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"Defender ready to fight!"

-A Defender exiting the mustering hall

The Defender is the standard infantry of the VEG. Planned to be voiced by Udo Kier.

Tactical analysis

  • At the ready: Made up of volunteers trained in defensive warfare. The Defenders are ideal defensive troops. Their modified rifles lobbing grenades capable of blasting infantry and vehicles from farther than average range, though they are too inaccurate to take out garrisoned forces, while their warhammer lets them handle light and heavy infantry in melee
  • Mobile HMG nest: But when deployed into their personal bunker or garrisoning a building, however, the Defender truly comes into their own. Their machine gun tearing straight through infantry, light vehicles, and aircraft with enough range to cut down most attackers without fear of retaliation. And when garrisoned in a structure, they fire even faster with greater accuracy. However, it takes time to deploy their bunker, during which they are vulnerable, and once inside they have a firing arc that must be directed
  • Tank punch: If the Defender faces against armored vehicles they can fire their light anti-tank weapon (LAW), while it does little damage to more modern armor the squads training with it means that their shot always damages the engine
  • Where's the garrison: But because of the weight of their heavy armour and extra equipment, Defenders travel much slower than most infantry, and while their rifle is powerful its only good against infantry and the unit must be still to fire


In times of war, the council of a commune will call upon any Dwarf old enough to fight to form together into regimental militias. Most of the individuals that will answer the call to arms are craftsmen of some sort - blacksmiths, brewers, carvers, and the like, though many also had volunteered for basic military training beforehand. But once they don their well-forged plate, put on their steel helm and heft a rifle and hammer in hand, they leave behind the artisan and worker, turning that same industrious nature to their other calling, battle.



"Word of advice. NEVER charge at an entrenched Defender head on. Those machineguns they wield in a building or those bunkers aren't called buzzsaws for nothing."

-A Orc veteran retelling his experience of facing against the Dwarves

Short story


Defenders acts as the both the basic infantry and early defense force for the VEG. With their heavy armor allowing them to weather attacks and their rifle able to fire at farther range then most, though its rate of fire is slow.

But once they set up their bunker or garrison a building they truly shine. As in this state they will use their HMG, which fills the area with a hail of lead that instantly mulches incoming infantry, suppressing any survivors, and aircrafts that flies in range. With a Defender capable of turning a zone into no-mans land if they dug into a good spot. And if they ever face tanks they can use their LAW to stop them, though its only effective when massed.

However they are expensive, slow, and when not garrisoned their rate of fire is slow and they can't target aircraft means they're vulnerable to aircraft and getting overwhelmed when not garrisoned. Not to mention that having to be garrisoned also makes them vulnerable to anti-garrison weaponry.


Dig in Unit deploys HMG but becomes immobile
Fire LAW Unit fires an anti-tank rocket, dealing light damage but giving a guaranteed engine critical damage

Rank upgrades

Power: Defender rifle grenade is upgraded to assault rifle with an underslung grenade launcher, giving them a faster firing secondary attack that deals heavy suppression and light damage, HMG is upgraded with heavier rounds, dealing double damage and gains line damage, and LAW now deals more damage

Defense: Defender gains garrison expert and increased health, armor, and regeneration

Utility: Defender HMG attacks now blinds and slows vehicles and aircraft, and LAW now caused the jammed weapons critical damage, cooldown is halved, and attack range when garrisoned is increased

Ultimate: Defender HMG is upgrade to grenade machine gun, which now deals burst damage and gains aoe, assault rifle gains increased range, double damage, and grenades now fires in a burst of three, and LAW now also stuns vehicles and makes it frail


Basic Infantry
Cost $500
Build Time 0:10
Armor 3
Armour Type Infantry
Grenade Rifle
Slow (30%)
Finishing Blow
Damage 20
Suppression n/a
DPS 160


Voiced by Udo Kier
  • Defender ready to fight!
  • Ready to protect the fatherland!


  • Yes, comrade?
  • Ready for the fatherland!
  • Where are we needed?
  • (critically wounded) *gasp* Don't worry comrade, I'll heal.
  • (critically wounded) I'll be fine, *coughs* though medical help will be appreciated.

Repeatedly selected

  • *sigh* What I would do for a cold mug of root beer right now.
  • *yawns* Do we still have coffee?
  • Every man and every woman was born free and equal. Therefore the greatest sin one can do is chain them, whether by slavery or by hierarchy.
  • Slavery is the greatest monstrosity one can do, No exceptions, no fucking excuses.
  • To have choice and freedom is the greatest gift humanity was given. And to take away that gift is the greatest crime one can do.
  • The strong are not made by chance or by birth. But by the weak lifting each other up and working together as one unit.
  • Freedom is priceless, and I'll be damned if I let someone take it away, from me or from others.
  • (silly mode) *coughs* Alright, who's smoking pot! Can I have a joint?
  • (silly mode) *singing* Анархия-мама сынов своих любит, Анархия-мама не продаст!
  • (silly mode) *singing* Moskau moskau!
  • (silly mode) You know I have a cousin from Drusselstein. Word of advice, don't put self-destruct buttons on everything.
  • (silly mode) Yes, I'm serious. Drusselstein is literally powered by a giant shaft running across the entire commune!
  • (silly mode) Can you please stop poking? I'll give you a cola.
  • (silly mode) *groans* Great. We have THAT type of player.
  • (silly mode) I vote we get a new commander!
  • (silly mode near ally Elemental Mind Dancer) You know I had strange dreams of wanting to dominate the world with mind control when I was a kid.


  • March out comrades!
  • Need to defend there?
  • (in combat) Find some cover!
  • (in combat) Heads down comrades!
  • (silly mode) *singing* Drum links, zwei, drei! Drum links, zwei, drei!

Dig in

  • Set MG nest comrades.
  • Sandbags.
  • Dig in and hold.
  • We shall hold here.
  • (in combat) Dig comrades! DIG!
  • (in combat) Give us covering fire!

Fire LAW

  • Target the engine!
  • This should slow it down!
  • Firing rocket!
  • (silly mode) TANK PUNCH!
  • (silly mode) Give that vehicle a fisting!

Garrisoning building

  • A holdout!
  • A good place for the HMG.
  • Set it up in there comrade.
  • (in combat) INSIDE! INSIDE!
  • (in combat) Pull out the mg!

Move to attack

  • For the fatherland!
  • For the Volksgard!
  • For the union!
  • No gods! No masters!
  • Mother anarchy is with us!
  • For our communes!
  • (silly mode) To be, or not to be. ANNIHILATED!
  • (armor) Ok. Attacking that armor... With my rifle.
  • (armor) They want us to attack that tank. No, I'm serious! A TANK!
  • (melee) Shatter their skulls!
  • (melee silly mode) Hammer time!


  • (normal) Everyone back to base.
  • (normal) Comrade has called us back to base.

Morale recovered

  • We're ready for payback.

Receiving reinforcements

  • Welcome comrades.

Capturing neutral or enemy building

  • Seizing the means of production.
  • Take it from the bourgeoisie.

After capturing building

  • This building is ours, comrade!

Unit under attack

  • Find some cover!
  • We need assistance!

In combat

  • Come on!
  • Bring it!
  • Hold the line!
  • Come on comrades!


  • Target down!
  • Enemies out of action!
  • (silly mode) Die, schweinhund!
  • (slavemaster) Burn in fucking hell!
  • (slavemaster) I hope to the gods there's a place worst than hell for them.
  • (slavemaster) I hope the Devil spits on your face, bastard.
  • (penitent units) To think there was a fate worst than slavery...
  • (penitent units) Rest, and finally be free...
  • (penitent harvester) There-there was no choice, right?
  • (penitent harvester and Anvil) To think there are bastards who stoop to enslaving children! UNFORGIVABLE!
  • (volunteer units) Fascist scum!
  • (volunteer units) Death to fascism!
  • (volunteer units) Death to the state!
  • (Enforcer) Enforce THAT! BITCH!
  • (Slaves) I'm sorry... I'm so, so sorry...
  • (Slaves) Your... Free now...
  • (Slaves) I wish I could have done more...
  • (Slaves) Death... Is the ultimate, but tragic, freedom...
  • (Gaze dancer) Not from where i'm standing.
  • (Harlequin) Maybe learn to fight instead of dancing! PANSY!


  • Thank you, comrade.
  • We'll repay you.


  • Hands where I can see them!
  • Hands in the air!
  • Don't worry friend, you'll have a hot meal and bed, so long as you comply.
  • No sudden movements!
  • (Slavemaster) Once we're done with you. You wish we just kill you.
  • (Slavemaster) Oh don't worry, we already made a special hell for bastards like you.
  • (Slavemaster) Not everyday I get to see bastards like you suffer for your crimes.
  • (Slavemaster) Savor what undeserving freedom you have left monster, like those you enslaved. For this is the last time you'll have it.
  • (Slavemaster) To strip away the freedom of others is the greatest crime a man can do! And for that, you will be chained, and never see daylight, again!
  • (Slaves) Calm down my friend, you're free.
  • (Slaves) I promise you that there will be a place worse than hell for the slavers, and I'll make one if there isn't.
  • (Slaves) Let me help you destroy those marks.


  • Damn it...
  • Everyone, forgive me.

On death

  • Volksgard...
  • I serve my people with pride...
  • Wish I could see the mountains... One last time...
  • Forgive me, comrades...
  • I would rather die... Then be a slave...
  • (silly mode) I'll be back... WITH WEAPONS!
  • (silly mode) Mein leben...


  • Their rifle grenade is based of the Kar98 and the Blanch-Chevallier Grenade Discharger, their assault rifle is based off the stg 44, while their machinegun is based for the MG42 and their LAW is based off the panzerfaust.
  • They are based off the gi from red alert 2 and the heavy defender from red alert paradox.

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