Beast Rizer 7 (ビーストライザー7) is a 3D platformer video game developed by Burst Arts Inc. and published by Namco. It was released in Japan on November 12, 2004 and then ported overseas on January 26, 2005. It is available for the PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube, and Xbox. Similar to ESP Rizer Duo, Beast Rizer 7 features the ability to play two characters in a partner setting.


Unlike the other games in the series, Beast Rizer 7 splits its plot into two chapters.

Chapter 1

While studying the ruins of a fallen civilization, Subaru Watagi and Dr. Gerbil learn of an artifact the latter had unearthed: a 4000-year-old sentient bioweapon called the Abnormal created by an ancient civilization. Whisker attempts to get the dormant Abnormal to work properly, but when it fails, he abandons the Abnormal at Teal Beach, where it is discovered by Theo Stormwald and his buddy Ozzy Colemann, developing a link with him after they demonstrate their abilities.

The Abnormal, numbered 395 (which Ozzy names Thomas Nathan Frederikson (in Japan, he is named Sammy Keith Gordon)), demonstrates an ability to perfectly replicate any moves it sees and quickly gets wrapped up in the affairs of Theo and Ozzy’s friends, allies and rivals. Through his encounters with Julie, Queen, Clawface, Samuel, Mikoto, Rick, Walter, etc., Thomas learns of the world and of concepts like friendship. As they venture together, the group discovers that Thomas becomes stronger and develops more sentience with each crystal shard that he obtains, and begin searching for the remaining crystal shards to help the Abnormal develop. While searching, they are repeatedly attacked by the forces of Porter Tech, who now wants to retrieve the weapon, including a series of imperfect Thomas duplicates under the name "395-ß".

In a last attempt, Subaru decides to lure him onto his new castle to capture him. The two battle, and 395 emerges victorious, but Dr. Gerbil uses his new Chimeric Ray to force 395 to override his link with Theo with Subaru's own. However, this overloads 395, deleting his personality and causing him to go haywire. The rogue Abnormal then turns the ray towards the planet, and Theo and friends are sent to stop him before the islands are destroyed. Theo defeats 395, who briefly reverts to his previous personality and bids his friends farewell before overloading with energy and exploding, leaving the shards of the crystals he acquired behind. Theo returns home to his friends, who are saddened by the loss of 395 and ask if Theo believes he is truly gone, only to receive the answer that they will see him again someday.

Chapter 2

Sometime after the events of the first chapter, a scientist named Rosetta builds a gargoyle assistant based upon 395's remains named G-65. G-65's designed to be a loyal, obedient copy of 395. As such, he can learn new attacks, and can meld himself seamlessly with miniature creatures known as morphmen. Rosetta has gathered nine other specimens for her experiment, but one of the morphmen escaped underneath her watch to warn someone about the witch's nefarious scheme.

The morphman escapee ended up in the residence of Selene’s mansion. Theo and some of his beastman friends noticed the morphmen injured and treated its injuries. After he was healed, the morphmen (which Theo named Yolk due to its yellow skin) warned them about Rosetta about to unleash her army of mutants upon the islands. As if on cue, Rosetta begins to launch her attack on the Neo Islands, and Theo and Yolk outrun the mutants and hurry to find Julie. When they finally made it to her house, the vixen ask why Theo is wearing a cape. It turns out that Yolk transformed himself into a glove which upgraded the boy's use of Julie's power items. Willing to save Yolk's morphmen friends, Theo and Julie begin to search for their friends and the source of the trouble (which is the separation of the Sacred Orbs from the Dragon Temple).


Chapter 1

(Chapter 1)

  • Theo Stormwald (Coyote)
  • Ozzy Colemann (Badger)
  • Julie Stemwell
  • Samuel Connor
  • Aaron “Clawface”Gerson
  • Rick Ogami
  • Walter McDowell
  • Chippy Nutcheeks
  • Kiba Woo Lee
  • Grace MacDouglas
  • Soul Squarelight (Hybrid (eagle/gorilla/shark/T-Rex))
  • Queen de Arch
  • Subaru Watagi
  • Dr. Rudolf Von Flesch
  • 395: An abnormal with the ability called Skill Copy, which allows players to teach him different fighting abilities throughout the game. He was once claimed by Whisker and Dr. Gerbil, but was abandoned later due to his disobedience. He was later found by Theo and Ozzy, who decide to befriend the Abnormal and introduce him to their other friends while also searching for crystal shards to complete him. Eventually, all the crystal shards are obtained and 395 achieves full sentience.

Chapter 2

  • Elio Melodia (Wolf (fire/electricity/water/light/dark))
  • Gale Megans (Dog)
  • Ferris Tauros (Bull)
  • Toby Tennant (Turtle)
  • Emmet Burroughs (Boar)
  • Miné Crystals (Sea Lion)
  • Pyro (Dragon)
  • Lucky Gardling: A goth girl with a cool personality. She is the daughter of an archaeologist who recently studied about the morphmen. She was sent to rescue the morphmen and send some of them to her father for research. Lucky uses her yo-yo to fight against the mutants.
  • Rosetta: A scientist who used to work for Porter Tech. She was banished to the Ancient Isles due to her dangerous experiments. When she discovered the morphmen and 395, she decided she can use them to create an army of mutants to take over the Neo Islands and vow revenge against Porter Tech. She even stole the Sacred Orbs from the Dragon Temples to further escalate her plan.
  • G-65: A gargoyle who follows the orders of Rosetta. He is actually 395, but fused with one of the morphmen from the Ancient Isles, which turned him into the being he is now. In the true ending (if the player collects all eight Sacred Orbs), after his defeat G-65 attacks Theo, causing the eight Sacred Orbs he has to scatter. He uses these orbs to fuse with the Ancient Isles and all of the morphmen on it, becoming a fearsome monster. However, Theo and Yolk use the Sacred Orbs to fuse into a Super Chimera and successfully defeat him with the help of Rosetta. Eventually, Julie finds G-65's damaged body on a tree and fixes the gargoyle. The game ends with the new G-65 playing with Shelly.
  • Super Chimera Theo: A new form Theo takes when fused with Yolk and the Sacred Orbs’ power. It resembles his original Chimera form, but has the height of a normal teenager.


Chapter 1

  • Cerulean State
  • Citrus Beach
  • Stemwell’s Residence
  • Combat Street
  • Arch House
  • Steel Deposit
  • Divine Summit
  • Central Islands
  • Moonlit Nirvana
  • Porter Tech Towers

Chapter 2

  • Route X
  • Applecrest Isles
  • Undersea Fortress
  • Volcanic Crater
  • Magical Carnival
  • Sparkling Winter
  • Robotic Ruins
  • Sacred Ancients
  • Morphman Garden
  • Despair
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