File:Angry dinosaurs art.jpg
Angry dinosaurs is a new spinoff of angry birds wich will be released in January 1st 2013 at the app store for 2.99. in the game the birds will be replaced with dinosaurs.

list of birds

  • Red Dino (Raptor)
  • Blue Dino (Troodon)
  • Yellow Dino (Pteradon)
  • Black Dino (Allosaurus)
  • White Dino (Triceratops)
  • Green Dino (Spinosaurus)
  • Big Brother Dino (Giganotosaurus)
  • Orange Dino (Ankylosaurus)
  • Pink Dino (Parasaurolophus)
  • Mighty T-Rex

list of pigs

  • King Cave Pig
  • Moustache Cave Pig
  • Helmet Cave Pig
  • Small Cave Pig
  • Medium Cave Pig
  • Large Cave Pig