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Project X Zone 3:Sacred Destinies (プロジェクト クロスゾーン 3 神聖な運命 - Purojekuto Kurosu Zōn San: Shinseina Unmei) or simply Project X Zone 3 is a Fighting/Tactical-Role Playing game featuring characters from Bandai Namco, Capcom and Sega, Nintendo returns once again with both Fire Emblem Awakening and Xenoblade Chronicles franchises (Nintendo Exclusive), now more third-party guests has arrived: Tecmo Koei, Arc System Works, SNK, Square-Enix, Compile Heart and Konami.


Three years after Project X Zone 2, a mysterious evil force is causing chaos making worlds, ages and dimension rifts combine once more, Ouma has returned once more but now searching something important related with the Arisu Clan.

New Gameplay Additions

  • Ultimate Multi-Attack: A new skill added to every pair unit, the difference between the normal one is that you can attack 8 Enemy Units at the same time, depending of the Unit level and skills is the damage that will cause.

Example: Reiji & Xiaomu can do it along with Haken & Sänger, Xiaomu & Sänger will start with the combination attack and Reiji & Haken will finish this.

  • Change Unit's Order: You can swap a character for certain Unit to gain Individual experience

Example: Reiji & Xiaomu, the Unit gains more experience and Reiji gains Individual experience, However, if is Xiaomu & Reiji, Xiaomu gains Individual experience instead of Reiji.

  • Single Unit: Similar to Namco X Capcom when a Unit were alone in the case of being a Boss Unit before, like Cammy White or Lilith Aensland for example, just in cases when a hero is brain-washed, betrays the group or something else, that's also another way to obtain individual experience but just with CERTAIN Units.


  • Outfits: The player can change the outfit of the characters on their likes, the swimsuits are the only outfits available for free due to the arrive at Dead or Alive Xtreme Series resort stage.
  • Challenge Stages: The challenge stages are back, now with 16 challenges to beat and have exclusive rewards that'll not be found on any store of the game.





Pair Units

NOTE: Characters with * symbol are initially an enemy unit.

Name Game/Series Company
Reiji Arisu & Xiaomu Namco X Capcom Bandai Namco Games
Haken Browning & Sänger Zonvolt Endless Frontier & Super Robot Wars OG Bandai Namco Games
KOS-MOS & Fiora Xenosaga & Xenoblade Bandai Namco Games & Nintendo
Jin Kazama & Heihachi Mishima Tekken Bandai Namco Games
Ling Xiaoyu & Alisa Bosconovitch Tekken Bandai Namco Games
Taki & Natsu Soul Calibur Bandai Namco Games
Alisa Illinichina Amiella & Ciel Alencon God Eater Bandai Namco Games
Kite & BlackRose .Hack Bandai Namco Games
Yuri Lowell & Velvet Crowe Tales of Vesperia & Tales of Berseria Bandai Namco Games
Wonder Momo & Amazona Wonder Momo: Typhoon Booster Bandai Namco Games
Gilgamesh & Arthur The Tower of Druaga & Ghosts 'n Goblins Bandai Namco Games & Capcom
Ryu & Ken Masters Street Fighter Capcom
Chun Li & Cammy White Street Fighter Capcom & Sega
Morrigan Aensland & Hsien Ko/Lei Lei Darkstalkers Capcom
Megaman X & Zero* Megaman X Capcom
Chris Redfield & Leon Scott Kennedy Resident Evil Capcom
Jill Valentine & Claire Redfield Resident Evil Capcom
Dante Sparda & Bayonetta Devil May Cry & Bayonetta Capcom & Sega
Frank West & Bruno Dellinger Dead Rising & Dynamite Cop Capcom & Sega
Hayato Kanzaki & June Lin Milliam Star Gladiator Capcom
Vanessa Z.Schneider & Sam Gideon PN03 & Vanquish Capcom & Sega
Kaijin no Soki & Sanada Yukimura Onimusha & Sengoku BASARA Capcom
Akira Yuki & Jacky Bryant Virtua Fighter Sega
Pai Chan & Sarah Bryant Virtua Fighter Sega
Ichiro Ogami & Gemini Sunrise Sakura Wars Sega
Sakura Shinguji & Erica Fontaine Sakura Wars Sega
Kurt Irving & Imca Valkyria Chronicles III Sega
Kazuma Kiryu & Goro Majima Yakuza: Dead Souls Sega
Axel Stone & Blaze Fielding Streets of Rage Sega
Hotsuma & Hibana Shinobi & Nightshade Sega
Michael Hardy & James Cools Virtua Cop Sega
Vyse & Aika Skies of Arcadia Sega
Chrom & Lucina Fire Emblem Awakening Nintendo
Marco Rossi & Eri Kasamoto Metal Slug SNK
Sol Badguy & Ragna the Bloodedge Guilty Gear & BlazBlue Arc System Works
Cloud Strife & Tifa Lockhart Final Fantasy VII Square Enix
Neptune/Purple Heart & Noire/Black Heart Hyperdimension Neptunia Compile Heart

Solo Units

Name Game/Series Company
Mii Kouryuuji Project X Zone Bandai Namco Games
Kaguya Nanbu Endless Frontier Bandai Namco Games
Kazuya Mishima* Tekken Bandai Namco Games
Claire Victorious God Eater Bandai Namco Games
Lloyd Irving Tales of Symphonia Bandai Namco Games
Valkyrie Adventure of Valkyrie Bandai Namco Games
Haseo .Hack//G.U. Bandai Namco Games
Aty Summon Night 6 Bandai Namco Games
Waya Hime Bravoman Bandai Namco Games
Neneko/Neito Yumeria Bandai Namco Games
Haruka Amami The Idolm@ster Bandai Namco Games
Ingrid Capcom Fighting Jam/Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX Capcom
Mike Haggar Final Fight/Street Fighter Capcom
Felicia Darkstalkers Capcom
Claire Redfield Resident Evil Capcom
Saki Omokane Quiz Nanairo Dreams Capcom
Phoenix Wright & Maya Fey Ace Attorney Capcom
Captain Commando Captain Commando Capcom
Strider Hiryu Strider Capcom
Tessa Red Earth Capcom
Regina Dino Crisis Capcom
Segata Sanshiro Segata Sanshiro Shinken Yugi Sega
Ulala Space Channel 5 Sega
Ryo Hazuki Shenmue Sega
Kage Maru Virtua Fighter Sega
Riela Marcellis Valkyria Chronicles III Sega
Umi Ryuuzaki Magic Knight Rayearth Sega
Cyrille Shining Force EXA Sega
Rikiya Busujima Zombie Revenge: The House of the Dead Sega
Ramaya Arabian Fight Sega
Janet Marshall Virtua Cop Sega
Elhaym Van Houten Xenogears Square Enix
Kasumi Dead or Alive Tecmo Koei
Charlotte Aulin Castlevania: Portraits of Ruin Konami
Terry Bogard Fatal Fury SNK
Hyde Kido Under Night In-Birth Arc System Works
Aigis Persona 3 Atlus


Name Game/Series Company
Saya Namco X Capcom Bandai Namco
Sheath Project X Zone 2 Bandai Namco
Sofia Original Bandai Namco
Dokugozu Namco X Capcom Bandai Namco
Dokumezu Namco X Capcom Bandai Namco
Galamton Original Bandai Namco
Omicon Super Robot Wars Bandai Namco
Necron Super Robot Wars Bandai Namco
T-elos Xenosaga Bandai Namco
Kazumi Mishima Tekken Bandai Namco
Unknown Tekken Bandai Namco
Nightmare Soul Calibur Bandai Namco
Vajra God Eater Bandai Namco
Marduk God Eater Bandai Namco
Anubis God Eater Bandai Namco
Black Valkyrie Adventure of Valkyrie Bandai Namco
Zouna Adventure of Valkyrie Bandai Namco
Azure Flame Kite .Hack//G.U. Bandai Namco
Zagi Tales of Vesperia Bandai Namco
Duke Pantarei Tales of Vesperia Bandai Namco
Artorius Collbrande Tales of Berseria Bandai Namco
Twilight Pronyma Tales of Symphonia Bandai Namco
Original Amazona Wonder Momo: Typhoon Booster Bandai Namco
Druaga The Tower of Druaga Bandai Namco
Juri Han Street Fighter Capcom
F.A.N.G. Street Fighter Capcom
M.Bison/Vega Street Fighter Capcom
Baby Bonnie Hood/Bulletta Darkstalkers Capcom
Lord Raptor/Zabel Zarock Darkstalkers Capcom
Pyron Darkstalkers Capcom
Jedah Dohma Darkstalkers Capcom
Sigma Megaman X Capcom
Jack Norman Resident Evil Capcom
Albert Wesker Resident Evil Capcom
Nelo Angelo/Vergil Devil May Cry Capcom
Mundus Devil May Cry Capcom
Druk Captain Commando Capcom
Shtrom Captain Commando Capcom
Shtrom Jr. Captain Commando Capcom
Scumocide Captain Commando Capcom
Solo Strider Capcom
Tong Pooh Strider Capcom
Grandmaster Meio Strider Capcom
Dr.Edward Bilstein Star Gladiator Capcom
Tirannosaurus Rex Dino Crisis Capcom
Astaroth Ghosts 'N Goblins Capcom
Nebiroth Ghosts 'N Goblins Capcom
Coco ★ Tapioca Space Channel 5 Sega
Shadow Space Channel 5 Sega
V-Dural Virtua Fighter Sega
Dokurobo Sakura Wars Sega
Ayame Fujieda Sakura Wars Sega
Ranmaru Mori Sakura Wars Sega
Nobunaga Oda Sakura Wars Sega
Selvaria Bles Valkyria Chronicles Sega
Maximilian Valkyria Chronicles Sega
Riemsianne la Vaes Shining Force EXA Sega
Ragnadaam III Shining Force EXA Sega
Kurohagane Nightshade Sega
Kurakuda Shinobi Sega
Break Streets of Rage Sega
Shiva Streets of Rage Sega
Mr.X Streets of Rage Sega
Lord Galcian Skies of Arcadia Sega
Validar Fire Emblem Awakening Nintendo
Metal Face Xenoblade Nintendo
Sephiroth Final Fantasy VII Square Enix
Deus Xenogears Square Enix
Allen O'Neil Metal Slug SNK
Geese Howard Fatal Fury SNK
Volgin Metal Gear Konami
Dracula Castlevania Konami
Jack-O' Valentine Guilty Gear Arc System Works
Yuuki Terumi BlazBlue Arc System Works
Hilda Under Night In-Birth Arc System Works
Alpha-152 Dead or Alive Koei Tecmo
Iris Heart Hyperdimension Neptunia Compile Heart
Shadow Aigis Persona 3 Atlus
Shadow Labrys Persona 4 Arena Atlus


Name Game/Series Company
Dr.Chizuru Urashima Project X Zone 2 Bandai Namco
Aura .Hack Bandai Namco
Ishtar The Return of Ishtar Bandai Namco
Miyuki-Chan Ordyne Bandai Namco
Klonoa Klonoa Bandai Namco
Guntz Klonoa Bandai Namco
Lolo Klonoa Bandai Namco
Priestess Klonoa Bandai Namco
Ada Wong Resident Evil Capcom
Franziska Von Karma Ace Attorney Capcom
Sylphie Forgotten Worlds Capcom
Princess Elise Sonic The Hedgehog Sega
Dunban Xenoblade Nintendo
Tiki Fire Emblem Awakening Nintendo
Malon The Legend of Zelda Nintendo
Aerith Final Fantasy VII Square Enix
Rachel Alucard BlazBlue Arc System Works
Fio Germi Metal Slug SNK

Cameo Appearances

  • Valkyrie summons Pacman, Mappy and Prince from Katamari Damacy during her Solo Unit Attack.
  • Haseo summons Avatar Skeith during his Solo Unit attack.
  • Morrigan summons Lilith Aensland from Vampire Savior: Lord of Vampire during both Special and Multi-Attack with Hsien Ko.
  • Phoenix & Maya summons The Judge, Dick Gumshoe and Missile from Ace Attorney during their Solo Unit attack.
  • Strider Hiryu summons Amaterasu Okami from Okami and Lee Wong from Tiger Road during his Solo Unit attack.
  • Segata summons Alex Kidd and Wonder Boy during his Solo Unit attack.
  • Ulala summons Opa-Opa from Fantasy Zone, Beat from Jet Set Radio, NiGHTS from NiGHTS into Dreams and Gilius Thunderhead from Golden Axe during her Solo Unit attack.
  • Baby Bonnie Hood/Bulletta summons Mobile Suits Alpha & Beta from Side Arms Hyper Dyne and Rathalos from Monster Hunter during her Special Attack.
  • Tong Pooh summons her sisters Pei Pooh and Sai Pooh during her Special Attack.
  • Allen O'Neil summons Cyber Woo from King of the Monsters during his Special Attack.


Song Game/Series Theme of/Plays on
Together we are One World Original Intro
Wonderful, Brave New Project Original Menu
Silent Approach Project X Zone Introduction/Prologue
Trembling City of Aris Namco X Capcom Reiji Arisu
Brave New World Namco X Capcom Xiaomu
Wanderer's Road Project X Zone Mii Kouryuuji
Seek of Destruction Original Story BGM #1
Accelerating Chaos Namco X Capcom Story BGM #2
Rapid Storm Project X Zone Story BGM #3
Everything is Within Battle Namco X Capcom Player's Turn Theme/Story BGM #4
Dark Target Project X Zone Story BGM #5
Hard Time Project X Zone Story BGM #6
Rising Stage Project X Zone Story BGM #7
That Shadow Namco X Capcom Story BGM #8
Facing the Wind Namco X Capcom Story BGM #9
Unperturbed Footsteps Project X Zone 2 Story BGM #10
Tear Drop Project X Zone Story BGM #11
Wing Wanderer Project X Zone Ultimate Multi-Attack (feat Reiji & Xiaomu #1)
All The World's Stage Project X Zone 2 Ultimate Multi-Attack (feat Reiji & Xiaomu #2)
A Storm Named Destiny Namco X Capcom Story BGM #12
Positive Thinkin' Namco X Capcom Story BGM #13
The Shimmering of Darkness Namco X Capcom Story BGM #14
Footsteps of Time Namco X Capcom Story BGM #15
That Shadow, from the Other Side Namco X Capcom Story BGM #16
Invisible Dark Project X Zone 2 Story BGM #17
Brave Parade Project X Zone Story BGM #18
To Those Who are Leaving Namco X Capcom Story BGM #19
Path to Certain Victory Namco X Capcom Special Attack (Reiji & Xiaomu)
Like a Dream at That Time Namco X Capcom Story BGM #20
Someday, Under the Moon Namco X Capcom Multi-Attack (Reiji & Xiaomu)
Silence from the Past Original Story BGM #21
The Dragon Soars, the Turtle Gallops Project X Zone 2 Story BGM #22
Evil Profusion Namco X Capcom Story BGM #23
Another Place to go Original Sub-Menu/Crosspedia
All Correct! Super Robot Taisen: Endless Frontier Haken Browning
Unchained World Super Robot Taisen: Endless Frontier Kaguya Nanbu
The Sword That Cleaves Evil Super Robot Wars OG Sänger Zonvolt
We've Got To Believe In Something Xenosaga Episode III KOS-MOS
Jin Kazama Tekken 3 Jin Kazama
Beginning of the End Tekken 7: Fated Retribution Kazuya Mishima
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Piano Intro Massive Mix Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Heihachi Mishima/Alisa Bosconovitch
Ling Xiaoyu Tekken 3 Ling Xiaoyu
Brave Sword Brave Soul Soul Calibur II Taki
Faster Than A Howling Wind Soul Calibur V Natsu
Over The Clouds God Eater Alisa Illinichina Amiella
F.A.T.E. God Eater 2 Ciel Alencon
Stereo Future God Eater 3 Claire Victorious
Main Theme Adventure of Valkyrie Valkyrie
Stage Start/Stage Theme Dig Dug II Taizo Hori
Stairs of Time .Hack//Link Kite
Tears of Feelings .Hack//Link BlackRose
Gentle Hands .Hack//G.U. Haseo
Fury Sparks Tales of Vesperia Yuri Lowell
Fatalize Tales of Symphonia Lloyd Irving
The Abbey Battle Tales of Berseria Velvet Crowe
Lion, Irony of Fate Tales of Destiny Rutee Katrea
Summoned by the Sun Summon Night 3 Aty
Main Theme The Return of Ishtar Gilgamesh
Wonder Wars Wonder Momo (Anime) Wonder Momo
Transformation Wonder Momo Amazona
Main Theme Bravoman Waya Hime
Curiosity and the Cat Yumeria Neneko
Matching The Idolm@ster SP Wandering Star Haruka Amami
Theme of Ryu (SFV Arrange) Street Fighter V Ryu
Theme of Ken (SFV Arrange) Street Fighter V Ken Masters
Theme of Chun Li (SFV Arrange) Street Fighter V Chun Li
Volcanic Rim Street Fighter IV Cammy White
Heartwarming Feelings Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie Ingrid
Bay Area Final Fight Mike Haggar
Deserted Chateau Vampire Savior: Lord of Vampire Morrigan Aensland
Vanity Paradise Vampire Savior: Lord of Vampire Hsien Ko
Tower of Arrogance Vampire Savior: Lord of Vampire Felicia
Opening Stage X/Eurasia Broken City Highway Megaman X5 Megaman X
Opening Stage Zero Megaman X5 Zero
Seismic Activity Resident Evil Revelations Chris Redfield
Ride on Sea Resident Evil Revelations Jill Valentine
Main Theme Resident Evil 6 Leon Scott Kennedy
Revelations Resident Evil Revelations 2 Claire Redfield
Devils Never Cry Devil May Cry 3 Dante
Ultra Violet (Nelo Angelo Battle) Devil May Cry Vergil/Nelo Angelo
Phoenix Wright ~ Objection! (2002) Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice for All Phoenix Wright
Junai Chaos Ace Attorney (Anime) Maya Fey
Stage 1 (City) Captain Commando Captain Commando
Raid Strider Strider Hiryu
Federal Headquarters Elevator/Training Stage Star Gladiator 2 Hayato Kanzaki
Against The Absolute Star Gladiator 2 June Lin Milliam
Frank West's Theme Dead Rising Frank West
Avatar of Cruel Knowledge Red Earth Tessa
Leave It To Me! ~ Theme of Saki Quiz Nanairo Dreams Saki Omokane
Regina's Challenge Dino Crisis 2 Regina
Haunted Graveyard Ghosts 'N Goblins Arthur
Soki's Theme Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams Kaijin no Soki
Ongaku Emaki - Ao Ban Moeyo, Waga Tamashi! Sengoku BASARA Sanada Yukimura
Mission 1 PN03 Vanessa F.Schneider
Sega Saturn, Shiro! Sega Saturn Avertisements Segata Sanshiro
Mexican Flyer Space Channel 5 Ulala
Tomorrow's Mine Bayonetta 2 Bayonetta
Ride The Tiger Virtua Fighter 2 Akira Yuki
Star from H.K. Virtua Fighter 2 Pai Chan
Ai Wa Tsuienai Virtua Fighter 5 Jacky Bryant
Love Is Not Enough! Virtua Fighter (Anime) Sarah Bryant/Kage-Maru
Main Theme Shenmue Ryo Hazuki
Kazuma Kiryu Battle Theme Yakuza: Dead Souls Kazuma Kiryu
Funk Goes On! Yakuza: Dead Souls Goro Majima
Manifest! Imperial Flower Assault Sakura Wars Ichiro Ogami/Sakura Shinguji
Under The Imperial Flag Sakura Wars III: Is Paris Burning? Erica Fontaine
Surface Warriors Sakura Wars V: So Long My Love Gemini Sunrise
Valkyria's Awakening Valkyria Chronicles Riela Marcellis
Open Fire! Valkyria Chronicles III Imca
If You Wish For It Valkyria Chronicles III Kurt Irving
Streets of Rage 4 Axel Stone
Streets of Rage 4 Blaze Fielding
Patience ~Other Version~ Shinobi (2002) Hotsuma
Vengeful Beauty Nightshade Hibana
World's Love Shining Force EXA Toma
Hope Shining Force EXA Cyrille
Stage 1: Arms Black Market Virtua Cop Michael Hardy
Stage 2: Underground Weapon Storage Virtua Cop James Cools
Go Ahead Virtua Cop 2 Janet Marshall
Chapter 1: Tragedy ~ A.M.S. Agent Zombie Revenge: House of the Dead Rikiya Busujima
High Rise To Hell Dynamite Cop Bruno Dellinger
Vyse's Theme Skies of Arcadia Vyse
Battle 1 Skies of Arcadia Aika
Player Select/Stage 1 (Pirate Ship) Arabian Fight Ramaya
Breaking Into The Colony Vanquish Sam Gideon
You Will Know Our Names Xenoblade Chronicles Fiora
Conquest Ablaze Fire Emblem Awakening Chrom
Duty Ablaze Fire Emblem Awakening Lucina
Invasion Xenogears Elhaym Van Houten
Let The Battles Begin! Final Fantasy VII Cloud Strife
Fight On! Final Fantasy VII Tifa Lockhart
Purity Dead or Alive 5 Kasumi
Heartful Cry Persona 3 FES Aigis
Sunrise On The Train Garou: Mark of the Wolves Terry Bogard
Main Theme Metal Slug Marco Rossi
First Contact Metal Slug 2 Eri Kasamoto
Invitation of a Crazed Moon Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Charlotte Aulin
Encounter Metal Gear Solid Solid Snake
Give Me A Break Guilty Gear XRD Sol Badguy
Rebellion BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Ragna The Bloodedge
Scraper Sky High (Hyde's Theme) Under Night In-Birth Hyde Kido
The Soul of Fight Hyperdimension Neptunia Purple Heart
Noire's Theme Hyperdimension Neptunia V Black Heart
Battling KOS-MOS Xenosaga Episode I T-elos Appears
Brave or Grave (Shin M.Bison Theme) Street Fighter Alpha 3 M.Bison Appears
X vs Zero Megaman X5 Boss Battle: Zero
Coco Tapioca The Huge Dancer Space Channel 5 Coco Tapioca Appears
An Obstacle In Our Path Xenoblade Chronicles Metal Face Appears
Ride The Fire Guilty Gear XRD Sol Badguy (Dragon Install)
Instant Kill Theme Guilty Gear XRD Multi-Attack (Sol & Ragna)
Level 1 Ordyne Shop Theme #1
Stage 1 Forgotten Worlds Shop Theme #2
Shop The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Shop Theme #3
Stepping Wind Klonoa 2 Battle in Lunatea Stage
BGM #1 Don't Pull Battle in Don't Pull Stage
His World Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) Battle in Soleanna Stage
Battle Field Golden Axe Battle in Golden Axe Stage
Kasumi's Theme Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Battle in New Zack Island Stage
The Faceless Demon Original Story BGM #24
The Truth Behind Original Story BGM #25
Sacred Destinies Original Final Battle
The Sun Shines Again Original Story BGM #26
The Time for us Original Staff Roll

Character Art Gallery

Bandai Namco (Playable Heroes)

Capcom (Playable Heroes)

Sega (Playable Heroes)

Third Party (Playable Heroes)


Bandai Namco (Villains)

Capcom (Villains)

Sega (Villains)

Third Party (Villains)

Training Dummies



  • The game marks the end of Ouma Saga.

Project X Zone 4, The 1st Chapter Of A Brand New Saga

At the end of the epilogue when Reiji and Xiaomu goes to have fun with the others in New Zack Island before they all return to their respective worlds and ages, the screen turns black and a male voice says:

So Saya couldn't beat a weakling human...I thought so...

and a female voice immediately says:

Maybe he has surpassed Saya's power but he's in for a surprise...

Finally, the male voice says:

She is nothing compared to us, shadows will rule for sure...HA HA HA HA HA!

Ouma Saga: END