Ars Nova
Type Private
Founded 2011
Headquarters Quebec, Canada
Key people Set Gaebulg
Industry Computer and video games
Products Video games
Employees 24

Ars Nova is a video game developer based in Quebec, Canada. The company was officially formed in 2011. Set Gaebulg is the main developer. Its members worked on different applications and casual games before coming together. They continued to work for different companies aiding in their game development, mostly app games for android devices. When Konami was considering a new game to the Bloody Roar series, they offered to take up the project. The developers initially were working on their first title, a ninja game, but it was suspended to design a Bloody Roar game. Pleased with the results Konami gave development of the game to Ars Nova. The company's first game is Bloody Roar: End Zoan, a fighting game.

Company logo

Influence and Philosophy

Ars Nova's philosophy is ‘Design, Gameplay and Story’. “We strive to make a unique gameplay feature or a good twist to something people may have previously seen. We also try to make a captivating story that is enjoyable to multiple audiences.” the developers said. They have listed multiple media for inspiration and influencing their style and development. Series such as Kill la Kill, Attack on Titan, Grandia, Metal Gear Solid, Charlotte’s Web, and Game of Thrones. “We try to pull inspiration and influence from everywhere and everything. It could be as light-hearted as Sailor Moon, as weird as Katamari or as dark and dismal as Limbo or Berserk. I will admit that we usually tread on the darker aspects of things.” Set said. Set has also said Gen Urobuchi, Mohiro Kito, Hideo Kojima, Team ICO, and Atlus were reasons he became involved in storytelling and game development.


2015: Bloody Roar: End Zoan

Pokemon Dayfall and Nightbreak

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