Pokemon Online (ポケモンバトルレボリューションオンライン Pokemonbatorureboryūshon'onrain, lit. Pokemon Battle Revolution Online) is Nintendo's first true online video game. It is made by the same team who created Pokemon Colosseim and Pokemon Battle Revolution, with the addition of Digitalic, the creators of Digimon Battle and Digimon Masters. However, to keep up with their exclusive-tivity to their Nintendo products, they developed this game for the Wii U, with connectivity with the Nintendo 3DS for convenience. As the Japanese title suggests, it is the sequel (or online version) to Battle Revolution.

Features and connectivity

Offline Mode

Online Mode

Basic Gameplay of Pokemon


  • The colosseum leaders are characters taken from handheld Pokemon entries.
  • Unlike the preceding Battle Revolution, Online will include a story mode (Mii RPG or Mii Story), as well as a tournament, and more variety to the gameplay mechanics.
  • Battle Revolution's full-on experience could not actually be witnessed unless one had Pokemon Diamond/Pearl; Online, on the other hand, makes it very similar to Pokemon Stadium and also the first Pokemon Colosseum title. This means that the experience can immediately be enjoyable at the start of the game.

Other Info

  • Publisher: Nintendo, The Pokemon Company
  • Developer: HAL Laboratory, Genius Sorority (co-developer), Nintendo EAD (co-developer)
  • Style: Player MMORPG Simulation/Fighting (accessible via Nintendo Network)
  • Rating: Everyone (E) (ESRB), 7+ (PEGI), A (CERO)