Since Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is coming out in a couple months, and we already got the first trailer, LEGO Jurassic World needs to add Fallen Kingdom to the movie gameplay, since Jurassic Park/World is one of the most popular movie franchises in the world. New Characters/Skins are listed below, and the transcript and levels will be released after the movie is released in theaters.


Owen Grady and Claire Dearing are on a rescue operation to save the dinosaurs on Isla Nublar from the Mt. Sibo eruption. After, they discover that the operation was all just a lie for the dinosaurs to be auctioned off at Lockwood Manor. Shortly after, an intelligent hybrid known as the Indoraptor escapes and goes on a rampage throughout the manor.

New Characters/Skins

  • Owen Grady (Fallen Kingdom) (Abilities: Punch, Camouflage, Rummage through dino droppings, Cut Vines/Rope, Climb Walls)
  • Claire Dearing (Fallen Kingdom) (Abilities: Punch, Use Scanner, Use JW Access Panels, Agility)
  • Ian Malcolm (Fallen Kingdom) (Abilities: Punch, Solve Equation Puzzles, Illuminate Darkness)
  • Franklin Webb (Abilities: Punch, TBD)
  • Henry Wu (Fallen Kingdom) (Abilities: Punch, Solve Equation Puzzles, Use JW Access Panels)
  • Blue (Fallen Kingdom) (Abilities: Attack, Pounce, Cut Vines/Rope, Track Scent)
  • Baby Blue (Abilities: Attack)
  • Benjamin Lockwood (Abilities: Punch, TBD)
  • Zia Rodriguez (Abilities: Punch, Agility, TBD)
  • Ken Wheatley (Abilities: Punch, Sniper Rifle, Track LEGO Footsteps)
  • Wheaton (Abilities: Punch, TBD)
  • Eli Mills (Abilities: Punch, TBD)
  • Maisie Lockwood (Abilities: Punch, Use Access Hatches)
  • Gunnar Eversol (Abilities: Punch, TBD)
  • Hacker (Abilities: Punch, Use Wrench, Bolt Cutters, Hack Computers)
  • Indoraptor (Size: Medium, Abilities: Bite, Pounce, Track Scent, Cut Vines/Rope, Possibly Camouflage)
  • Updated Baryonyx (Size: Medium, Abilities: Bite)
  • Carnotaurus (Size: Medium, Abilities: Bite, Charge)
  • Allosaurus (Size: Medium, Abilities: Bite)
  • Stygimoloch (Size: Small, Abilities: Head Swing, Charge)
  • Sinoceratops (Size: Medium, Abilities: Head Swing, Charge)

Possible Characters

  • Metriacanthosaurus (Size: Medium, Abilities: Bite)
  • Suchomimus (Size: Large, Abilities: Bite, Stomp, Dinosaur Strength, Roar)
  • Edmontosaurus (Size: Mediun, Abilities: Attack)


  • Main Street Ruins (Intro)
  • Rescue Operation



  • Indoraptor, Carnotaurus, Allosaurus, and the possible Updated Baryonyx and Metriacanthosaurus would be the first medium carnivores.
  • Carnotaurus would be the first carnivore to have the charge ability.
  • Indoraptor would be the second dinosaur with the ability to camouflage, along with Indominus rex.
  • Blue would get a major redesign from her previous appearance in the Jurassic World movie portion.
  • Owen has different hair than he did in the Jurassic World movie portion.
  • Claire seemingly has the biggest change comparing to other characters in the game in the Fallen Kingdom movie portion.

Design Images

File:Blue lego.jpg
File:Owen Grady Fallen Kingdom.jpg
File:Claire Fallen Kingdom.jpg
File:Zia Rodriguez lego.jpg
File:Franklin Webb lego.jpg
File:Maisie Lockwood lego.jpg
File:Eli Mills lego.jpg
File:Gunnar Eversol lego.jpg
File:Ken Wheatley.jpg