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Chloe (クロエ Kuroe) is a character from the anime Kuroinu ~Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru~.


Chloe is born a half-human and half-dark elf. She holds a grudge against humans because of her abusive childhood at the hands of a human slaver prior to being saved by Olga Discordia, the queen of the dark elf race. In gratitude, Chloe dedicates her life to serving Olga and standing by her side as her loyal aide no matter the situation they are in.

Chloe is a teen who is quite stubborn, but she is not stupid nor mean. Her experience as Olga's knight makes her a capable and serious woman prior to the rise of the human mercenary group Black Dogs.

When the Black Dogs led by the cruel Volt invaded the Dark Elf kingdom upon the orders of the Human-High Elf Alliance, the entirety of the dark elf race was annihilated, but Olga and Chloe were spared and became prisoners. Even after taking over the kingdom, Volt built his kingdom over its ruins and betrayed his former allies, as he invaded the Alliance in return in a pursuit to create a nation where all women are obliged to become sex slaves to men at all times.

Crossover Appearances

Project X Zone 3: War of Infinite Worlds – Ultimate Edition

It is revealed that the world of Eos where Kuroinu takes place is a separate planet within the Uchu Sentai Kyuranger universe. In the fallout of the Genocide of Heroes, Volt, leader of the Black Dogs, made a deal with Don Armage to become very powerful, which was why he was able to easily conquer both the kingdoms of the dark elves and the humans.

Taking place after the events of Kuroinu, Lucky, the Shishi Red of the Kyurangers, winded up in Eos, where the two kingdoms used to stand. Lucky is able to rescue Chloe first and later her queen Olga, with the help of a few Shinra heroes and the recently recruited Lucky Chloe from Tekken who the two befriend. Later, Chloe would team up with Shishi Red as a Pair Unit before the latter would reunite with other Kyurangers.

Project X Zone 3: The New Legend

Chloe appears as a Pair Unit teaming up with Riku from Kingdom Hearts.

Warriors Orochi All-Stars

Chloe appears as one of the many playable characters.


  • Chloe is a sexy elf with long blonde hair in the back. She has large breasts, wears a blue shicked uniform, a long gray strapper that traps her vagina, blue long-socked tights connected to the uniform by red ribbons, and brown low-strapped boots.