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Parasite Eve Remastered is a Survival Horror RPG developed by Square Enix and Published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PS4 and PS5. It's a remake of the original Parasite Eve, which was released for the PlayStation 1 in 1998, and was a sequel to the Japanese Horror Novel of the same name by Hideaki Sena.

Since July 27, 2020 (3,600,000 units selled in Digital)

Differences between versions

The Remake contains full 3D Environments, Redone cutscenes, new 2D Animated cutscenes by Production I.G., 36 new weapons, 25 new pieces of armor, the ability to change costumes, a 3rd person shooter mode similar to The 3rd Birthday (plus the ATB system in regular combat and minus the Overdive System), and Multiplayer (4 player competitive).


The game takes place in New York during the week of December 24–29, 1997, and focuses on a 25 year old NYPD Rookie named Aya Brea. On Christmas Eve, she goes to an opera with an unnamed date at Carnagie Hall. They Come in just as the show is starting, and just before the lead actress starts her 1st song. But suddenly, the Actress makes eye-contact with Aya and stops singing, and afterwards, one of the actors suddenly bursts into flames, followed by about 80% of the audience. As Aya runs to the stage (after telling her date to get out of there) to apprehend the actress (who we later learn is named Melissa Pierce), the actress starts referring to herself as Eve, and tries to set Aya ablaze,but to no avail. After this, Aya gains mysterious powers given by her mitochondria. Now with her new powers, she is the only one who can stop Eve from killing all of mankind.


The battle system is a combination of Resident Evil (minus the Tank Controls), Chrono Trigger, and Final Fantasy VII. Aya can move around a small open environment, and dodge attacks from on-screen enemies. Once your Active Time Gauge Fills completely, you can either fire your gun, or open the menu and use your Items or Parasite Abilities (which will cost you Parasite Energy), switch Weapons or Armor, and escape basic battles.

The game also includes a very In-Depth weapon/armor crafting system. Each Weapon has special parameters (Elemental Effects, Firing Rate, etc.), and can be switched between guns and armors with Tools and Super Tools. Tools can take parameters from guns and put it in another, but will scrap the gun the parameter was from, while Super Tools do the same thing without scraping the gun or armor.


The music for the original was composed by Yoko Shinomura, who later worked on Kingdom Hearts and Xenoblade Chronicles. The soundtrack for the remake was also done by Shinomura, but also includes extra tracks from Nobuo Uematsu and Yatsunori Mitsuda and was completely re-done, but you have the option to switch between the original and re-done soundtrack.