This page is created to center around the community aspect of wikis. We have a brief history of the wiki, a short list of recent activity, and an area for requests. Take a look around. The Community Portal is now a separate page to allow updates to be found more easily. This wiki community can come together to organize and discuss projects for the wiki there. This page is more a description of us. The community portal is available through this page. To see the most recent discussions, click the Talk tab above.

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  • Talk pages are for discussing content, like Talk:Game Ideas Wiki.
  • Discussions are for the community portal and forum.
  • Your personal Message Wall is another place to have conversations.
  • Talk page comments should always be signed with ~~~~ or just ~~~ if you don't want to put a timestamp.
  • Once you have an account, you can participate in discussions in our chat area!
  • The Game Ideas Wiki does not have their own email at the moment, we just use Message Wall like the link below.
  • Confused about anything? Contact us! And if you want us to have an email, let an administrator know. Wazzupguys is the webmaster around here.


  • Wazzupguys, an admin of the wikia
    • Spam clearing
    • Blocking users
    • Layout/site issues
    • Can answer almost all questions
    • Number 1 to contact
  • Loconator3000, a bureaucrat
    • Spam clearing
    • Can answer many questions
    • Number 2 to contact
  • SecondOpinion, another administrator
    • Spam clearing
    • Blocking users
    • Can answer many questions
    • Number 3 to contact
  • Thunder the Coyote, another administrator
    • Filling up empty and wanted content
    • Can answer many questions
    • Number 4 to contact

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