Bomb Strike X is a run-n-gun video game released for the Game Boy Color on March 30, 1999. There are two versions called Bomb Strike X: Blue Fighter and Bomb Strike X: Red Warrior. The former sees Tommy as the playable character while the latter features the new character, Fall, with that role.


The plot in both versions of the game is the same. The flourishing city of Lunacity is under attack by rebellious machines that remained dormant when the city was found. The underground caverns of the planet swarmed with all sorts of advanced mechs, and automated production facilities, at their core a heavily guarded platform where the ultimate fighting machine, APE, was at the verge of being rebuilt. Both Tommy and Fall heard the distress cry of the Alterions who live on these planets, and they begin a race to see who can save the Alterions and defeat APE first.


Tommy and Fall must conquer 50 different stages, all of which have the classic run-n-gun format. While there are various tasks on each level, gameplay mainly consists of attacking enemies, similar to the debut arcade title.

A new addition to the game is the introduction of the Alterions, which are similar to the Options of Gradius in many respects. Each game has a unique set of Alterions obtainable through single player mode.


Stage 1: Toa Town

  • Boss: Colossus

Stage 2: Saiko Road

  • Boss: Sgt. Brass

Stage 3: Kakuri Fest

  • Boss: Jestice

Stage 4: Sakusetsu Factory

  • Boss: Kuai Zan

Stage 5: Taido Core

  • Boss: APE


Blue Fighter exclusive

  • Sheen
  • Roobie
  • Dask
  • Crustie
  • Veggie Roobie
  • Raptorus
  • Pagacion
  • Beeslug
  • Myth Roobie

Red Warrior exclusive

  • Katch
  • Mammo
  • Skarl
  • Fighter Roobie
  • Double Katch
  • Tigerl
  • Orcane
  • Sea Roobie
  • Steel Yeti
  • Scalezilla
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