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Hello everyone. The above tabs labeled New, Continue, Account, Tutorial and Community are all part of a collection of pages we call the GIW Instruction Manual. "Amazing. Even the name is boring but game related." Ha ha. Anyway, this page is a brief summary of what each page of the manual includes. Quick reference with a table of contents.

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Table of Contents

You will see the below list when reading the manual. It is to aid navigation. Use it as needed.

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Firstly, navigation to the various sections are available through the menu near the top of the page. Navigated.png

The wiki is designed to resemble a video game. To add to that, navigation is divided into 5 sections:

But that list is rather vague. Here is a more descriptive table to fill you in.

Under Definition These are categorized
New On writing an article about a unique series
  • What we think you should know before making a new game idea.
  • Popular real series
  • other inspiration for new ideas
  • Categories to find those articles
Continue On writing an article about a published series
  • What we think you should know before continuing a series.
  • Popular potential series (e.g. Epic Saga)
  • Categories to find those articles
  • Articles going on complete or up for adoption
  • link to Special:Allpages and other related categories
Account (options) About your user account
  • What we think you should know about making and using a user account.
  • How to get an account, the benefits, etc.
  • Links to community of who has accounts
  • Explanation of achievements/ badges.
Tutorial (help) Help beyond Wikia Help
  • What we think you should know before doing much.
  • Page with the guidelines of editing
  • a link to Wikia's help pages
  • 6 pillars of editing
  • Need to Know (Various things covering rants and pet peeves that we don't want to see happen / cool stuff we find, like videos or actual games, etc)
  • Contact us!
Community About the other users and what we are doing
  • What we think you should know before interacting.
  • History of the wiki
  • Blogs
  • List of members
  • Ways to connect with us
  • Requests

Anything else I should add here? Tell me about it.