Beast Rizer 6 (ビーストライザー6) is a 3D platformer video game and the first in the Rizer series to go multiplatform for all systems. Developed by Burst Arts Inc. and published by Namco, it was released in Japan on August 23, 2003 and later Overseas on September 7, 2003. It is available for the Nintendo GameCube, Xbox, and PlayStation 2.

Team Synopses

Subaru Watagi has returned after years of disappearing since the fall of Christopher Karlos and he begins a new scheme. Using a chimera virus developed by Dr. Von Flesch, he has gathered seven people to follow his cause, titling them "Chimeric Lords." Witnessing this in secret, Ryuji Takamoto takes off to warn the heroes.

Team Beast

Theo, Ozzy, and Elio notice Ryuji approaching them after what he saw. He tells the three beastmen that Subaru is back and has recruited seven people to follow his beliefs. Theo agrees that the Chimeric Lords must be stopped before Subaru launches the chimera virus on all of the Neo Islands, so he, Ryuji, Ozzy, and Elio begin their adventure.

  • Theo Stormwald (Coyote)
  • Ozzy Colemann (Badger)
  • Elio Melodia (Wolf)
  • Ryuji Takamoto

Team Black

Walter, along with Queen and Hailey, infiltrate one of Dr. Flesch's old labs in search of some data. However, this awakens a humanoid chimera known as Alpha, who attacks the three in rage. Queen was quick enough to stop the battle and listened to why Alpha was angry. With this, she gathered the other two and Alpha into starting their own team to fight against the Chimeric Lords.

  • Queen de Achi
  • Hailey Tangerine
  • Walter McDowell w/ Krow
  • W-34X Alpha: A powerful chimera who was banished by Christopher long ago due to his disloyalty towards them. He now joins Walter, Queen, and Hailey for revenge against his cohorts, Subaru and Dr. Flesch.

Team Magic

Delia was searching for her "magic experiment," which is a small Wraith Beast similar to Miyu. Mikoto shows her a magazine ad that reveals Ozzy as the culprit. Determined to save the Wraith Beast, Delia and Mikoto recruit Guren and Chell to stop the badger-man.

  • Delia Valor (Mouse)
  • Mikoto Nakajima w/ Miyu
  • Guren Gekkou (Fox)
  • Chell Nash (Hedgehog)

Team Spirit

Rick was busy chasing after something until he ran into Toby, Isabel, and Pryce. The wild boy tells them that Dr. Flesch has been stealing the rainforest's resources to convert it into fuel for his virus machine. Isabel swore that he will pay a serious price for doing that, leading Toby to lead his new team to fight him.

  • Toby Tennant (Turtle)
  • Isabel Fernandez (Monkey)
  • Rick Ogami
  • Pryce Berg (Penguin)

Team Master

While she was looking for Walter, Grace meets Jinhai, Gloria, and Emmet, who were busy looking for the Chimeric Lords and keeping the other civilians safe. She told them that she saw Walter leaving the islands looking for a way to defeat Subaru for good. Gloria objected, believing that she will get in her way of claiming Walter as her spouse. Ignoring this tension, Jinhai and Emmet led them against the Chimeric Lords.

  • Gloria Glass (Snake)
  • Grace MacDouglas
  • Li Jinhai (Otter)
  • Emmet Burroughs (Boar)

Team Savage

Julie was given a call from Iris, who told her that there could be more to this takeover than spreading viruses. She eventually meets Iris, along with Rika and Cindy. Iris claims that she had received a call from an faceless ally who gives them missions that will slowly draw them to the truth. With no other choice, Julie joins the Savage Sisters in completing these tasks.

  • Julie Stemwell
  • Iris Leonira (Insectoid)
  • Rika Silvers (Gorilla)
  • Cindy Ace (Rabbit)

Final Chapter

Team Savage has just revealed who their client was. It was, in fact, Subaru Watagi and Dr. Flesch. They revealed that they were not the ones who unleashed the virus. After telling the other heroes about this, they find the true mastermind of this scheme: Zero One. It appears that he never left his evil ways compared to Omega's top Zeronix forces, and desires revenge against his tormentors for killing his father. He reveals his true form by fusing with the rebuilt Porter Tech building and the defeated Chimeric Lords, transforming him into a biomechanical beast. Everyone except for the Beast Brothers did what they could to wear him down while they prep themselves for becoming a chimera. When Zero One attempted to fuse himself with the Virus Machine, the Beast Brothers in their chimera forms put a stop to him, thus saving the islands once more.


  • Hilltop Heights/Horizon Temple
  • Cyan City/Digital Minescape
  • Techno Tree/Cabinet Forest
  • Parhelion Peak/Blizzard Tundra
  • Redhot Station/Iron Fortress
  • Foliage Plantation/Wild Jungle
  • Moon Mansion/Enchanted Scourge
  • Porter Tech Skyscraper/Storm Tower


  • Bruce Gruder w/ Splash Starkfly
  • Tessa Gridlock w/ Sniper Crabvark
  • Petrel Meisner w/ Invisible Wallaby
  • Proton Hyatt w/ Air Corvulcan
  • Morty Heats w/ Magma Hyenaga
  • Chuck Ryder w/ Captain Kongravel
  • Whitney Larson w/ Creep Pumpnion
  • Chimera Overlord
  • Zero Madness
  • Zero Death
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