"Why throw away your life so recklessly?"
"That's a question you should ask yourself, Megatron.
―Game Trailer

CyberOps: Megamix is a crossover mecha fighting game developed and published by Bandai-Namco Entertainment and the 9th game in the Namco X series. It features mech/cyborg characters from Bandai-Namco, Sega, Capcom and Square-Enix games, including the Transformers series of games based on the popular toy franchise of the same name, which were published by Square-Enix in Japan (Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark).

The fifth entry in the Japan Six, the game is a product of a partnership between all 4 companies, who previously churned out Square-Enix vs. Capcom: When Worlds Collide, the 10th entry in the Capcom Vs. series. As the game is primarily made and backed by Bandai-Namco, it combines the gameplay style of the Tekken series with Hyper Combos and V-Trigger abilities inspired by the Street Fighter, Darkstalkers and Capcom Vs. series of fighting games.

It was first released for arcades on February 7, 2018. An updated version with new characters, game modes, items and stages was released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows on May 7, 2019.


After Cybertron is attacked by Unicron in search of the Matrix of Leadership, Autobots leader, Optimus Prime once again returns to earth to warn the humans of a looming Decepticon threat. Along the way, the Futurians have sent Mecha-King Ghidorah and MechaGodzilla Kiryu from the past to destroy the cosmic planet eater themselves. When groups of human forces, led by the Autobots, view the cyborgs as a threat, having been built from alien future technology, the G-Force sends Heero Yuy-via Wing Zero-to get them on the same page, having informed him of their true nature. However, they soon find themselves under attack by the Decepticons, led by Prime's nemesis, Megatron.

Meanwhile, Unicron continues to scout Cyberton's destroyed remains in search of the Matrix, with the humans dragged into a grueling war.


CyberOps: Megamix features the realistic, 3D sidescrolling engine featured in the Tekken series with fight mechanics largely mirroring the Tekken style of gameplay. Like traditional Tekken games, it allows parrying around the level in order to evade enemy attacks by way of side-stepping. Additionally, the Rage Arts (available once your health bar is in critical) and Power Crush techniques from Tekken 7 make a comeback.

Classic features seen in landmark Capcom fighters are also featured. For instance, fighters are given EX gauges, allowing them to perform up to 3 different special moves unique to each character, including a 3rd Level 3 Hyper Combo/Special Move, similar to MvC3. Among the Level 3 Hypers are Wing Zero's Twin Buster Cannon and Kiryu's patented Absolute Zero Cannon, which also temporarily freezes the opponent after hitting, leaving it vulnerable to further damage. The EX/Hyper Moves are unique from the Rage Arts accompanying each character, allowing a wide variety of high-damaging moves. In the updated version for home consoles, this is further expanded, allowing players to either cancel Rage Arts techniques into Special Moves or perform stronger versions of Special Moves while in critical. In addition, each character is given V Gauges, which can perform up to 3 abilities, as seen in Street Fighter V:

  • V-Skills: Free skill unique to each character that's used to build up V Gauge. For example, MechaGodzilla can deflect projectiles with his tail and perform a body strike with his thrusters as a second V-skill, Ninja Megazord can summon the Falcon Zord, transforming into the Ninja Megafalconzord while giving him a second V-Skill, allowing him to air dash the form of a zig zag at the opponent before drilling him into the ground similar to Chun-Li's Rankyaku.
  • V-Reversal: Allow characters to counter moves while being hit at the cost of V-gauge. Example: MechaGodzilla can hit the opponent with guided missiles from his back and sides, Prime can absorb (further) attacks after transforming into a truck and then ramming into the opponent, Mecha-King Ghidorah can knock opponents backwards with a triple head smash, launching all 3 heads at the opponent simultaneously.
  • V-Trigger: Perform an ability unique to each character for a limited time while constantly draining V-Gauge; for example, MechaGodzilla can levitate off the ground with his thrusters and shoot projectiles in the air, or use his V-Trigger to spam his various projectiles while airborne, Mecha-King Ghidorah can also levitate off the ground with his flight and perform numerous foot stomps to a prone opponent or launch gravity bolts from his 2 organic heads simultaneously, Ninja Megazord, as the Ninja Falcon Megazord, and can thus also fly off the ground and perform airborne attacks, even shoot missiles while in the air.

However, several new mechanics have been added:

  • Projectile: Each character is given a standard projectile ability unique to each character. For example: Prime can fire his iron blaster, Mecha King Ghidorah can fire gravity beams from one of his organic heads, Epyon uses its patented whip-like chain.
  • Thrusters: Fighters can dash at one another via an all new thrusting mechanic.
  • EX Smash: by hitting V-Trigger + Power Crush, you can send your opponent flying through the side of the screen and into a different part of the stage many feet away, even though buildings, openings and walls, with a supercharged melee strike.
  • Assist Hypers: Some characters will call in assist mechs for Hyper Moves. For example, by hitting V Skill + Hyper, with a Lv 3 or higher Ultra meter, Ninja Megazord can call in Titanus (and the Falconzord if he hasn't already done so via V-Skill) to become the Ninja Ultrazord and perform its patented Finisher attack familiarized in the TV series, firing all of its projectiles at once as his Lv 3 (3rd) Hyper. This attack is very lethal, the most powerful Hyper move in the game, dealing 610,000 DP, the equivalent of Vergil's The Dark Angel Lv 3 Hyper Combo in UMvC3. As a downside, however, it can only be performed after using Ninja Megazord's V-Skill (or first Hyper Move, which also summons the Falconzord to perform an attack) and with a Hyper Meter of at least Level 3.

New to the home console release (exclusive from the arcade version) is the new Battle Suit Mode. For select characters, you'll unlock a new mini-game after completing the Story Mode in which you'll be tasked with fighting legions of enemy battle suits/biomechs from said franchise similar to Dynasty Warriors.

Game Modes

The game features a standard Arcade Mode as well as an in-depth Story Mode. In addition, a few unique mini-games are featured.

  • STORY: A complete, set-in-stone campaign mode divided into chapters. Play as one of two sides: Autobots ("Protect") or Decepticons ("Destroy"). On the Decepticons side, you play a series of bouts as the game's villains as well as "defected heroes," or rival protagonists to the heroes on the Autobots ("good") side. The final chapter, drawn to its logical conclusion, features the integral Optimus Prime-Wing Zero showdown (featured on the cover art) with the choice of character depending on which side you select at the menu screen before facing off against the Unicron-resurrected Megatron-turned Galvatron and then Unicron himself (full chapter listings coming soon!). Story Mode will also occasionally feature 2-on-2 tag-battles, a distinct feature from Arcade Mode, plus a fated battle with the Story Mode-exclusive Mecha-Destoroyah, created by Dr. Eggman (via Futurian technology)!
  • ARCADE: Select a fighter and fight a series of bouts against random CPU opponents before facing your rival, sub-boss and final boss, respectively. You're graded by player score after advancing through each round.
  • ONLINE: Fight against other players in various online game modes via network play.
  • BATTLE SUIT BATTLE: A Beat-Em-Up/Action-Adventure mode where you take on legions of battle suits from various franchises after unlocking them in Arcade Mode, similar to Dynasty Warriors.
  • VERSUS BATTLE: Play singles matches against CPU opponents or other players.
  • TEAM BATTLE: Make teams of up to 6 fighters and fight against player or CPU-controlled opponents.
  • TAG BATTLE: 2-on-2 tag matches against player or CPU-controlled teams. Partners can be tagged in for assists/double-team moves while giving their partner a small health recovery. Game continues until one of the active fighters is K.O.ed.
  • BATTLEZONE BATTLE: Face a constant string of enemies that jump in and out of the arena after defeating them. Crates randomly fall from jets in the sky containing items that generate random effects which can either help or hinder the fighter who picks them up. These range from double HP to 50% HP reduction to x2 damage to slowing down or giving fighters a speed boost. Game continues until the human player's life bar is compeltely drained or all 27+ foes are eliminated, similar to Tekken's Ghost Battle Mode.
  • FIGURE HEADS BATTLE: A 5-on-5 Beat-Em-Up/Railshooter mode against player or CPU-controlled teams in the style of Square-Enix's online mech shooter, Figure Heads. Game resumes until all 5 players on a team are eliminated.
  • TIME ATTACK: Play through Arcade Mode with default settings (2 rounds, 60 seconds, Normal difficulty) with the goal of earning the best time possible.
  • SURVIVAL: Face an endless string of enemies in separate rounds with limited health recovery until your health bar is completely drained.
  • PRACTICE: Hone your skills against a CPU opponent.
  • GALLERY: View unlocked character endings/cutscenes, saved matches, concept art, game trailers, and more.
  • OPTIONS: Adjust game settings.


There are 28 base characters in total, 7 per company, that can be played between human and CPU players alike. There are also 2 bosses, a sub and final boss, who aren't playable, plus a Story Mode-exclusive character. DLC characters will be made available later in the year at an undetermined time. In addition, some characters/mechs will be upscaled so as to keep the size differences between certain mechs relatively in check.

The updated home console release also has 4 unlockable characters, one per company, who can be unlocked after defeating them in a secret boss battle in Arcade Mode, which is earned by finishing with a score of at least 350,000,000 and no continues while controlling a mech of their respective brand. Additionally, Serpentera can be unlocked as an alternate boss for Unicron while playing as a Bandai-Namco mech when certain conditions are met, which prefaces the bonus boss battle for that brand. It boasts an extremely lethal lightning attack-even when blocked-which can also throw buildings at you via telekinesis as well as an even stronger Super Arts version, but its health meter is constantly draining due to its limited power source. Upon reaching 25%, it'll enter a special flight battle mode and attack you as it attempts to retreat. During this time, you can encircle the foe while chasing it in the sky after taking flight. As such, it can be defeated by simply outlasting it, albeit at the potential expense of points needed to unlock the secret boss fight (in short, strictly or predominantly evading/stalling its attacks won't suffice).

NOTE: yes, I know that Transformers is technically owned by Activision, but Square-Enix did publish Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark in Japan, so I'm licensing the Transformers bots as Square-Enix characters.

Name Game/Series Company
Optimus Prime Transformers Square-Enix
Megatron Transformers Square-Enix
Gyrozetter Chōsoku Henkei Gyrozetter Square-Enix
Weltall Xenogears Square-Enix
Siebzehn Xenogears Square-Enix
Wanzer Zenith Front Mission Square-Enix
Wanzer Giza Front Mission Square-Enix
Blodia Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness Capcom
GAH-42BS Lost Planet Capcom
PTX-140A Lost Planet Capcom
Gingira E.X. Troopers Capcom
Vertical Tank Steel Battalion Capcom
Tron Bonne Megaman Legends Capcom
G Kaiser Tech Romancer Capcom
Cougar NX Border Break Sega
Shrike Type V Border Break Sega
A.I.S. Phantasy Star Online Sega
KNRB-0 Argus Vanquish Sega
Metal Overlord Sonic Heroes Sega
Egg Emperor Sonic Heroes Sega
Temjin Virtual On Sega
Wing Zero Gundam Wing Bandai-Namco
Epyon Gundam Wing Bandai-Namco
E.S. Dinah Xenosaga Bandai-Namco
EVA Unit 01 Evangelion Bandai-Namco
Ninja Megazord Power Rangers Bandai-Namco
Mechagodzilla Kiryu Godzilla Bandai-Namco
Mecha-King Ghidorah Godzilla Bandai-Namco
Galvatron (Sub-Boss) Transformers Square-Enix
Unicron (Final Boss) Transformers Square-Enix
Serpentera (Alternate Boss)
(Console Exclusive)
Power Rangers Bandai-Namco

Unlockable Characters (Console Exclusive)

Name Game/series Company
Shadow Lord (Secret Boss) Final Fantasy Square-Enix
USTANAK (Secret Boss) Resident Evil Capcom
Magatsu (Secret Boss) Phantasy Star Online Sega
Nightmare (Secret Boss) Soul Calibur Bandai-Namco

DLC Characters

Name Game/Series Company
Ultima Weapon Final Fantasy XIV Square-Enix
Grimlock Transformers Square-Enix
Berserker Biomech Bionic Commando Capcom
Kaiser Sigma Mega Man Capcom
03-AALIYAH Armored Core IV Sega
00-ARETHA Armored Core IV Sega
Dino Megazord Power Rangers Bandai-Namco
Ultraman Ultraman Bandai-Namco


CyberOps: Megamix features 15 iconic stages from such notable franchises as Transformers, Godzilla, Power Rangers, Xenogears, Phantasy Star Online, and more. In addition, it also features the iconic BattleZone stage featured in the game's BattleZone Mode. Fight on top of a giant, island-sized skyscraper with barricaded enclosings and jets constantly encircling the airwaves, occasionally dropping crates with random items. The fight in progress can also be seen being visibly broadcast from a Titantron on one of the many nearby buildings in the distance with civilians watching in the streets many feet below.

Story Mode

The Story Mode featured in CyberOps: Megamix consists of 20 chapters, with 10 chapters each splitting the Autobots ("Protect") and Decepticons ("Destroy") side. Each individual chapter is allotted to one character per side and consists of a series of fights with that character (4 each) and occasionally others in situational tag battles before moving onto the next in an overarching story, similar to Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, Mortal Kombat (2011) and Mortal Kombat X.

In addition, the Decepticons Story Mode features the new character, Mecha-Destoroyah, in a special campaign-exclusive chapter. Other Story Mode-exclusive fights include OZ-00MS Tallgeese (Gundam Wing), Wanzer Zephyr (Front Mission: Evolved), a giant Lord Zedd (Power Rangers) after Serpentera is destroyed by Unicron and Hot Rod (Transformers).

The order of each chapter is as follows:

Autobots Story
Decepticons Story
Chapter 1: EVA-01 Chapter 1: Megatron
Chapter 2: Weltall Chapter 2: Wanzer Zenith
Chapter 3: Blodia Chapter 3: Wanzer Giza
Chapter 4: Cougar NX Chapter 4: Shrike Type V
Chapter 5: PTX-140A Chapter 5: Epyon
Chapter 6: Tron Bonne Chapter 6: Metal Overlord
Chapter 7: A.I.S. Chapter 7: Egg Emperor
Chapter 8: Mecha-King Ghidorah Chapter 8: Mechagodzilla Kiryu
Chapter 9: Ninja Megazord Chapter 9: Mecha-Destoroyah
Chapter 10: Optimus Prime Chapter 10: Wing Zero

Final Showdown

The final chapter, which pits Optimus Prime against Wing Zero takes on a special format that's fairly unique from the other chapters in the game, featuring a total of 5 battles instead of the usual 4:

  • Rival Battle
    • vs. Megatron (Autobots)
    • vs. Epyon (Decepticons)
  • Titan Battle
    • vs. Wing Zero (Autobots)
    • vs. Optimus Prime (Decepticons)
  • Tag Battle
    • Optimus Prime and Wing Zero vs. Mecha-Destoroyah (Autobots)
    • Wing Zero and Optimus Prime vs. Mecha-Destoroyah (Decepticons)
  • Cutscene
    • The other character will "sacrifice" himself to destroy Mecha-Destoroyah by launching him/itself into the sun along with MD after he splits and regenerates (Optimus doing so after entering Super Mode in the Decepticons Story Mode).
  • Sub Boss Battle
    • vs. Galvatron
  • End Boss Battle
    • vs. Unicron
  • Campaign Ending
    • Heero Yuy Eulogy (narrated by Optimus Prime {Peter Cullen})
    • Optimus Prime Eulogy (narrated by Relena Peacecraft {Akiko Yajima-JAP, Lisa Ann Beley-ENG})

Rogue Galleries (Battle Suit Mode)

The following characters (and enemy Battle Suits for said character) are featured in the game's Battle Suit Mode after unlocking them in Arcade Mode by completing their respective campaign (NOTE: Mecha-Destoroyah's BSM is unlocked after completing Story Mode on both the Autobots and Decepticons side):

Character Enemies
Optimus Prime Decepticon Grunts
Megatron Autobot Drones
Wing Zero Taurus Mobile Dolls
Epyon Leo Mobile Dolls
GAH-42BS Akrid
PTX-140 Akrid
Mecha-Destoroyah EDF Tanks, Jets, & Masers
Gingira Versus Suits
E.S. Dinah Gnosis
A.I.S. Darkers

In addition, by unlocking more characters in Battle Suit Mode, you can mix and match what types of enemies you will face by pitting one franchise's character against enemies of another. Note, however, that this can only be done after completing Battle Suit Mode with that character, meaning the 'enemies' tab will lock on your first playthrough with that character after unlocking their Battle Suit Mode campaign.


Select mechs have their own unlockable FMVs which can be viewed in Gallery. These are unlocked by completing one of several modes with that mech.

Name Song Conditions
Optimus Prime Black Lab-"Transformers Theme" Complete Autobots ("Protect") Story Mode.
Optimus Prime Stan Bush-"You've Got The Touch" (covered by Crush 40) Complete Arcade Mode with Optimus Prime.
Optimus Prime Linkin Park-"New Divide" Complete a BattleZone Battle playthrough with Optimus Prime.
Wing Zero Two Mix-"Rhythm Emotion" Complete Decepticons ("Destroy") Story Mode.
MechaGodzilla Kiryu Stone Sour-"Absolute Zero" Complete Arcade Mode with MechaGozilla Kiryu.
Ninja Megazord "Power Rangers Theme" (covered by Crush 40) Complete Arcade Mode with Ninja Megazord.


In addition, several stages also feature iconic musical scores familiarized with the respective franchise. For example, Chicago (Transformers stage) features Black Lab's rendition of the Transformers theme, Angel Grove features the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers theme, and Libra (Epyon/Wing Zero stage) has "Rhythm Emotion" from the Gundam Wing anime playing in the background.


  • Metal Overlord's fighting style is very reminiscent of Azazel's from publisher, Bandai-Namco's Tekken series.
  • In Arcade Mode, after unlocking the Alternate Boss fight, Serpentera appears and destroys Unicron in the intro cutscene.
    • Afterwards, Rita and Zedd will enlarge Nightmare with their growing powers via their staffs before the ensuing Bonus Boss Battle.
  • The game's iteration of the Power Rangers theme song (Angel Grove stage) is performed by Crush 40, who are known for their musical works on many Sonic games such as their cover of Sonic CD's "Sonic Boom".
    • According to director Katsuhiro Harada, they were hired by publisher Bandai-Namco in honor of their partnership with Sega on the game as part of the Japan Six.
  • This is the very first game in which Border Break, E.X. Troopers and Chōsoku Henkei Gyrozetter mechs have been localized for a North American release.
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