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False Zelda is a version of Princess Zelda covered in purple mist. She was once a boss in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. She should be in SSB4 with different moves.


As she is a false version, she uses shadow bugs to attack rather than magic.

  • Special- Mist grab (uses the bugs to form a hand)
  • Up Special- Twirl Flight (use twirl and dress as a chopper)
  • Side Special- Mega kick (twrils to the side with a hard kick)
  • Down Special- Poison Kiss (Kisses when an opponent gets near)
  • Final Smash- Dark Cannon (The camera angle zooms closer to her and a string of commands will appear. If the player gets the button pattern right, A target similar to the dragoon aim will appear and she will be able to shoot in any direction. But get it wrong, and the Dark Cannon will explode)


An evil clone of The Princess of Hyrule created by Shadow Bugs and False Bowser. Unlike the real Zelda, she can use the Dark Cannon. Pit and Mario stopped her in time before she shot Link. While Bowser got Zelda, Wario and later King Dedede got Peach.


  • Super Smash Brothers Brawl (Wii)


  • Kirby Cap: Same (but purple-ish)
  • Snake Call: Roy Champall