Angry Birds Trilogy is a compilation of Angry Birds games and episodes for the Nintendo 3DS, Xbox 360, Wii U, and PlayStation 3[1][2][3][4] by Rovio Entertainment and Activison. It bundles Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Rio on one disc or 3DS cartridge. It also includes various gameplay updates. It costs U.S. $29.99 on the Nintendo 3DS as of July 12th, 2012. On January 12th, 2017 PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in March 2017.

Rovio has said:

  • "The backgrounds have been animated, we’ve added lighting modes, reactive backgrounds, the list goes on and on. We believe that there are a lot of people on the consoles who appreciate a great casual game play experience. This is a game that resonates across a wide audience on many platforms.'"
  • "There are new cinematics, extras and other entertaining content."

The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Angry Birds Trilogy are currently released. The release date for the 3DS version is October 2012 on Gamefaqs, but the same date as the other two versions on In February 2013, Rovio Entertainment announced that the game will be released on the Wii and Wii U later this year due to selling more than a million copies.[5] It will be released on those consoles on August 13, 2013.[6] Also, Angry Birds Star Wars will be released on PS3, Xbox 360, PSVita, 3DS, Wii and Wii U on October 29, 2013.[7]

Episodes and Gameplay

Contrary to popular belief, not all episodes are featured, however, more levels will be added through DLC Packs.

However, the Mighty Eagle is included for no extra cost. The Mighty Dragon is also available when you purchase the Anger Management Pack.

DLC Packs

  1. Anger Management Pack: Unlocks Birdday Party for Classic and Season 2 levels (Ham'o'ween through Piglantis for Seasons with the Mighty Dragon and the Orange Bird in Classic and Seasons.
  2. Fowl Tempered Pack: Unlocks Bad Piggies (episode) (first 15 levels) and Surf and Turf for Classic and Back to School, Haunted Hogs, and Winter Wonderham for Seasons, with the Pink Bird unlocked in Trilogy in Seasons starting with Back to School.
  3. Anger Management 2 Pack: Unlocks Birdday Party in (New 60 level), Bad Piggies (episode) in (New 30 level) and Red's Mighty Feathers for Classic and Abra-Ca-Bacon for Seasons.


Nintendo 3DS has 3D and StreetPass functionality.

Xbox 360 has Kinect support.

PlayStation 3 has PlayStation Move support.

All three games included in the collection have Bonus Levels.

The game also includes biographies of the Birds, new backgrounds and new animated HD cutscenes.

The game also has a level progression detector, with 3 blank stars at the top of the games and episodes. Collect stars and the stars will be filled. One star means you've collected 1/3rd. 2 means 2/3rd. And 3 means 3/3rd.

Confirmed unlockables

  • Classic Episode 2: Mighty Hoax — Earn at least 63 stars in Angry Birds Classic.
  • Seasons Episode 2: Season's Greedings — Earn at least 25 stars in Angry Birds Seasons.
  • Rio Episode 2: Jungle Escape — Earn at least 30 stars in Angry Birds Rio.




  • Hal, Bubbles and Stella do not have Bird Biographies in this game as of yet.
  • The only Golden Eggs that are not in this game are: Levels 1, 6, 8, 11, 27 and the Golden King Pig, making only 23 Golden Eggs in Classic. The Golden Beachball in Rio is one of the Golden Eggs instead.
  • The Mighty Eagle can now be used if the player loses 5 times or completes the level.
  • The original Angry Birds game has an update to change the regular theme into the Trilogy's theme
  • In the cutscenes, Matilda does not appear as she usually does in the original game cutscenes.


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