Princess Eve Diaz Butterfly (プリンセス イヴ・ディアス・バタフライ Purinsesu Ivu Diasu Batafurai?) is an original character from Project X Zone III: War of Infinite Worlds and one of the main characters of the game. A princess from the Mewni dimension, Eve Butterfly was raised and trained by Shinra to become a powerful mage and fighter, as well as the partner of her dear friend Adam Pines.

She also makes an appearance in Chou Super Robot Wars as a minor supporting character.


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Project X Zone 3

In Project X Zone 3, Eve first appears in Chapter 32: Pursuit as a non-playable character, and reappears in Chapter 50: Sins Are Always Forgiven as a playable character.

Eve is a very skilled sorceress with tons of powerful magic spells at her disposal. She is armed with a pink-glowing obsidian sword she calls Hecatium, a magical pistol Hephastium, and most importantly, the Mewni Royal Wand, her family's heirloom that changes form depending on its user. The wand is shaped like a cross because of Eve's allegiance to Shinra and to God.

She is paired with her partner, Adam Northwest Pines.


25 13377 378 187 110 98
50 26734 566 276 175 134
75 40985 803 335 249 262
99 51398 1047 587 320 455

Ultimate Equipment

Gear: Tome of the Revelations (ATK +557, DEF +365, TEC +100, DEX +75, SP +100, HP +10000)

Accessory: Gem of the Holy Rainbow (Ultimate) (ATK +370, DEF +253, TEC +50, DEX +50, SP +50, Increases Effect Rate by +10%)

Attack List

Attack Name Strength XP Rate Effect
Double Blaster & Rainbow Fist Punch
(双光気弾 & メガイッカクブラスト)
A 7% Burn
Crystallize Illusion & Syrup Tsunami Shockwave
(幻影氷結晶 & シロップツナミショックウェーブ)
B 4% Down
Thousand Swords & Dagger Heart Attack
(千剣火炎陣 & ダガーハートアタック)
B 5% Stun
Universal Transmigration & Shimmering Destructo Cannon
(五輪転生万 & シッメリングデストラクトキャノン)
A 10% Block Crush
Triple Stab & Mushroom Destruction Blast
B 6% Poison
Special: Messianic Retribution & Turbo Nuclear Butterfly Blast
S 100% Cost Stun
Multi-Attack: Explosive Cross & Mega Narwhal Blast
S 100% Cost Down
Support: Twin Burst Draw & Cupcake Blast
(双翼乱舞 & カップケーキブラスト)
B None Down

Skill List

Skill Name SP Cost Target Effect Description
Tri-Elemental Incarnation
60 SP Self Atk +50% Adam can harness the three universal elements, time, space and light.
Burst Wall
30 SP Ally Def +25% A wall of impregnable protective ice defends Adam's allies from destruction.
Mystic Room Suck Transform 40 SP Self Nullify Block Eve creates a black hole in the battlefield and catches her enemies off guard.
Radiant Shadow Transform 50 SP Other Random Eve can transform anyone into anything in a blink of an eye. What's gonna happen?

Auto Skill List

Skill Name CP Cost Activation Rate Effect Description
General Transmigration 0 Start of Turn: 100% Combo XP recovery +25% to be added
Ultimatum 0 Start of Turn: HP below 25% HP recovery 30% to be added
Hidden Stash 300 Start of Turn: Round 7 or lower Gold Acquired +20% to be added
Power of Seven Elements 400 At start of turn: HP 50% of less Halves Full-Defend XP Cost to be added
Biblical Manifestation 500 After Action: 5 or more skill types in effect CRT Damage +20% to be added
All-Seeing Eye 600 Start of Turn: EP 50 or more Absorbs SP to be added
God and Man 700 Start of Turn: Fewer active allies than enemies Scratch EP Damage to be added