Eternal Champions vs. Primal Rage is the crossover between the Eternal Champions and Primal Rage series.


Story Mode

The order of chapters

  1. Prologue Scenes - ?
  2. Epilogue Scenes

Arcade Mode

the player chooses 2 characters and goes through 8 stages in which the player goes through the chosen character's stories. the 1st 6 are against random tags of opponents, the 7th is against the character's tag Sub-Bosses and the 8th is against Visor.

Score Attack Mode

the player chooses 2 characters and goes through 8 stages in which the player needs to get the highest score possible. the 1st 7 are against random tags of opponents and the 8th is against Visor.

Time Attack Mode

the player chooses 2 characters and goes through 8 stages that the player needs to finish in the shortest time possible. the 1st 7 are against random tags of opponents and the 8th is against Visor.

Survival Mode

the player chooses 4(2 characters each) characters and goes through 25 stages in which the player fights every character in the game. the 1st 24 are against random tags of opponents and the 25th is against Visor.

Career Mode


Online Mode

Versus Mode

the players choose 2 characters and fight each other.

Training Mode

Customzation Mode

Gallery Mode

Vault Mode


Options Mode


With the amount of time travel done by Necrosan and the Eternal Champion, a Chronomancer known as Visor gets the information of all the dids done by the Eternal Champions and Avatars. thus Visor deicedes to test the Avatars and Eternal Champions to make sure the time flow is stable.


The gameplay is similar to Eternal Champions 3 but borrows mechanics from Primal Rage III and the gameplay is 2 on 2 rather than 1 on 1.

Default Characters

Eternal Champions

  1. JapanShadow Yamoto(Time Period: 1993 AD)
  2. United States of AmericaLarcen Tyler(Time Period: 1925 AD)
  3. United States of AmericaJonathan Blade(Time Period: 2030 AD)
  4. United States of AmericaR.A.X. Coswell(Time Period: 2345 AD)
  5. United States of AmericaXavier Pendragon(Time Period: 1692 AD)
  6. RussiaJetta Maxx(Time Period: 1899 AD)
  7. GreeceTrident(Time Period: 110 BC)
  8. United KingdomMitchell Middleton "MidKnight" Knight(Time Period: 2010 AD)
  9. KenyaSlash(Time Period: 50,000 BC)
  10. ItalySophia "Riptide" de Medici(Time Period: 1566 AD)
  11. EgyptRamses III(Time Period: 151 BC)
  12. VenezuelaRaven Gindhar(Time Period: 1802 AD)
  13. United KingdomDawson McShane(Time Period: 1849 AD)
  14. ChinaChin Wo(Time Period: 1815 AD)
  15. United States of AmericaThomas "Blast" Chavez(Time Period: 1965 AD)
  16. GreeceThanatos(Time Period: 1692 AD)

Primal Rage

  1. TaiwanXiao Ming Tang Kuan/Slashfang(Age:28, Time Period:?, Weapon:Nunchucks)
  2. PeruMalyssa Wisteria/Vertigo(Age:31, Time Period:?, Weapon:Bo Staff)
  3. GermanyArik/Sauron(Age:36, Time Period:?, Weapon:Zweihander)
  4. New ZealandKeena Amali/Talon(Age:22, Time Period:2007, Weapon:Hand Claw)
  5. United States of AmericaShank Traff/Chaos(Age:?, Time Period:?, Weapon:Steel Pipe)
  6. Saudi ArabiaSinjin/Diablo(Age:?, Weapon:Guandao)
  7. JapanKaze Koriyama/Blizzard(Age:34, Weapon:Katana)
  8. FranceTor/Armadon(Age:39, Weapon:Spiked Club)
  9. BrazilCezar Rocha/Treemoth(Age:20, Weapon:Scythe)
  10. IndiaBharat Narang/Earthquake(Age:47, Weapon:Giant Flail)
  11. CubaAlexa Mortenezzy/Tsunami(Age:22, Weapon:Rapier)
  12. SerbiaArkad 'Kad' Godansky/Deathwing(Age:?, Weapon:Dual Pick Axes)
  13. UgandaShirla Gontiko Christiansen/Neon(Age:68, Weapon:Steel Batton)
  14. South VietnamPhan Tuyen/Bubble(Age:35, Weapon:Tonfas)
  15. JamaicaStarleen Graham/Nightshroud(Age:26, Weapon:Bladed Gloves)
  16. PortugalRubinho Silveira/Raylight(Age:53, Weapon:Jian)

Unlockable Characters

Eternal Champions

  1. Unknown CountryEternal Champion(Time Period: 9999 AD)
  2. Unknown CountryDark Champion(Time Period: 9999 AD)
  3. GreeceEleni Stavros(Time Period: 2005 AD)
  4. SpainAugusto Molina(Time Period: 1491 AD)
  5. United States of AmericaMr Tagliani(Time Period: 1935 AD)
  6. SpainHannibal(Time Period: ?)

Primal Rage

  1. MexicoHector Vargas/Necrosan(Age:36, Weapon:Scimitar)
  2. BotswanaGogowamu Abwabwabaugrandada Nenenekokikalileminaritamesu Badidalokodemongrilanshmiva/Clockwork(Age:169, Weapon:Dual Slingshots)
  3. RussiaNiet Borccov/Nirvana(Age:33, Weapon:Spiked Boots)
  4. TaiwanGoa Faitan/Skyroar(Age:22, Weapon:Bladed Whip)
  5. GermanyGrand van Helsing/Erasure(Age:20, Weapon:Shotgun and Assault Rifle)
  6. FranceAldric Bissette/Divus(Age:28, Weapon:Bare Hands)

Original Characters

  1. Unknown CountryVisor(Time Period: 2015, Weapon:Elemental Rod) - The main antagonist and Final Boss of the game.



Eternal Champions Primal Rage
Shadow Yamato Keena Amali
Larcen Tyler Shank Traff
Xavier Pendragon Kaze Koriyama
Jonathan Blade Arik
Slash Xiao Ming Tang Kuan
Trident Sinjin
MidKnight Bharat
Jetta Maxx Malyssa Wisteria
R.A.X. Coswell ?
Eternal Champion Hector Vargas
Riptide ?
Ramses III ?
Raven Gindhar ?
Dawson McShane ?
Thanatos G.A.N.B.
Chin Wo ?
Blast ?
Dark Champion Aldric Bissette
Eleni Stavros ?
Augusto Molina ?
Mr Tagliani Grand van Helsing
Hannibal Goa Faitan


  1. Unlock Characters
    1. Visor

Reception and Reactions



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