Petropolis Warped (ペトロポリスワープド) is an action-adventure video game developed by Burst Arts and published by Multisoft. This game sees Thunder and the Beast Fighters stopping Whisker's latest plan to control the power of an alien supercomputer. Released in February 9, 2017, it was released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a Nintendo Switch port being released a month later.


Subaru Whisker is at it again. This time he has received word of an ancient alien A.I that landed on Earth for discovery and believed to have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. This rogue alien A.I, the Apex Predator, was reported to have been sealed away after the extinction more than two million years ago. Whisker has decided in order to destroy the Beast Fighters, harnessing the Apex Predator's power could land him a victory and grant him that wish. Thunder and his friends must stop Whisker once and for all.


Volume I: Storminski

  • Thunder Storminski
  • Julie Foxwell
  • Fluff Cotton
  • Aaron Clawface
  • Idris Lionheart
  • Sal Greenspike
  • Charles Drafters

Volume II: Melodia

  • Selene Melodia
  • Operetta
  • Carla Fowl
  • Grove Fraser
  • Mars Stanford

Volume III: McBlowhole

  • Walter McBlowhole
  • Hailey Tangerine
  • Queen de Achi
  • W-34X Alpha

Volume IV: Spirit

  • Monday Fernandez
  • Pryce Berg
  • Gul Darkshell
  • Rick Ogami

Volume V: Magic

  • Pixy Valor
  • Chippy Nutcheeks & Miyu
  • Yoshino Kaneko

Volume VI: Lin

  • Ling Topako
  • Susan Richardson

Volume VII: Crystals

  • Miné Crystals
  • Tora Gold
  • Specter Phantom

Volume VIII: Li

  • Li Jingai
  • Gloria Blizzard
  • Burrow Diggs
  • Crugg

Volume IX: Armorshell

  • Quill Armorshell
  • Mix
  • Quinn Earlton
  • Bay Gale

Episode X: Final


  1. Windmill Road
  2. Powder Village
  3. Rocky Temple
  4. Treacherous Seaship
  5. Fossil Mountain
  6. Alpine Pass
  7. Azure Street
  8. Carnaval Night
  9. Dreary Mansion
  10. Reptile Stadium
  11. Solar Tower
  12. Ribbon Mall
  13. Pirate's Island
  14. Digital Circuit
  15. War Fields
  16. Time Calamity


  • Chimera Guard T
  • Vulson Chimera
  • Armatoise Chimera
  • Ghost Pirate
  • Rapthylacine Chimera
  • Chimera Guard W
  • Dimension Flowers
  • Catcher Gerbil
  • Leviacine Chimera
  • Zero One
  • Part 1 - Mega Zero One/Part 2 - Octogon
  • Squidog
  • Ghost Shark
  • Chimera Virus
  • Chimera Soldier/Chimera Garuda
  • Apex Predator
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