• JJBA:Vento Aureo 2018 is an upcoming sandbox spectacle fighter set to be a collaboration between cyberconnect2,sega and capcom. It's title is yet to be confirmed but Araki stated that due to the new

anime adaption of Part 5,A small few games studios would work on a game adaption keeping true to the original source material.


  • Vento Aureo let's you explore Italy participating in battles with other stand users or normal criminals. You can also look in a special menu for attacks and other such needs such as countering attacks done by stands or other such functions including dodging,special attacks,stand attacks plus character specific abilities and moves. You can also switch between characters on the fly during the story mode and it's missions. There is a story mode that lets you experience the plot of vento aureo amongst other modes too. Also randomly characters can appear if your connected to the internet where you can particitipate in stand battles. In multiplayer you get to create your own character with a stand wanting to become a notorious gangster so he battles other with his stands and does mission to make himself/her to become infamous and well known amongst other gangsters.


  • The story begins when Giornio Giovanna is heading back from the airport after heading towards Italy meeting a young boy known as koichi hirose being sent by Jotaro Kujo to keep a watch on the son of DIO,an infamous vampire overlord who opposes the joestar family. After some brief interactions between them,giornio meets leaky-eyed luka the only non-stand user amongst the janitor to be in Passione,an Infamous crime syndicate in Italy. He briefly talks to Giornio then a frog shows up briefly causing luka to kill it with a shovel so Giornio beats luka to death before escaping due to Luka killing the frog.
  • Bruno learns of Giornio killing luka so to know the truth,he licks Giornio's sweat to check him.
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