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This page talks about the video game based on the film, you may be looking for the film.

ROBLOX: The Movie is an upcoming 2020 video game which will be published by Activision. It is based on ROBLOX: The Movie. It will be on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC (Windows 10, Mac, or higher), IOS and Android.


Coming soon!



The open world will have the same locations as the film.


Playable Characters

  • Jake
  • Melvin
  • Jesse
  • Chad
  • Omar
  • Laith
  • Sean
  • Builderman

Non-Playable Characters

  • 1x1x1x1
  • Donny
  • Jake's Mom
  • Jake's Dad
  • Johnny
  • Noah

More Characters Coming soon!

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