt

Asura: Liam O'Brien

Masamune: Robert McCollum

Jedah: David Kaye

Akuma: Richard Epcar

Monster Hunter: Melissa Hutchison

Hsien-Ko: Hunter Mackenzie Austin

Fortinbras: J. Grant Albrecht

Auto: Chris Hackney

Goku: Sean Schemmel

Izuku: Justin Briner

Kenshin: Micah Solusod

Luffy: Colleen Clinkenbeard

Naruto: Maile Flanagan

Asta: Dallas Reid

Ichigo: Johnny Yong Bosch

Arale: Brina Palencia

Kenshiro: Kaiji Tang

Yusuke: Justin Cook

Frieza: Chris Ayres

Toguro: Dameon Clake

Light: Brad Swaile

Koro-sensei: Sunny Strait

Lenalee: Luci Christian

Allen: Todd Haberkorn

Medaka: Shelley Calene-Black

Zenkichi: Andrew Love

Seiya: Kyle McCarley

Lala: Alexis Tipton

Dio: Patrick Seitz

Raoh: Andrew Love

Toriko: Ian Sinclair

Train: Jason Liebricht

Koto (Announcer 1): Amber Cotton

Juri (Announcer 2): Jamie Marchi

Cast: Japanese

Ryu: Hiroki Takahashi

Chun-Li: Fumiko Orikasa

Rockman: Ayaka Fukuhara

Morrigan: Rie Tanaka

Kaijin no Soki: Toshiyuki Kusuda

Felicia: Kana Asumi

Dante: Toshiyuki Morikawa

Viewtiful Joe: Tomokazu Seki

Ibuki: Ayumi Fujimura

Batsu: Nobuyuki Hiyama

Vega: Norio Wakamoto

Sigma: Mugihito

Wesker: Joji Nakata

Amaterasu: N/A

Gene: Tomoaki Maeno

Tron: Mayumi Iizuka

Asura: Hiroki Yasumoto

Masamune: Kazuya Nakai

Jedah: Isshin Chiba

Gouki: Taketora

Monster Hunter: Hoko Kuwashima

Lei-Lei: Saori Hayami

Fortinbras: Yasunori Masutani

Rightot: Nobuo Tobita

Goku: Masako Nozawa

Izuku: Daiki Yamashita

Kenshin: Mayo Suzukaze

Luffy: Mayumi Tanaka

Naruto: Junko Takeuchi

Asta: Gakuto Kajiwara

Ichigo: Masakazu Morita

Arale: Mami Koyama

Kenshiro: Katsuyuki Konishi

Yusuke: Nozomu Sasaki

Frieza: Ryusei Nakao

Toguro: Tessho Genda

Light: Mamoru Miyano

Koro-sensei: Jun Fukuyama

Lenalee: Ai Kakuma

Allen: Sanae Kobayashi

Medaka: Aki Toyosaki

Zenkichi: Yuki Ono

Seiya: Kaito Ishikawa

Lala: Haruka Tomatsu

Dio: Takehito Koyasu

Raoh: Takayuki Kondo

Toriko: Ryotaro Okiayu

Train: Takashi Kondo

Koto (Announcer 1): Ai Orikasa

Juri (Announcer 2): Katsuyo Endou