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Tak sidekick turns arch enime that should be in SSB4 with his own brainwashed team. He role can be having who ever he kiddnaps to do what he says and find somethind in Strong Bad's layor. Lok can be a King Dedede clone.


  • B-Howl of an ex-hero (no suction, just a shout)
  • B UP-Cales effect (Jumps)
  • B Side-Pupununu Toss (Trows The Pupununus, Sheeps, and Porcupines)
  • B Down-Jet Hammer (A modified verson of the hammer from Tak 3)
  • Final Smash-Porcupine song (Sings to summons porcupines)


Tak former assistant use to be a lot of assistants in Pupununu village. Nowadays, Lok's a menice to society.Tak would still let him out in a jam sometimes. Lok boast and has his own stories.


  • Tak and The Power of Juju (NGC)
  • Tak 2: Staff of Dreams (NGC)
  • Tak 3: The Great Juju Challenge (NGC)
  • Tak: and The Guardians of Gross (Wii)


  • Kirby Cap: Hair and Feather
  • Snake Call: Roy Chambell