Draft's Story is a teen game about Draft fighting evil spirits it was release on August 12, 2015


PEGI 12 for Nonstop Violence,and for some language

New Zealand R13 For Violence,action,and for Crude Humor

Japan B for Violence,language for some crude humor


Violence 4/5 there's violence like death and blood

Flirting Jokes 1/5 Draft has a crush

Language 2/5 there are uses of damn,hell,freakin,and crap

Drinking,drugs,smoking 2/5 Draft went to a bar and people drinks

This Game is recommend for people 13 and up


Young Draft

Draft(unlockable)(you have to upgrade young draft to level 10 to unlock,and they will be two different characters)

The Hero Bros(unlockable)(you have to buy them at the store they cost 10,000 coins but you will only get one of them each time you open it but you have to complete story mode and must be at level 100 or higher)

King Spirit(unlockable)(must complete story mode)

Queen Spirit


Destruction God

Keith the Cowboy

Shelly(unlockable)(must be at level 10 or higher to unlock her)

Queen Bee



  • This is the first hero bros game to have a teen rating
  • The King Spirit special move was edited to avoid a mature rating