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"Where's the dissidents!"

-A Enforcer upon exiting the Volunteer center

The Enforcer is Ouroboros basic infantry unit. Planned to be voiced by Erica Mendez (default).

Tactical analysis

  • Keeping the peace: The Enforcer is the simplest volunteer of Ouroboros, a young and enthusiastic officer eager to fight for their government, often the first soldier to shoot. Their weapon able to deal heavy damage or their armor lets them weather through attacks. In addition to their weapon, Enforcers also uses an electrically charged truncheon in melee, while not able to kill until they are authorized to use lethal force, is still capable of knocking out infantry with a few strike and stuns vehicles hit with an electrical discharge
  • Kill every last one of them: By channeling their panacea magic, the Enforcer can double their speed and attack rate, letting out a flurry of bullets to decimate groups of infantry or knocking down their foes in melee
  • 3:
  • Officer down: While they are incredibly powerful. The Enforcers, due to their specialization, means that they suffer from short-range, speed, or toughness. And no matter what specialization their in they have has no answer for heavy aircraft or tanks


The Enforcer Consist of a Nekomata, whose limbs and tails have been replaced with bronze and glass prosthetics, wearing a sleeveless tunic, colored white by default but changes on chosen color, with a steam engine sticking out of their back, trousers, boots, and a police cap. With the chosen specialization changing their appearance.

Razzia: The Enforcer wields a shotgun. While removing their trousers, revealing their prosthetic waist and legs, and having their prosthetics muscles increases

Logistics: The Enforcer wields a pistol and riot shield. While changing out their hat for a riot helmet, obscuring their face, and having additional bronze armor on their body

Network: The Enforcer wields a scoped revolver. While having porcelain "skin" placed over their exposed machinery, their steam engine is shrunk, and they replace their hat with synthetic hair, making them almost look human.


"Ouroboros will bring about the master ruler. One able to survive, or even thrive, in this chaotic world. As long as there are differences, the savages will tear themselves apart fighting each other. We need one government. One goal. One people to move forward to our destiny. Therefore it's our duty to tame these savages, and if they refuse to bow then they must be either serve us or be killed for peace."

-Excerpt from officer Megami, during an interview

Short story


Shield (6) (Logistics)
Heavy (Logistics)
Skirmisher (Network)
Basic Infantry
Cost $600
300 Mandate
Build Time 0.30
Health 600
900 (Logistics)
150 (Network)
Morale 400
600 (Logistics)
100 (Network)
Armor 20
30 (Logistics)
5 (Network)
Speed 30
45 (Network)
8 (Razzia)
Armour Type Infantry
Iwatani D8/Lata/Lio
Horrifying (Network)
Afterburn (Razzia)
Scattergun (Razzia)
Rending (Razzia)
Range 20
30 (Network)
5 (Razzia)
6 (Razzia)
1 (Logistics)
Damage 20
30 (Razzia)
5 (Logistics)
DPS 80
180 (Razzia)
5 (Logistics)
"fasces" Mace
Stun (2)
Range 2
1 (Razzia)
3 (Network)
2 (Razzia)
1/4 (Logistics)
Damage 60
90 (Razzia)
15 (Logistics)
Suppression n/a
DPS 60
180 (Razzia)
3 (Logistics)


Adrenaline Rush (Razzia) Unit double their rate of fire and damage
Raise Shield (Logistics) Unit raises shield, doubling shield armor and grants regeneration, but decreases speed
Snipe Shot (Network) Unit charges for a few seconds, before instantly killing targeted tier 1 and 2 infantry and causing heavy morale damage to surrounding units



Enforcer can use a stimpack. Doubling their rate of fire and damage and giving them a burst of healing


Enforcers raised their shield, doubling their shield armor and granting regeneration but slows down


Enforcer takes aim. And after a few seconds instantly kills tier 1 and 2 infantry, while dealing heavy damage to Elite and tier 3 infantry


Voiced by Erica Mendez
  • Where's the dissidents!
  • We'll kill- I-I mean apprehend the criminals!


  • Riot gear ready!
  • Where are the criminals!
  • They will bow before Ouroboros, either willingly or with broken knees.
  • *groans* Stupid rules of engagement.
  • Shoot first, question any survivors.
  • Give me something to shoot!
  • I wanna ki- I-I mean arrest some criminals!

Selected many times

  • *groans* I want to kill the criminal scum not arrest them!
  • The only thing you should feel when you kill a criminal, watching as their blood leaks out, their body broken as they gasp for breath, begging for help as the light leaves their eyes. Is the recoil, *laughs* and ecstasy.
  • We are Ordoza's hammer of justice!
  • I prefer fighting on the ground than in a vehicle or aircraft. That joy as you watch the criminals as they bleed out, their guts sprayed on the ground as they cry, begging for help or calling out their friends or family. You just can't get that from behind a vehicle.
  • (silly mode) What is best in life? To crush the dissidents, to see them broken before you, and to hear the lamentations of the penitent legion.
  • (silly mode) I cherish peace with all my heart. And I don't care how many men, women, and children I have to kill to maintain it.
  • (silly mode) One vision, One purpose!
  • (silly mode) Peace. Through. Power!
  • (silly mode nearby Subject TA714A) Why did you speak like me? (Subject TA714A: No Idea)
  • (Silly mode nearby allied Subject TA714A, Reclaimer Banner, Kyoira Syusui, Tenko Hare and DSDF Venus) This is insane, they're speak like ME!! (All: WHAT!?) (TA714A: Why the fuck do I have so many clones!)


  • Ten-four!
  • We'll pacify that area!

Move to attack

  • Break their backs!
  • Don't stop until they're broken!
  • Only criminals run!
  • Cry some more!
  • Kneel before Ouroboros or be knelt!
  • Shoot to kill!
  • I'm sure command will be fine if the criminal comes in with a few broken bones.
  • There's a lot of them. *giggles* That means I don't need to aim to hit someone.
  • Their blood shall water the fields!
  • (melee) Let's crack some skulls!
  • (silly mode) Stop criminal scum!
  • (silly mode) I am the LAW!
  • (silly mode) Dead or alive you're coming with me!

Adrenaline rush

  • KILL THEM ALL! *psychotic laughter*
  • *mad laughter*
  • (silly mode) KILL EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM!

Garrisoning building

  • This is property of Ouroboros now.


  • Nothing like a corpse of a rebel to brings a smile.
  • Death to those that oppose us!
  • Awww. I wanted to toy with them a bit longer.
  • I am judge, jury, and executioner!
  • Goodbye pig!
  • DIE!
  • Down where you belong!
  • I spit on you!
  • Stop bleeding on me!
  • Rebellious swine!
  • (Gaze Dancer) *spits* Dirty harlot.
  • (Ashigaru) Fucking bitch.
  • (Dervish) Busking is illegal!
  • (Vanguard) Mangy mutt!
  • (melee) DIEDIEDIEDIE! *mad laughing*
  • (melee) *psychotic laughter*
  • (Xiagui, Dwarf, Goliath, Fenrir units) Anarchist scum!
  • (Xiagui, Dwarf, Goliath, Fenrir units) Rot in hell! Anarchist bastards!
  • (Xiagui, Dwarf, Goliath, Fenrir units) Anarchists. Nothing but monsters who wants to burn the world.
  • (silly mode) Rebel scum!
  • (silly mode) You fought the law. And the law won!

Under attack

In combat

  • (high) *psychotic laughter*
  • (high) Come on! I still have ammo!
  • (high) There's a lot of them! *laugher* It means I don't need to aim for a kill!
  • (falling) The criminals are tougher than I thought!
  • (Broken) EVAC! WE NEED EVAC!


  • (normal) Retreating! But I still have ammo!
  • (falling) I'll return!
  • (broken) I'll kill you later!


  • I prefer them dead. But this will do.


  • I hope you burn in hell.


  • Damn... You...
  • You'll... Pay...
  • Cop... Killer...
  • You... Bastard...
  • (silly mode) The law... Lost...


  • The unit is based off the marine from Starcraft. Though their outfit is a fusion of the peacekeeper from red alert 3, Spain conquistadors, judge Dredd, and robocop. And their weapon is based on robocop auto 9.
  • One of the silly mode quotes is a reference to the roles that Erica Mendez played.

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