Fireboy is a platformer/fighting game where you move through 2-D landscapes and beat up the bad guys.


A young man named Jadin Averson is taken to the chemical plant his father works at to learn how to work there for when he will be working himself. Suddenly a worker bumps his cup of coffee over and starts a huge fire. Everyone rushes to get out of the plant except for Jadin, who is completely mesmerized by an enormous vat of radioactive acid that he'd never seen before. His father tries to get him out, but a wall of flame blocks his way. A surge of flame blows Jadin into the vat and ignites it, lighting Jadin on fire while also covering him in radioactive waste.

Everyone thought Jadin died that day, except for Sensei Chan, a Kung Fu master who trains agents so they can be recruited to the secret government group he works for. He senses Jadin is still alive, and makes his team aware of this. The government group known as N.D.R.S. (National Defender Recruitment Squad) goes to the ruins of the chemical plant. Sensei Chan discovers a body at the bottom of a vat of radioactive waste. The body has a few signs of slight burns, but is shockingly intact. What amazes the Sensei even more is that the body has a glowing fiery aura to it. Chan has N.D.R.S. collect the body and bring it back to base. The scientists discover he's in a coma and has strange powers that allow him to control flame. Sensei Chan realizes that one with powers would be just what their team is looking for, and insists they bring young Jadin out of his coma.

{to be continued...}