Burning Bomb Strike 2 (燃えるボンブストライク2) is the 2000 sequel to Burning Bomb Strike developed and published by Gamesoft. It expands over its predecessor in almost every possible way, including a deeper storyline, improved graphics, more involved levels and bosses, many types of elemental weapons, a playable companion character, and short RPG elements. It is released exclusively for the Sega Dreamcast in March 1, 2000.


Two years after the Burning Steel Fest, peace in the planet Turla was restored until a mysterious entity named Catalyst shrouded the atmosphere with his dark energy. It was consumed within a star that the being was holding close to him. With his immense strength, it put an end to all types of life on the planet. An Alterion named Prism sensed the energy and used his powers to rescue some of the Blitzbomber pilots of Turla. He convinces the young pilots to work together to put a stop to this nemesis before Turla and, potentially, the universe falls to Catalyst's power.


  • Tommy White (Blitzbomber: Shining Soldier)
  • Barry Black (Blitzbomber: Shadow Wing)
  • Natalie Redder (Blitzbomber: Crimson Avenger Mk2)
  • Patrick Gelb (Blitzbomber: Yellow Joker)
  • Lù Feng (Blitzbomber: Emerald General)
  • Antonio Azzuro (Blitzbomber: Cobalt Launch)
  • Prism: An Alterion with the ability to shapeshift into other forms.
  • Hybrid Agents:
    • Aezon: The Tornado of Light
    • Viata: Lord of the Deep
    • Iksa: King of the Sands
    • Kronia: Lady of Time
    • Rudz: The Raging Greens
    • Lafina: Joker Queen
    • Impus: The Flame Fighter; Later revealed to be Algol from the Burning Steel Fest.
    • Catalyst: The embidoment of pure darkness and the leader of the Hybrid Agents.


  • Cloud Planet Venton
  • River Planet Oceanet
  • Desert Planet Actusia
  • Clock Planet Tokeikon
  • Swamp Planet Mosshal
  • Circus Planet Hifeel
  • Cave Planet Umbred
  • Catalyst's Temple

Elemental Gears

  • Wind Installment (Implements flying)
  • Water Installment (Enables underwater mobility)
  • Ground Installment (Increases weight)
  • Time Installment (Increases speed)
  • Grass Installment (Limited healing)
  • Light Installment (Increases armor)
  • Flame Installment (Increases firearms)
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