Cheyenne the Fearlon is a fictional character that she first appeared in Cheyenne's Pocket Tales and debuted in 2004. The character was created by Fallen Corporation. The character is stated to be 23 years of age and has an affinity for alcoholic beverages. Cheyenne is voiced by Juliette Lewis in Cheyenne's Bad Fur Day, Cheyenne's Nightmare Fur Day and Cheyenne's Wonder Reunion.

Cheyenne (series)

Although the first game in the series was family friendly and geared towards children, the series is noted for its later games which includes strong blood, graphic violence, toilet humor, toilet-related injuries and deaths, sexual innueno swearing and several film parodies.


  • Cheyenne the Fearlon is a main protagonist and titular character of the Cheyenne series. In the newer games, In the newer games, Cheyenne is an ill-tempered, greedy, light drinking, pessimistic, and cynical red squirrel. Cheyenne, though highly materialistic and never afraid to insult, always approaches new characters with a positive outlook. Cheyenne's adventures occur because she is walking slow in the opposite direction to her home.
  • Dainel the Bee is a male professor of crew mayor, he is working and attended at the bar restaurant and he is make sure to welcome everyone else.
  • Latina is Cheyenne's friend, she began as an gray-furred chipmunk, and more than twice Cheyenne's height. Cheyenne and Latina form a close relationship, though she is confused by her regular drinking. Latina gets abducted by a monkey girl to volcano island. Cheyenne saves her, but the Bouncer takes him to the crew mayor boss Raft Federico, who later murders her at the orders of the Panther King. Latina is a stereotypical valley girl with entirely pink possessions and a naive but no-nonsense attitude.
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