Hero Factory - Mission 1: Von Nebula (ヒーロー工場-使命1: von星雲 in Japan) is the first Hero Factory videogame series installament, and narrates the events of the first series with the flashback of Stormer's first team as a Prologue, until the final battle against Von Nebula. Using the same gameplay aa well as games like Fist of the North Star - Ken's Rage, Saint Seya and Warriors Orochi series, it is developed by CyberConnect2 and published by Eidos Interactive for the platform systems of PlayStation 3, Xbox360, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Wii U.

Game modes

  • Story mode
    • New game
    • New game+ (unlocked by completing New Game for the first time, and when a max level is completed, you unlock the chance to play a new game to a higher difficulty)
  • Boss challenge
    • New game
    • New game+ (same as in Story Mode)
  • Versus mode
    • Free play
    • Head-to-head
    • Online
      • Normal
      • Ranked match
  • Options mode
  • Extra Mode
    • Videos
    • Soundtrack


(*) = Unlockable bosses

  • Preston Stormer
  • William Furno
  • Duncan Bulk
  • Nathalie Breez
  • Jimmy Stringer
  • Mark Surge
  • Preston Stormer infected (*)
  • XPlode (*)
  • Meltdown (*)
  • Corroder (*)
  • Thunder (*)
  • Rotor (*)
  • Vapour (*)
  • Von Nebula (*)
  • Thresher (*; special boss)


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