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Genre: Tower Defense

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Gamecom

ESRB: E for Everyone

Platforms: Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Gigacom (There may also be a ten-stage version of this in a Bloons Tower Defense styled game for the PC)

Bowser Wars is a Tower Defense game in which the goal is to protect your castle from waves of oncoming enemies from nine different worlds. You can also upgrade enemies through paying coins.


  • In bold are bosses, which can only be summoned once per level.
Name Function Cost/Instant Recruit Unlocked By Upgrade Cost Stage Type
Goomba Headbutts enemies for 1 damage 1 coin Default

2 coins

1 Normal
Paragoomba Dives at enemies for 2 damage and is faster than Goomba's headbutt. 3 coins Upgrading Goomba 3 coins 2 Air
Giant Paragoomba Dives at enemies for 3 damage but only at the same speed as Paragoomba. 6 coins Upgrading Paragoomba N/A 3 Air
Super Goomba Headbutts enemies for 2 damage. It also doesn't take damage from the hit. 3 coins Upgrading Goomba 3 coins 2 Normal
Grand Goomba Headbutts enemies for 3 damage. Nothing else is upgraded. 6 coins Upgrading Super Goomba 4 coins 3 Normal
Goomboss Headbutts enemies for 4 damage. It also has Red and Blue Goomba on each side of it. 10 coins Upgrading Grand Goomba N/A 4 Normal
Red and Blue Goombas Headbutts enemies for 2 damage each. N/A Having Goomboss on your roster. N/A Only Normal
Koopa Troopa Shell Dashes at enemies for 1 damage. It doesn't take recoil damage but has to move to the other side of the path. If there is an abyss on the other side, Koopa goes off the edge of the screen and is lost. 2 coins Achieving rank 3. 3 coins 1 Normal
Koopa Paratroopa Shell Dashes at enemies for 1 damage but returns to its position after attacking and is faster than Koopa Troopa's 5 coins Upgrading Koopa Troopa. 4 coins 2 Air
Super Koopa Fly attacks at enemies for 3 damage with tremendous speed with all the functions of its previous stages. 9 coins Upgrading Koopa Paratroopa. N/A 3 Air
Terra Cotta Shell Dashes at enemies with its sword outstretched. It does 1 damage on contact but a lucky hit may do more damage. 5 coins Upgrading Koopa Troopa 4 coins 2 Spiked
Koopatrol Uses Power Shell which does 5 damage always, but still goes into the abyss like its previous stages if placed in a bad position. 9 coins Upgrading Terra Cotta. 5 coins 3 Spiked
Captain Basilisx Attacks with a fury of claws that consistently do 1 damage until the targeted enemy is out of range. 14 coins Upgrading Koopatrol N/A 4 Spiked
Octoomba Shoots a single stone out of its mouth thingy for 1 damage. Because it attacks from a distance, it takes no damage. 3 coins Achieving rank 5. 4 coins 1 Normal
Elite Octoomba Shoots two stones out of its mouth for 1 damage each. Its speed is doubled. 7 coins Upgrading Octoomba 5 coins 2 Normal
Octoguy Shoots a single enormous stone for 3 damage. The speed is the same as Elite Octoomba's. 12 coins Upgrading Elite Octoomba N/A 3 Normal
Octopus Shoots two stones out of its mouth for 2 damage each. Sometimes it will shoot coconuts, which can be countered by certain enemies. 7 coins Upgrading Octoomba 5 coins 2 Normal
Prince Pikante Can shoot blasts out of each side of it. Good position is in the middle of a U-turn. It still shoots coconuts 12 coins Upgrading Octopus 6 coins 3 Normal
King Kaliente Can shoot three coconuts at once and can move side-to-side. 18 coins Upgrading Prince Pikante N/A 4 Fire

Buzzy Beetle

Shell Dashes at enemies for 3 damage with the same fatality a Koopa does. It and its other upgrade stages are immune to projectiles. 4 coins Achieving rank 7 5 coins 1 Normal
Parabuzzy Shell Dashes at enemies for 3 damage, is faster, and has the fatality removed. 9 coins Upgrading Buzzy Beetle 6 coins 2 Air
Spiked Parabuzzy Shell Dashes at enemies for 6 damage with the same effects as Parabuzzy. 15 coins Upgrading Parabuzzy N/A 3 Spiked
Magmite Shell Dashes at enemies for 5 damage with the fatality of going into the abyss if there's no wall opposite Magmite's location. 9 coins Upgrading Buzzy Beetle 6 coins 2 Earth
Magmus Shell Dashes at enemies for 7 damage with the fatality retained. 15 coins Upgrading Magmite 7 coins 3 Earth
Buzzy Behemoth (made by me, so don't even try looking him up.) Shell Dashes at enemies for 9 damage and can knock out many at once. 22 coins Upgrading Magmus N/A 4 Darkness
Spiny Shell Dashes at enemies for 5 damage, also with the fatality. It's not immune to projectiles, however, along with its upgrade stages. 5 coins Achieving rank 10 6 coins 1 Spiked
Dark Spiny Shell Dashes at enemies for 6 damage. It's immune to damage when attacking. 11 coins Upgrading Spiny 7 coins 2 Spiked
Spiny Shroopa Jump Attacks enemies for 7 damage. The attack is much faster and accurate. 18 coins Upgrading Dark Spiny N/A 3 Spiked
Sharpea Shell Dashes at enemies for 6 damage. Still vulnerable to projectiles, but the damage is less. 11 coins Upgrading Spiny 7 coins 2 Spiked
Sky-Blue Spiny Shell Dashes at enemies for 7 damage. It moves much faster, but the damage taken from projectiles isn't any less. 18 coins Upgrading Sharpea 8 coins 3 Spiked
Spike Storm 4 Spinies Shell Dash at enemies. There is no improvements, but with quadruple the power and accuracy in numbers, who needs them? 26 coins Upgrading Sky-Blue Spiny N/A 4 Spiked
Shy Guy Spits small bits of fire at enemies for 6 damage. 6 coins Achieving rank 12 7 coins 1 Normal
Spear Guy Jabs enemies for 6 damage and robs them to earn 1-5 coins decided randomly. The drawback is that it's vulnerable to enemy counterattack. 13 coins Upgrading Shy Guy 8 coins 2 Spiked
Bandit Attacks enemies for 8 damage and robs them to earn 6-10 coins decided randomly. 21 coins Upgrading Spear Guy N/A 3 Darkness
Anti Guy Spits black fire at enemies for 7 damage. 13 coins Upgrading Shy Guy 8 coins 2 Darkness
General Guy Blasts enemies with lightning for 8 damage. 21 coins Upgrading Anti Guy 9 coins 3 Energy
Genius Guy Shoots rapid laser fire for 10 damage and it cannot miss. Genius Guy is immune to counterattack. 30 coins Upgrading General Guy N/A 4 Energy
Sliding Stone Can be placed near an abyss to push enemies over the side. 7 coins Achieving Rank 15 N/A Only Earth
Moneybag Its attacks are nothing special, but can pull in a lot of coins every turn. It attacks with a headbutt for 3 damage. 8 coins Achieving Rank 18 N/A Only Normal
Fuzzy It simply attacks enemies for 7 damage. They can gain health from attacking, along with its upgrade stages (Fuzzbush is the lone exception). 9 coins Achieving Rank 20 10 coins 1 Toxic
Flower Fuzzy Attacks enemies for 8 damage 19 coins Upgrading Fuzzy 11 coins 2 Toxic
Fuzzbush Shoots small fuzzies out of itself for 10 damage. 30 coins Upgrading Flower Fuzzy N/A 3 Plant
Green Fuzzy Attacks enemies for 8 damage 19 coins Upgrading Fuzzy 11 coins 2 Toxic
Dark Fuzzy Attacks enemies for 9 damage. 30 coins Upgrading Green Fuzzy 12 coins 3 Toxic
Gold Fuzzy Attacks enemies with its fuzzy horde. 9 damage from Gold Fuzzy, 3 damage from Fuzzy Horde members. If Gold Fuzzy is defeated, the horde members run away. 42 coins Upgrading Dark Fuzzy N/A 4 Toxic
Swooper Dives at enemies for 7 damage. It can hit multiple foes at once. 10 coins Achieving rank 22. 11 coins 1 Air
Swampire Dives at enemies for 8 damage and can replenish its own health by 3 if it connects. 21 coins Upgrading Swooper 12 coins 2 Air
Swoopula Dives at enemies for 9 damage and can replenish its own health by 4 if it connects. 33 coins Upgrading Swampire N/A 3 Air
Fang Dives at enemies for 8 damage. They move faster than Swampires and can evade counterattack easier. 21 coins Upgrading Swooper 12 coins 2 Air
Sir Swoop Dives at enemies for 9 damage. He moves a tad bit quicker than Fang. 33 coins Upgrading Fang 13 coins 3 Air
Wings of Night (somewhat: if Sir Swoop is KO'd, Fang upgrades right to Wings of Night with only three members) Four Swoopers (including Sir Swoop) dive at enemies for 2 damage each. 46 coins Upgrading Sir Swoop N/A 4 Air
Bumpty Walks aimlessly around the track, forcing the foe to maneuver around them. If the enemy uses fire on them, they will be removed. Otherwise, they can't be killed. 11 coins Achieving rank 25 12 coins 1 Ice
Cooligan Instead of wandering around like Bumpties, Cooligans slide down the track, dealing 8 damage. They can only go down straight paths back and forth. 23 coins Upgrading Bumpty 13 coins 2 Ice
Pendril Drills through the ground instead of sliding, making it less vulnerable to counterattack and also dealing 9 damage. 36 coins Upgrading Cooligan N/A 3 Earth
Cheep Cheep Can only be placed in areas in which there's water on both sides of the path. Cheep Cheep jumps over the path at enemies, onto the other side. This does 9 damage. 12 coins Achieving rank 28 13 coins 1 Water
Porcu-Puffer Instead of jumping like Cheep Cheep does, Porcu-Puffer rolls slowly to the other side. It does 10 damage and is vulnerable only to Thunder. 25 coins Upgrading Cheep Cheep 14 coins 2 Water
Cheep Cheep Pufferfish It does 10 damage and attack just like Cheep Cheep. It's only vulnerable to Thunder. 39 coins Upgrading Porcu-Puffer N/A 3 Water
Rip Van Fish It sleeps by the track until enemies draw near. It then relentlessly chases the first foe and does 10 damage until they leave the water. 25 coins Upgrading Cheep Cheep 14 coins 2 Water
Boss Bass Doesn't sleep like Rip Van Fish, but still relentlessly attacks the first foe it sets its sights on, continuously jumping at it for 11 damage. 39 coins Upgrading Rip Van Fish 15 coins 3 Water
Cheepskipper Does a whopping 15 damage when it jumps, but is left vulnerable because he slides across the track afterwards. 54 coins Upgrading Boss Bass N/A 4 Water
Fishbone Zips across the path to the other side (which should have water if you recruited one) and does 10 damage. They move so quickly, it's hard to counter one, but if it is countered, it will be KO'd instantly. 13 coins Achieving rank 30 14 coins 1 Darkness
Jean de Fillet Instead of zipping across the path to the other side, Jean de Fillet jumps like a Cheep Cheep, making it even harder to KO and dealing 11 damage. 27 coins Upgrading Fishbone 15 coins 2 Darkness
Honen Jumps back and forth between to patches of water. It doesn't move any quicker than Jean de Fillet, but can deal 12 damage and takes 2 hits to kill. 42 coins Upgrading Jean de Fillet N/A 3 Darkness
Sharkbone Only needs a patch of water on one side of the path. Its head pops out of the water and bites an enemy crossing it. When doing so, it's vulnerable but can't be killed in just one hit. It does 11 damage and can sometimes poison its target. 27 coins Upgrading Fishbone 15 coins 2 Darkness
Kingfin Kingfin's huge head comes out of the water and can bite multiple enemies. This does 12 damage. Kingfin can also summon up to three Fishbones to attack enemies beside him. He is only vulnerable to shells. 42 coins Upgrading Sharkbone N/A 3 Darkness
Blooper Jumps out of the water, lands on an enemy, then goes back in, doing 11 damage. It can also be set to spray ink which makes the enemy slow down and move side to side temporarily. This does no damage. 14 coins Achieving rank 32 15 coins 1 Water
Super Blooper Does the same thing, but this time doing 12 damage. The ink's effect also lasts longer. 29 coins Upgrading Blooper 16 coins 2 Water
Gooper Blooper Instead of jumping, Gooper Blooper spins his tentacles around, doing 13 damage to surrounding enemies. It's best to place it inside U-Turns (Tack Shooter from Bloons Tower Defense anyone?) so it can do what it does best. It can still be set to shoot ink, though, and now the ink does 3 damage as well as confuses the enemy. 45 coins Upgrading Super Blooper N/A 3 Water
Electro Blooper Attacks just like Blooper, but is electrified, does 12 damage to its target, and can sometimes paralyze. 29 coins Upgrading Blooper 16 coins 2 Energy
Mecha-Blooper Shoots up to five torpedoes at the enemy that deal 13 damage each. Once all five have been used, it must spend a little while reloading. 45 coins Upgrading Electro Blooper 17 coins 3 Energy
King Calamari It can either whip its tentacles for 14 damage, drool venom and poison the target, or shoot ink for 4 damage and to confuse the enemy. 62 coins Upgrading Mecha-Blooper N/A 4 Toxic
Bony Beetle Charges at enemies with its spikes out for 12 damage. 15 coins Achieving rank 35 16 coins 1 Spiked
Dry Bones Throws bones at the enemies that do 13 damage. They will also throw their head as well, but this can be countered and if it is, Dry Bones will be headless, and the accuracy of its bone-throwing attack will decrease. 16 coins Achieving rank 38 17 coins 1 Darkness
Red Bones Its Bone and Head attacks do 14 damage, and if headless, its accuracy decreases less. 33 coins Upgrading Dry Bones 18 coins 2 Darkness
Mattermouth It eats away parts of the track, creating gaps that send enemies into the abyss if they fall through the holes. Putting a bunch of these in one spot would be an amazing strategy. 51 coins Upgrading Red Bones N/A 3 Darkness
Dull Bones Throws a bone, dealing 14 damage, and can also summon Dry Bones if you pay it 8 coins. 33 coins Upgrading Dry Bones 18 coins 2 Darkness
Dark Bones Throws a bone that does 15 damage and can summon dry Bones if you pay it 4 coins. 51 coins Upgrading Dull Bones 19 coins 3 Darkness
Beecanoe Can either throw an enormous bone that does 16 damage, use Frenzy Skull (throws his head that flies with multiple duplicates) that does 4 damage per head, or summon Dry Bones for only 2 coins. 70 coins Upgrading Dark Bones N/A 4 Darkness
Clubba Stationary and sleeping by the side of the track, Clubba will wake up when enemies come near and smash them with their club for 14 damage. 17 coins Achieving rank 40 18 coins 1 Normal
White Clubba Stationary and alert by the side of the track, the white Clubba will slow down enemies when they come near and smash them with the club for 15 damage. Immune to all counters but fire. 35 coins Upgrading Clubba 19 coins 2 Normal
Spike Stationary by the side of the track, Spike produces large spiked balls from its mouth and throws them onto the track. The attack both pushes enemies backward, but also yields 16 damage. 54 coins Upgrading White Clubba N/A 3 Spiked
Dark Clubba Stationary by the side of the track, Dark Clubba attacks similar to White Clubba, but moves slower and can slow enemies down so much they almost don't move. It does 15 damage, of course. 35 coins Upgrading Clubba 19 coins 2 Darkness
Macho Grubba Body slams enemies for 16 damage. When he's not attacking, he can boost any stat while he waits. 54 coins Upgrading Dark Clubba 20 coins 3 Normal
Tubba Blubba Body slams enemies for 17 damage. He can't boost stats, but is immune to counterattacking of all forms. 74 coins Upgrading Macho Grubba N/A 4 Darkness
Piranha Plant It can be placed only in pipes or in patches of flowers. They will attack enemies when they pass and deal 15 damage. 18 coins Achieving rank 42 19 coins 1 Plant
Venus Fire Trap Venus Fire Traps work similar to Piranha Plants, but its attack radius is greater because it can shoot fireballs at farther away enemies that deal 15 damage. 37 coins Upgrading Piranha Plant 20 coins 2 Plant
Spiky Piranha Plant Spiky Piranha Plants cannot shoot fireballs, but have immunity to normal counterattacks. They can also slam their heads down on enemies (which doesn't have great accuracy), which does 16 damage. 57 coins Upgrading Venus Fire Trap. N/A 3 Plant
Piranha Bean About the strength of a Venus Fire Trap. It has a high amount of defense, but can only shoot fireballs. They deal 15 damage. 37 coins Upgrading Piranha Plant 20 coins 2 Plant
Polluted Piranha Plant Polluted Piranha Plant shoots goop at the enemies which deal 16 damage and linger on the track, drastically slowing down any who cross it. 57 coins Upgrading Piranha Bean 21 coins 3 Toxic
Naval Piranha It sits on a large patch of the lawn (it can be anywhere, because the pipes and flower patches aren't big enough). It will shoot fireballs (dealing 16 damage) and enemies and also strike with its Naval buds (same amount). 78 coins Upgrading Polluted Piranha Plant N/A 4 Fire
Whimp It stands on the side of the track and slams down on passing enemies and deals 16 damage. While it's down is the only time it can be harmed by Normal counterattack. 19 coins Achieving rank 45 20 coins 1 Earth
Whomp It does the same as a Whimp, but because it's bigger, it will have a larger range and deal 17 damage. 39 coins Upgrading Whimp 21 coins 2 Earth
Whomp King The Whomp King is even bigger than a Whomp, and does 18 damage when it comes down. It needs to be hit three times when it's down for it to be KO'd. 60 coins Upgrading Whomp N/A 3 Earth
Wallop Wallops don't work very much different than Whomps, but are harder to counterattack. They do 17 damage. 39 coins Upgrading Whimp N/A 2 Earth
Scuttle Bug They slide around the track, dealing 17 damage and making themselves hard to counterattack. 20 coins Achieving rank 48 21 coins 1 Normal
Skeeter They're faster when they slide around and deal 18 damage. 41 coins Upgrading Scuttle Bug 22 coins 2 Normal
Tarantox It sits in a web and spurts acid at enemies (19 damage). Only when its pulsating weak points are struck will it take damage. 63 coins Upgrading Skeeter N/A 3 Toxic
Ninji If placed in a shadowed area, they will go in and out of them as they strike, dealing 18 damage. 21 coins Achieving rank 50 22 coins 1 Darkness
Giant Ninji They are bigger than Ninjis, meaning they must be placed in larger shadows. They now deal 19 damage. 43 coins Upgrading Ninji N/A 2 Darkness
Li'l Sparky Li'l Sparkys slide around the track, and deal 19 damage as they do. 22 coins Achieving rank 52 23 coins 1 Energy
Spark Sparks do exactly the same thing as Li'l Sparkys, but they now deal 20 damage. 45 coins Upgrading Li'l Sparky 24 coins 2 Energy
Hothead Hotheads are bigger than Sparks, and whenever they're hit by fire or energy, they will get even bigger. They do 21 damage.

69 coins

(hehe, 69)

Upgrading Spark N/A 3 Fire
Podoboo They can only be placed in lava. They will leap out and deal 20 damage. 23 coins Achieving rank 55 24 coins 1 Fire
Hot Foot They can only be placed up against walls. When an enemy comes near, they will leap out of the fire from the candles and deal 21 damage. 47 coins Upgrading Podoboo 25 coins 2 Fire
Fire Snake They can be placed anywhere on the track.. They will hop around and deal 22 damage to whoever they hit. 72 coins Upgrading Hot Foot N/A 3 Fire
Amp Amps will circle a crystal you place on the ground on the track and deal 21 damage. 24 coins Achieving rank 58 N/A 1 Energy
Monty Mole Monty Moles will burrow underneath the track and pop up, damaging enemies underneath. It will then follow up by throwing a rock at the nearest enemy. 25 coins Achieving rank 60 26 coins 1 Earth
Mega Mole They will burrow underground and pop up, but cannot throw rocks. To make up for it, they have a high defense stat. 51 coins Upgrading Monty Mole 27 coins 2 Earth
Rocky Wrench Completey different from the previous stages, it will stick its head out of its hole when enemies draw near and throw tools at them. 78 coins Upgrading Mega Mole N/A 3 Earth
Undergrunt They burrow around the track, damaging any enemies that come in contact with it. The clumps of dirt it leaves behind will also slow down enemies. 51 coins Upgrading Monty Mole 27 coins 2 Earth
Monty Tank This tank will shoot bullet bills and also the pilot will throw bombs at enemies. It will stay on the side of the track. 78 coins Upgrading Undergrunt 28 coins 3 Energy
Major Burrows This giant mole will do what the Undergrunt does, and will move faster the more it's damaged. 106 coins Upgrading Monty Tank N/A 4 Earth
Comic Clone They will relentlessly follow a trail of enemies around until they slow down, in which they will run into them and deal damage. Best to put them near a tower that will slow them. 26 coins Achieving rank 63 N/A 1 Star
Pokey They will bob and slide around the track, damaging foes who touch them. They're difficult to kill, and they will occasionally shoot their spikes out. 27 coins Achieving rank 65 28 coins 1 Spiked
Bramball Bramballs stand directly across the path of the track. They will slightly damage any enemy that passes, but are vulnerable to counterattack. 55 coins Upgrading Pokey 29 coins 2 Plant
Mummipokey It will do the same thing as Pokey did, but will sometimes poison enemies with its attacks. It hides in the ground and pops out and attacks when foes draw near. 84 coins Upgrading Bramball N/A 3 Darkness
Thwomp They wait above the track for an enemy to come and crash down on them. When on the ground they damage on contact. 28 coins Achieving rank 68 29 coins 1 Earth
Super Thwomp Simply bigger and more damaging than a normal Thwomp. 57 coins Upgrading Thwomp N/A 2 Earth
Magikoopa From a wide range, Magikoopas cast spells to attack enemies for hits of 6. 24 coins Achieving rank 27 6 9
Defensive Magikoopa From a wide range, Magikoopas cast spells to enhance towers in range. May increase range, increase attack, increase speed, provide invincibility or a variety of other benefits. 25 coins Purchasing Magikoopa 6 9
Offensive Magikoopa From a wide range, Magikoopas cast spells to attack enemies and aid towers in annihilating enemies. May enlarge enemy and roll them over enemies following, shrink enemy to slow movement, remove invulnerabilities, turn them around to march the other way, or a variety of other attacks. 26 coins Upgrading Magikoopa N/A 9


World 1: Mushroom Kingdom

Leader: Larry Koopa

  1. The Plains
  2. The Underground
  3. Heights
  4. Castle Defense
  5. The Underwater
  6. Beside the Castle
  7. Castle Defense 2
  8. Airship Defense

World 2: Isle Delfino

Leader: Morton Koopa Jr.

  1. Delfino Airstrip
  2. Delfino Plaza
  3. Bianco Hills
  4. Ricco Harbor
  5. Gelato Beach
  6. Pinna Park
  7. Sirena Beach
  8. Corona Mountain

World 3: Subcon

Leader: Wendy O. Koopa

  1. Subcon 1 (grassy plain)
  2. Subcon 2 (desert)
  3. Subcon 3 (grass plain again)
  4. Subcon 4 (snow/ice world)
  5. Subcon 5 (grassy plain at night)
  6. Subcon 6 (desert again)
  7. Subcon 7 (cloud land)
  8. Wart's Castle

World 4: Yoshi's Island

Leader: Iggy Koopa

  1. Plains
  2. Uplands
  3. Steam Jungle
  4. Hot Hot Desert
  5. Icy Mountain
  6. Deep Ocean
  7. Fiery Cavern
  8. Bowser's Domain

World 5: DK Island

Leader: Roy Koopa

  1. Kongo Jungle
  2. Monkey Mines
  3. Vine Valley
  4. Gorilla Glacier
  5. Kremkroc Industries Inc.
  6. Chimp Caverns
  7. Lost World
  8. Gangplank Galleon

World 6: Luigi's Mansion

Leader: Lemmy Koopa

  1. The Front Yard
  2. The Main Lobby
  3. E. Gadd's Lab
  4. The Kitchen
  5. The Basement
  6. The Backyard
  7. The Attic
  8. The Rooftop

World 7: The Galaxy

Leader: Ludwig von Koopa

  1. Comet Observatory
  2. Good Egg Galaxy
  3. Freezeflame Galaxy
  4. Dreadnought Galaxy
  5. Starship Mario
  6. Sky Station Galaxy
  7. Supermassive Galaxy
  8. Bowser's Galaxy Generator

World 8: Peach's Castle

Leader: Bowser Jr.

  1. Peach's Castle
  2. Bob-Omb Battlefield
  3. Whomp's Fortress
  4. Jolly Rodger Bay
  5. Shifting Sand Land
  6. Tall Tall Mountatin
  7. Tick Tock Clock
  8. Rainbow Ride

World 9: Bowser's Castle

Leader: Bowser

  1. Volcano Run
  2. Wheels of Doom
  3. The Lava Tides
  4. Dark Cavern
  5. Magma Tram
  6. Cinder Cone
  7. The Grand Bonecoaster
  8. Final Mayhem

World 10: The Real Finale

Leader: Dry Bowser

  1. Death Plains
  2. Underworld
  3. Skull Heights
  4. Doom Castle
  5. The Abyss
  6. The Great Wall of Famine
  7. Doom Castle 2
  8. Air Shipwreck


Types affect the gameplay well because of the sense that certain types are stronger against others. Abilities used by towers have types, towers have types, enemies have types, and enemy counterattacks have types. These are the types and what they're good and not so good against. They're made similar to Pokémon's types to help players grasp this crucial part of the game.

Type Strong Against Weak Against Resistant To Weak To
Normal None Spiked, Star, Darkness None Star
Fire Plant, Ice, Darkness Water, Earth, Fire Plant, Ice, Fire, Darkness Water, Earth
Air Plant, Earth Energy, Ice, Spiked Plant, Earth Energy, Ice
Plant Earth, Water Fire, Air, Plant, Spiked Plant, Earth Fire, Air, Ice, Toxic, Spiked
Earth Fire, Energy Air, Plant, Earth, Water, Ice Fire, Earth, Energy, Toxic Plant, Water, Ice
Water Fire, Earth, Toxic Plant, Water, Energy, Ice Fire, Water, Ice, Toxic Plant, Energy
Energy Air, Water, Spiked Earth, Energy, Star, Ice Air, Plant, Water, Energy Earth, Star, Ice
Darkness Star, Toxic, Darkness Ice, Fire Normal, Toxic Darkness, Star, Fire
Star Normal, Energy, Darkness Toxic, Star Normal, Spiked, Energy, Star Darkness, Toxic
Ice Air, Plant, Earth, Energy Fire, Water, Ice Air, Earth, Water, Energy, Ice Fire
Toxic Plant, Star Earth, Water, Darkness, Toxic Star, Toxic Water, Darkness
Spiked Plant Star Normal, Air, Plant Energy


  • Red Toad
  • Blue Toad
  • Yellow Toad
  • Green Toad
  • Purple Toad
  • Blue Noki
  • Red Noki
  • Green Noki
  • Blue Pianta
  • Red Pianta
  • Yellow Pianta
  • Dolphin
  • Yellow Luma
  • Blue Luma
  • Green Luma
  • Red Luma
  • Orange Luma
  • Penguin
  • Ukiki
  • Tippi
  • Thoreau
  • Boomer
  • Slim
  • Thudley
  • Carrie
  • Fleep
  • Cudge
  • Dottie
  • Barry
  • Dashell
  • Piccolo
  • Goombella
  • Koops
  • Madame Flurrie
  • Yoshi Kid
  • Vivian
  • Admiral Bobbery
  • Ms. Mowz
  • Goombario
  • Kooper
  • Bombette
  • Parakarry
  • Lady Bow
  • Watt
  • Sushie
  • Lakilester
  • Dorrie
  • Pink Birdo
  • Red Birdo
  • Gray Birdo
  • Green Birdo
  • Red Yoshi
  • Yellow Yoshi
  • Blue Yoshi
  • Pink Yoshi
  • Light Blue Yoshi
  • Purple Yoshi
  • Brown Yoshi
  • Black Yoshi
  • White Yoshi
  • Orange Yoshi
  • Eldstar
  • Mamar
  • Skolar
  • Muskular
  • Misstar
  • Klevar
  • Kalmar


  • Twink
  • Daisy
  • Mallow
  • Yoshi
  • Donkey Kong
  • Luigi
  • Rosalina
  • Peach
  • Mario
  • Geno